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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Bloody Good Fun

True Blood Trailer Introduces Us To The New Governor, Who Really Needs To Hang Out With His The Walking Dead Counterpart [VIDEO]

They’d have so much to talk about! A mutual hatred of the supernatural. Using gubernatorial authority to wrongfully persecute people. Southern accents.

(via: blastr)

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  • Amanda Burke

    I stopped watching while the episodes were airing sometime around season three, and I have only seen a few episodes from the last season.

  • Sarah Wildmon

    Still watch and love

  • Roderick T Faulkner

    Unfortunately, True Blood has explicitly shown vampires, including Bill, randomly take human lives (anyone remember that horrible scene from last season when Bill and the vampire council were “hIgh” on Lilith’s blood and massacred an entire bar full of people?) So showing people panicking is logical considering the show’s recent turn of events.

  • Robin S

    True Blood, you’re kind of terrible. But I love you anyway and will continue to watch you and your wacky, gory antics.

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