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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


The Wolverine Posters And New Promo Pics Prove Hugh Jackman Still Master of Topless Primal Scream

I’d like to think the ad exec conversation behind the two new posters for The Wolverine went something like this.

“Time to make a new Wolverine poster. Any ideas?”

“Shirtless. Screaming. Claws out.”


“Wait, come on guys. The movie is set in Japan. Surely there’s some kind of scenery or even nod to the culture’s centuries-old artistic traditions that we could make?”

“Let’s throw a bunch of ninjas in! He can still be shirtless, screaming, claws out, with a million photoshopped ninjas. Like Wolverine’s ninja nightmare, by M.C. Escher.”

“This completely satisfies my earlier query.”

Okay, fine, here are the promo pics, courtesy Entertainment Weekly. And one, final, hilarious comparison.

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  • Pamela Willars

    Thanks for the morning chuckle, especially that last comparison.

  • Anonymous

    He’s still got the sexy down. I like the first one but the second poster is laughably bad. And oh is that Madame Hydra?

  • Erika Mims

    Those last two pictures in the slide show…made my day. <3

  • Eligius DeNoyon

    Why is Yukio riding a Ducati?

  • Anonymous

    Is that Viper!? Don’t make her blond dammit! Doesn’t suit her at all.
    Also – is Wolvie looking a bit cross-eyed in the poster…?

  • TKS

    You know how it works, once you find a formula that works you stick to it.

    I don’t know how that relates to the Wolverine series, but…you know…

  • Anonymous

    How did he end up in Gotham?

  • AnnaB

    I know why Wolverine is screaming in that ninja poster. It’s because none of those ninjas are paying him any mind. Clearly, he’s furious that no one is impressed by his adamantium claws.

  • Anonymous

    Wait… the ninjas one is an actual poster? Not a joke? Someone actually thought that was a good idea?

  • Anonymous

    Wait wait wait I thought it was a joke too is that really…?