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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

All of These Television Characters Think They’re Real

Is this the real post? Is this just fantasy?

(via The High Definite.)


  • Christopher LaHaise

    o/~ Is this the real post? Is this just fantasy? o/~
    o/~ Caught on a forum, no escape from the idiocy o/~
    o/~ Open my eyes, look up at the link and see… o/~
    o/~ It’s from the Mary Sue, they’ve got neat things to see o/~
    o/~ Cause they’ve got kitty cats, action chicks, women’s rights, manga picks o/~
    o/~ Any way the net blows, doesn’t really matter to me… o/~
    o/~ To me… o/~

  • Anna Sophia May

    ….Chuck. You make me so happy, so, so happy.
    I have problems.

  • Anonymous

    Well now I have Queen stuck in my head I hope you are happy!

  • Melly Flick

    Though Abed arguably realizes that he’s in a TV show… after all, during the claymation Christmas special, he was the only one who realized what was going on.