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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

To Boldly Go

Spock Ear Earrings. Yes, You Read That Right.

I’m pretty sure Vulcans would consider “bling” illogical but that doesn’t mean Star Trek fans won’t jump at these. To be fair, these earrings by designer Raja Gondkar don’t look particularly comfortable and weren’t designed with the sci-fi series in mind but they did win him The Overall Design Award for the Bridal Wear Category at the Indian Jewelry Design Competition. Would you wear them?

(via When Geeks Wed)

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  • Lindsey Hollands

    So fierce.

  • Feanna

    They not only make pointy ears, they also look like the Starfleet (formerly (TOS) Enterprise) symbol!
    But if they’re really only attached by that little piercing part? That looks really uncomfortable. (Possibly it’s also sitting on the front rim of the ear, but still…)