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Girl Gamer Tells Guy to Shove His ‘Fake Geek Girl’ Crap In the Most Epic Way Imaginable

This is what happens when you baselessly challenge a woman on her gaming creds and said woman happens to be the gaming editor at a major tech site.

Let’s slow clap it out for TechLife’s Rae Johnston, everyone.

(via: Jezebel)

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  • Scarlet

    Love it!

  • Matt Graham

    A brilliant tactic to be used on “Cooler Than Thous” of all shapes and sizes.

  • Aidan Morgan

    That is awesome.

  • Dick Dankstardly

    I never understood that type of reaction from a guy…

  • Matt Graham

    In my experience (and I am friends with a few), it’s all about self-esteem or dissatisfaction with your place in life, and then projecting it onto others to feel big.

    Happens to me at comic shops and music shops all the time. And yeah, I think in hindsight I was briefly one of those guys before I realized making friends and having more people to talk to about things was cooler, and found other ways to feel good about myself.

  • Anonymous

    Epic!! :D

  • Nick Gaston

    Oooo…twisted the knife so hard, it chipped the ribs.

    I heartily approve!

  • Pamela

    I would like to shake that woman’s hand. That’s a delightfully evil takedown.

  • Ellamere

    I am in 100% support of fighting the “fake nerd girl” accusation. But I feel compelled to step up: This story reeks of total BS.

    1) Bioshock Infinite is a new game, and while it is doing well, its hardly a cultural phenomenon or a sales juggernaut (at least not yet – 733k sold in the first week). The odds of being in line with someone who plays it is very low.

    2) Because of the above, a fellow BioInf player is far more likely to be excited and say something like “Cool. I love that game.” Or he may even be thinking “I have something in common with this girl! That’s great!”

    3) Because of 1 and 2, there is no “nerd cred” to be gained from wearing a BioInf shirt. It isn’t iconic, hip, trendy, or anything like that. It isn’t like a movie comic book hero or a super famous retro gaming character in that regard. In other words, all the reasons why cretins trash “fake nerd girls” don’t present here.

    4) I think the number of cretins willing to say stuff like this is very small. Therefore, your odds of encountering one are generally low for starters, and the odds of them giving a crap about Bioshock Infinite are astronomically low.

    5) Where do you even get Bioshock Infinite t-shirts? They aren’t exactly on newsstands. Some online vendors are your only real opportunity. To even have a Bioshock Infinite tshirt right now is a pretty clear indicator you are freakishly obsessed with the game. They aren’t very commonplace and the game JUST CAME OUT!

    Lets keep the pressure up to stop real “fake nerd girl” bashing. But lets not risk backlash and the ruination of our credibility by making up glib stories that don’t even pass the sniff test.

    I’ll go out on a limb and imagine what really happened:

    Bioshock Infinite fan was in line with her tshirt. She has a good imagination and she was bored in line. Some guy looked at her. She thought “Hmm what if he’s one of those fake nerd girl bashers and he’s about to say something about my shirt. If he does, you know what would be funny? If I spoiled the ending! HAHAHA That would show him. Jerk……

    Oh wow, that would be such a sick burn. Hmmm. I almost wish he’d say something. Come on dude, say something……. Oh no? You’re just going to order your latte and walk off. Well I’ll show you, I’ll pretend you said it anyway and write a clever tweet about it.

    Favorite/retweet bait here I come!

    Let the bashing commence I guess. But seriously, we really should be more circumspect before accepting every “clever” tweet as truth.

  • Rezeya Montecore

    While we’re on the subject, armchair internet detectives who “debunk” things based on pure speculation and grumpy cynicism are pretty annoying, too.

  • BlaughDaugh

    So you are skeptical of everyone’s first-hand accounts including personal accounts of rape, sexual assault, and harassment? Or just because this seems too accurate to be true? I am constantly accosted about playing certain games, to my face. Men, and some women, are very eager to test my gaming prowess. Where do you get your information that there are a small amount of people who would say this to a woman? Seriously?
    And btw, your argument falls apart when you examine how many people played the first BioShock in the gaming community. 733k sold is huge for first week sales.

  • Brian McDonald

    “Where do you even get Bioshock Infinite t-shirts?” Well, if you’re Techlife’s gaming & social media editor, Rae Johnston, you might have gotten it from the company, or at a gaming convention, as it was first shown at E3 in 2011.

    Do you generally get your tshirts on newsstands?

    Doubt if you like, but try to keep your facts straight.

  • Sole-Train

    But no one’s talking about the odds of this happening. You’re thinking about this too much. This is just a cool anecdote to laugh and feel good about.

  • Ellamere

    That is EXACTLY my point and I appreciate you affirming it. To even have a Bioshock Infinite shirt right now you’re an insider of some type or an extreme diehard fan. Its not some trendy hip thing you pick up at Hot Topic.

    I went ahead and clicked over to her twitter and the lady is absolutely gorgeous. For most men, intimidatingly gorgeous. That just magnifies the absolute unlikelihood of this whole story. There’s just NO WAY this happened. Some guy in a coffee line isn’t going to trash some gorgeous woman wearing a tshirt for a brand new video game that most people have never heard of.

    There’s no “nerd cred” to be gained from wearing a Bioshock Infinite shirt. All the reasons jerks make “fake nerd girl” attacks don’t even exist here. It makes no sense.

    She thought it up in her mind, and it was so awesome she WISHED it had happened that way so she could use her awesome comeback.

    Since it didn’t actually happen, she had to use it somewhere.

    Why not linkbait on twitter!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE IT.

  • crosberg

    I once wore (to a party) a t-shirt with Arnold Wesker on the front, and I don’t think anyone would argue that poor Arnie buys you and hipster cred.. I was questioned and aggressively mocked by five different young men who know nothing about me. Your points three, four, and five are invalid because some people are assholes and many of those people want to “defend” what they love by keeping others out.

    You clearly have a brain and would have deduced why she was wearing the shirt. Not everyone has enough braincells to rub together to start a fire between their ears, and a remarkable number who do lose the ability when they see a woman “impeding” on their passion.

  • Ellamere

    You just jumped the shark badly trying to turn this into that topic.

    Not every gender issue boils down to rape. Seriously. People like you really give ammo to people who dismiss real issues.

    733k is a great sales number. But its not enough to be a cultural phenomenon that would give someone “nerd cred” for wearing the tshirt.

    Pay attention and red for content.

  • Ellamere

    If she’d presented it honestly: a funny situation she imagined in her head, I’d be laughing and retweeting and loving everything about it.

    But she almost certainly invented the whole thing and presented it was real, and that’s disingenuous linkbait.

  • James Fletcher

    That is amazing.

  • Mary Schneider

    This is what happens when you baselessly challenge a woman on her gaming
    creds and said woman happens to be the gaming editor at a major tech

  • Melodia E. McIntyre

    1. Bioshock Infinite is in a series that is popular with geeks. While it could be unlikely that the person is also a player, it doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t say something snotty about it to the girl.
    2. Some guy gamers do say things like that. A lot do not. Not sure why you think the players of BioInf are any different than those who play other games.

    3. You clearly don’t understand the Fake Geek Girl thing. Those who accuse others don’t CARE how “trendy” the tshirt might be. They see a girl in something geeky and immediately go to “fake”.

    4. you live in a very lucky (and imaginary) place if you think that the odds of cretins saying crap like that to women is very low.

    Do you have some stats to back up your claimed odds?

    Also, even if I allow all your points that the odds are low – there is nothing on your list that makes it impossible.

    Sorry, but I was “compelled to step up here”.

  • Anonymous

    Kudos! If I had been her, I would’ve critically fumbled it.

    “Oh yeah? Well, Elizabeth is killed by Sephiroth, and Columbia is a manifestation of her trauma! Booker is the Origami Killer! You have to cross examine the parrot! ‘Booker’ was the name of the Manipulator’s dead girlfriend!

    …Comstock is Santa!”

  • Melodia E. McIntyre

    She probably rebuffed his advances.

  • Anonymous

    It’s interesting that your deductive reasoning is completely hypothetical and circumstantial and yet, you’re ready to decry this person for not answering “honestly” that she made the whole thing up to get attention becaue she has a wild imagination (and one of your reasons for this baseless theory is that she’s “just too hot” for this to be true?).

    It’s almost alarming how you’ve constructed a complete theory and scenario based on little other than supposition, and that you’ve decided to push it as the truth of this situation. You’re not doing your initial criticism much justice.

    It seems that in criticizing the lack of evidence to purport this scenario as true, you’ve committed the same error (if not worse) in definitively believing it to be untrue. You’re committing Type I error while arguing about Type II error.

  • Ellamere

    I’m sorry that happened to you, but your story doesn’t sound anything like the one in his All Too Conveniently Timed tweet.

    Do you know much about how media people use twitter?

    That tweet was BLATANT linkbait.

    That’s a media person inventing a clever tweet to get followers and attention for personal financial gain.

  • Ellamere

    What I’m doing is seeing through media bullshit and linkbait.

    For the sake of people who actually do suffer “fake nerd girl” insults, backpatting someone who engaged in linkbait for personal financial and career gain is probably not a good thing.

    It has all the hallmarks of sleazy media linkbait.

    1) Large hotbutton trendy issue? (bashing “fake nerd girls”) Check.

    2) Related to the current “hot” gaming property? (Bioshock Infinite) Check.

    3) A reaction of such cleverness that’s its almost like a team of comedy writers put together the situation? Check.

    4) Creators reaction almost all about how widely it is being retweeted, tumblr’d, etc? Check.

    Linkbait folks. You got fished in by a clever story.

  • crosberg

    I worked in social and digital marketing for five years, I know exactly what “media people” are willing to do for page views.

    However, my situation is EXACTLY the same: I wore a t-shirt to reflect a passion of mine (comic books) and was questioned belligerently by people I didn’t know. I stood up for myself, proved them wrong, and moved on with my life. I was a poor grad student and wasn’t on Twitter, so no one heard about my epic take down, but it happened and I was proud of it. This kind of shit happens all the time. There was a woman who recounted her story of a man in a comic shop asking if she even knew who was on her bag, pointing at Silver Surfer. She took him down by demonstrating how little he knew about other topics, then wrapped it up with “By the way, his name is Norrin Radd” and walked away. I go to a Ladies’ Night at two of my local comic shops and get harassed all the time by male customers, but I’m lucky that the staff (mostly guys) comes to my defense when I’m too tired/lazy to do it myself.

    My basic point is this: you are relying on the idea that the likelihood of her running into a jerk that believes in fake nerd girls is slim. The chances of it are HUGE and it invalidates your arguments. That’s all I’m saying.

  • Ellamere

    I should have added to my original list:

    6) This incredibly unlikely story and super clever tweet was made by a member of the media who will have a direct financial and career benefit from her tweet being spread.

    I’m not going to get sucked into your argument about how common it is. It isn’t common, and exaggerating it doesn’t help anyone.

    Bogus linkbait from media personality trying to build follower count is obvious.

  • Sarah Adams

    Your logic is really faulty here. The fake geek girl meme is usually reflective of people’s low self esteem which they express by lashing out at those they assume are looking down on them or yanking their chain by impinging on their geek inner circle. The idea that a true geek would never be rude to a woman he considered out of his league is 1) pure speculation, 2) not supported by my own experience, and 3) not reflective of the ways that sarcasm, put downs, and claiming insider status can work in the psychology of self esteem – trying to lower another person’s status to validate your own is an old, old psychological phenomenon.

    Bottom line, you’re calling this woman a liar with no evidence and only shaky reasoning to back you up. Stop it.

  • John Wao

    Well played.

  • Pamela

    Thanks for your insider opinion on this. I’m sure if you emailed it to Ms Johnson, she’d appreciate that you took so much time to debunk her tweet.

  • crosberg


  • Ellamere

    I knew I’d get relentlessly bashed, because god forbid anyone have an opinion outside the groupthink.

    Think about it folks: She’s a member of the gaming media. Linkbait builds up her career and ultimately makes her money. When gaming press reach certain twitter follower milestones, they can hit up their bosses for raises. Its reality.

    Bear that in mind when you read a tweet that seems a little too clever, a little too awesome, and a little too perfect.

    Best wishes. I’ll leave the thread to the mob.

  • Anonymous

    did you just tell a person they jumped the shark

  • Ellamere

    Again, I’m sorry some guys were jerks to you. That sucks. Seriously.

    Her perfect reply is the type of thing people DREAM of saying when a crappy situation happens. Its fantasy. That’s 30 year stand up comedian vet style timing and quick reaction, to a set of circumstances that defy possibility.

    All the other reasons just add evidence to the pile.

    I’m sorry. As much as I’d love the story to be true, its linkbait.

  • crosberg

    The reason everyone jumped on you was that you expressed your opinion as statement of fact, not because you disagreed. If you’d laid out your points and said “smells like linkbait to me, maybe I’m cynical” I gaurantee no one would have jumped on you, but instead carried on a conversation. But you were not there, and then you decided to comment on the frequency of people using “fake geek girl” tropes as well as the PHYSICAL APPEARANCE (all class) of a woman who likely has to deal with this kind of short-sighted harassment and disrespect on a daily basis, given the industry she works in. You start respecting other people’s experiences, we’ll start respecting your opinion.

  • Scott Slemmons

    (extremely tiny violin)

  • Anonymous

    Dude why in the world are you so invested in this?

  • Rebecca Pahle

    “This story benefits this person’s career” =/= “This story was made up to benefit this person’s career.” Is it possible? Yep. But you’re trashing this person based on zero evidence.

  • Sign Ahead

    It sounds an awful lot like you’re doubling down on the “she’s a fake nerd girl” accusations yourself.

  • Pamela

    A flounce is a perfect way to end your discussion. Thanks for contributing, don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out, etc, etc.

    The reason people “relentlessly bashed” you is because you popped up in the thread and proceeded to spend a lot of time and energy trying to somehow prove that this is fake with absolutely no evidence. Instead of being conversational, you told everyone who thinks it’s funny that they’re wrong and they’re suckers for falling for it.

    Yeah, I don’t know how you didn’t expect people to react the way they did when you came in all contentious and smarter-than-thou.

  • Ellamere

    Its my opinion. Obviously. People jumped on it because there’s a groupthink.

    Wake up people.

    Think critically.

    This is a member of the press trying to boost her twitter followers for career gain.

    The situation was so impossible there’s no way it happened.

    Funny tweet though! LOLZ

  • Rebecca Pahle

    She had the good idea to spoil the ending. She didn’t pull Excalibur out of the stone. It’s not that far-fetched. Jesus Christ.

  • crosberg

    So your argument is now that because she was clever, it can’t be true? I listened to my friend (a woman who has read every issue of Iron Man ever written) do an EPIC take down on a jerk who questioned her comic knowledge for almost 15 minutes. She has Tony’s plugs tattooed on the back of her neck, and the Nightwing symbol on her arm and the guy still had the audacity to say that she was a fake nerd girl and probably only got into it because of RDJ and the movies. She had so many awesome comebacks (including references to girlfriends, what kind of alcohol he drinks based on the decade or the writer, his relationship with Bethany…seriously, just so, so much)…and if you could fit it on Twitter, you wouldn’t believe it because she was composed enough to come up with a response?

  • Sign Ahead

    “I’m not a sexist, but….”
    “She’s a fake!”
    [free space]
    “You should tolerate my intolerance.”
    “If you disagree with me, you’re just trying to fit in”


  • Anonymous

    Only I may have an opinion disagreeing with someone! When you disagree with me, it is BULLYING!

    btw im right

  • Daedalus Westland
  • crosberg

    Tip: next time, express it as an opinion, not a fact. Saying “this is linkbait” != “I think this is linkbait”. One lets us know what you believe, one makes you sound like a judgmental, cynical person. Guess which one is which.

  • Ana KH

    … So you agree that you were completely wrong about the commonality of men disparaging women for being “fake geek girls”?

    Wait, who am I kidding. You’re obviously an adult, and presumably not living on an all-male compound somewhere. You’re on the Mary Sue, so by extension I would expect you to come into some contact with women who have geeky interests… yet you still insist that the odds are so astronomically small for a guy to ever be rude to a woman about her displayed fondness for something geeky that you’ve built an entire hypothetical scenario hinging on a media conspiracy to explain it away.

    Bolstered, of course, by your assertion that an attractive WOMAN, of all things, could never be this clever.

    You should put your theory out on twitter, maybe you and this coffee shop guy can meet up and have a couple beers, or something. You two sound like you’d be good friends.

  • Kindra Pring Eubanks

    This is probably a case of projection. YOU are not clever enough to think of witty response on the spot, so clearly no one else is.

    Ignoring the fact that she works in an industry which demands creativity and so is probably quicker on her feet with clever retorts.

  • crosberg

    Also…”this situation is so impossible there’s no way it happened” is not a valid argument, or…frankly, we wouldn’t believe we existed. The chances of it all working out are pretty infinitesimal. And it’s also an argument used to discredit the moon landing. Do you really want to be associated with those guys?

  • Kindra Pring Eubanks

    Translation: “I am a contrarian who saw people thinking similar on one thing and so had to disagree so I can make myself out to not be a ‘sheeple’ because I am incapable of being my own person unless I disagree with popular opinions and then immediately accuse the people disagreeing with me of groupthink.”

    Newsflash: When you say stupid things and people call you on it, they aren’t conforming. This is akin to standing up and questioning whether 2+2 is equal to 4 and then when people tell you it obviously is calling them brainwashed sheep. Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, people are jumping on you because you’re just wrong?

  • Rebecca Pahle

    And a *slow clap* for you, too.

  • Anonymous

    you misspelled ‘sheeple’

  • Scott Slemmons

    I thought you’d left?

    Oh no! You were just an attention-starved troll all along!?

  • Anonymous

    Supposition is not “evidence”.

    You’re constructing your argument on the idea that her response was just “too clever” to be real…as if clever responses don’t ever happen in real life, or that this person couldn’t possibly have responded in such a clever way. Are clever retorts solely the domain of people who write for television and movies?

    You are confusing your skepticism of wit with impossibility. People have been witty in their daily lives long before those scenarios were mined and duplicated for entertainment purposes.

    You’re hedging a lot of your argument on an idea that isn’t even true. As far as arguments go to support the idea of the situation being fake, you could be constructing much more sound and sturdy ones.

    In fact, I’ve already mentioned the best one: there’s no proof that it happened. She’s someone no one knows, relating an experience that no one but her (assuming no one else cares enough to come forward and verify that they were in the line or they were that guy) can verify. Even then, one wouldn’t be able to say the story is categorically false, but you also can’t say the story is categorically true.

  • Anonymous

    Well, to be fair, pulling Excalibur out of the stone isn’t witty, just a feat of destiny. ;)

    But I agree. The standard of implausibility of wit here seems to be low…I’ve heard just as witty or wittier responses happen in real life. I mean, hell, I’ve watched rap competitions and fierce drag queens and gay guys read and throw shade at one another. Perhaps some people haven’t encountered them anywhere but in sitcoms and movies?

    Anyway, here’s a nice, quasi-related clip:

  • Margaret Clark

    Ellamere, you’re arguing pretty heavily from incredulity here.

    1) You assert that there’s no way a male person would make a snarky comment about a female person he considers attractive. That this just doesn’t happen in your head doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen in the real world. People are assholes regardless of whether or not they find one another attractive–and sometimes even greater assholes when they *are* attracted to one another. Welcome to the human condition.

    2) You assert that a person who recognized BioShock: Infinite would immediately assess the likelihood of this woman having access to game swag and/or knowledge of the game based on sales (paying absolutely NO heed to the amount of buzz it’s accrued separate from sales; I for one can’t wait to play it, but am waiting for Steam sales), and as a result you assert that any male who recognizes the game’s title would *only* view this woman wearing a BioShock: Infinite t-shirt as a fellow gamer worthy of respect and shared enthusiasm. Obviously you have never been a female gamer playing with audio on during a multiplayer session–even IN a game, SHARING (in real-time) the act of being fellow gamers, guys can be and are incredible assholes.

    3) You claim that her reaction is so clever a “team of comedy writers” was required to put it together. Spoiling the end of a game you’ve played for a person who snarkily questions whether you’ve even played it is not exactly a feat worthy of Tina Fey’s comedic intervention; it’s a rather obvious demonstration that, yes, you have absolutely played it. How poorly you must think of human beings’ mental capacities for forming causal relationships between closely related subject matter!

    Suffice it to say, your incredulity about the range of plausible real-world interactions suggests the limits of your imagination–*not* the plausibility of a given real-world event. For a good comparative example, consider the chain of events in WWII: The moment you approach the war using the argument from incredulity, it starts to look like nothing more than a whole lot of spectacularly CONVENIENT missteps on Hitler’s part, equally CONVENIENT switches in fortune on the Allies’ side near the end, and deeply unlikely blindness to the unfolding Holocaust. A mighty good Hollywood film, maybe–but reality? Psh–only a sucker would fall for such a story!

    Another example lies in a film called Dear Zachary–a real-life documentary, but one detailing such a staggering series of escalating tragedies that if it had been produced as a work of fiction, many folks would in a heartbeat consider it implausibly reliant on a series of all-too-convenient events. Such are the dangers, Ellamere, of relying on the comfort of hindsight and incredulity when evaluating the world we live in. Skepticism is good! However, skepticism that ignores what we know to be within the normal range of everyday human happenstance is an act of wilful ignorance.

    That said, cheers and happy gaming!

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Please, stop. You’re trolling hard and it’s not appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    I think when you say things like “if she had been honest about it and said she made it up”, you’re venturing well outside of the “just my opinion/suspicion” argument.

    Take care not to do that next time and I think you’ll be in the clear.

  • Daniel Head

    I’m curious if the irony of your argument is lost? The post is in regards to “Fake nerd girls”- girl’s pretending to be “geeky” to get attention, and the people that are angered by their falsehood, claiming that they are doing it purely for attention. Basically, you are doing the same- saying that she is lying about this situation purely to get attention. She could be, as well as a few of the many nerd girls out there are in fact fake. In the long run, neither really matters..

  • Forest Walz

    I like everything about this, other than the “girl gamer” and “fake geek girl” part. The way the article is written sets up this whole bias against women in gaming. Whereas, the tweet itself doesn’t say that the guy said that BECAUSE she was a woman. It just calls him snarky. He may have just been a game snob, and assumed that many people hadn’t played it yet, and was trying to one-up. He may have tried to one-up a guy in the exact same way. For instance, my stepdad was all excited the other day because a friend was going to let him play it. If he had been wearing the shirt a few weeks ago, before he had played it, and a girl walked up and said that to him, she would have been right…

    So, I’m all down with the spoiling the end for the snarky guy who just assumed you haven’t played it yet. As a guy, I might do the same thing. He should have asked her, like a normal person. He should have said “have you played it yet?”. But, ultimately, spoiling it for him was the mean move – not the assumption that someone probably hadn’t played a fairly new game yet… A nice man or woman would have simply said “I finished it”. So, yay, she spoiled the ending for a gamer. Girl power!?!?!

    What he said could have led to a conversation about how far she was in the game – offering him and her opportunities to be a good person and not spoil anything. What she said was intended to spoil, was a mean way to respond, and was clearly intended to be mean. And, we are celebrating this behavior? Something is very wrong when assumptions which could be based on anything are met with responses based on malice.

  • Heather

    “It isn’t common, and exaggerating it doesn’t help anyone.”

    Bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit. This crap happens all the time, and just because it doesn’t happy to you or around you, does not mean it isn’t common. Palmetto bugs are common in the South, and just because I never see one in the North doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

  • Jon Erickson

    I just can’t believe you’d play such an insipid game to begin with. Try something that actually takes some skill and brain power. These first person shooters are seriously annoying crap that any brainless tween can play.

  • Heather

    Their comment was sound, and you are an ass who thinks they are an expert on everyone else.

  • Jennifer Elford

    You’re goddamn right she did.

  • Heather

    I’ve had plenty of crazy and ridiculous scenarios happen in my life, some even involving celebrities, and nobody was there to write the script for them. Just because your life isn’t boring and you cannot think of witty comebacks, does not mean everyone else is as bland as you. The whole “she is too hot for that” thing is complete and utter rubbish. Men who have self esteem issues think a women who is super attractive will never sleep with them, so instead they insult and treat her like shit to maintain dominance and paint her to be a terrible person. Kind of like what you’re doing here.

  • Anonymous

    So now she’s some Machiavellian strategist who cleverly engineered this whole thing by fabricating this story and carefully seeding it out so that word would spread to gain her fame and glory? LOL! I don’t see how this could be a financial/career boost but even if it was I don’t think it would be significant enough to bother. Just because she’s a “media personality” doesn’t make her a liar or con artist. I think your bias is showing.

  • K. Cox

    Speaking as a woman who also has had a history of being “of the gaming media,” I can assure you that this bull happens. Not every day, not every minute, but I also only own about three pieces of fan-gear so I don’t go out in public “marked” as one of the nerd tribe very often. Being able to deliver the smackdown with a smile is what I hope to do the next time it happens (as opposed to sputtering and being unable to believe some jerk has just been rude to me out of nowhere, which is what I have historically done).

    Another dozen twitter followers — another two hundred new twitter followers — don’t build up your cred, your pay, or your status as much as you seem to think. What makes her money is if people actually read the articles she writes. Not if one tweet gets retweeted 1500 times.



  • BlaughDaugh

    I did ‘read’ for content and to be honest, it was a load of malarkey. I can play the same games you do. BTW, rape is ALWAYS made to be about the trustworthiness of the victim. That is what you were doing, calling into account her recall of events.

    There are a LOT of women who are gamers but we still get a lot of crap on a daily basis. I would say, if I had to guess, almost as many as there are male gamers. That being said, we still get crappy comments directed at us constantly. This isn’t about “nerd cred” (it would be “gamer cred” in this instance), it is about a guy being crappy to a woman for wearing a gaming t-shirt. WHICH HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. Quit trying to downplay it by questioning how truthful the woman in question is being.

    You are way off the mark and looking more and more like a troll.

  • Baiskeli

    This just made my day

  • Baiskeli

    Your Occam’s razor is irreparably blunted.

  • Kelly S

    it isn’t common? you’re clearly not a woman. lol.

  • tsayguy

    Troll harder, Bro.


  • tsayguy

    It would have been helpful if you’d listed this as your number 1 instead of pretending to participate in good faith.

  • tsayguy

    You can’t accept that she might be hella wittier than you.

  • Vian Lawson

    I hope he’d played 3/4 of the game and was on his way home that very second to finish it. Also what you said about the latte.

  • tsayguy

    Anything in particular keeping you from banning him, already? *eyes, bleeding*

  • Gerri Sue Smith

    Nicely “played”! :o)

  • Gwen Rae

    He asked it like an asshole. She responded in kind.

  • Erik

    Yeah! You tell her what she should like!

  • Erik

    The post above is an image of a tweet, and there was no link in her original tweet. I’ve seen this story covered on other blogs.. (in other words, sites that were not her own.) So, how exactly is this linkbait?

    And how exactly would one tweet further someone’s career? I get this feeling you don’t work in the entertainment or journalism industries.

  • Dara Crawley

    You’re reasoning thus far has been predicated on what seems to be your lack of understanding of what the “fake geek girl” is and this absolutely certainty that this is fake based on conjecture without actual facts or anything. So the question is thus do you know what the fake geek girl is?

    I ask because you insinuate no one would react negatively to a good looking woman, that a game isn’t “popular” enough for real “geek cred”, that you have first hand knowledge that somehow women are almost never called upon to justify their nerdom or treated differently by a noticeable segment of nerd/geek culture when in fact gender, attractiness, etc impact women a lot…etc

  • Peter Buchanan

    Wait! Ellamere is clearly Rae Johnston. Obviously no gamer would be so idiotic as to think that an entirely plausible scenario would be impossible. She knows that nothing helps things go viral more than trolls questioning her ability to think quickly, and so she decided to cleverly disguise herself as a belligerent asshole who can’t comprehend that, while the first time something sexist happens to a geeky girl she might react with stunned silence, by the fiftieth time she knows how to take the wind out of a sexist’s sails. And only true gamers even know what Bioshock Infinite is, because nobody else reads the reddit front page. It’s all a web of lies! The media is the message! Don’t be sheep! Baa ram ewe!

  • Parker Hetzel

    How nice of her, He makes a comment, and she runs an entire epic story for him. Why not ignore him and not spoil such awesomeness?

  • Steven Ray Morris

    I’m rolling my eyes so hard they just rolled right out of my head.

  • Joshua James Covey

    .. have you tried Bioshock or are you just judging it because it is in a first person perspective?

  • Michael Gonzalez

    It’s simply called small dick virgin syndrome. They have to be that way to make up for what they are missing.

  • Crissa

    …Because it’s a boring game using the same boring mechanics dressed up in different images?

    Then again, twitch gamers often find the games I like boring. It happens. We’re both gamers.

  • Lani

    You’re the guy she mocked and now you’re trying to trash her rep online to make yourself feel better, aren’t you?

  • Steven Ray Morris

    just keep digging the hole dude.

  • Jerrad Wohlleber

    So let’s say that the Bioshock Infinite release was known and anticipated by about 800k Americans. (This is a low, low estimate base on your sales figures, because keep in mind that not everyone who wants to can buy a game on day 1) There are around 330 million Americans. That means about 1 in 400 Americans are potentially excited by the game.

    How many people do you interact with in a day? I don’t know about you, but I live in a city where I might have some sort of interaction with several dozen people, and be seen by several hundred if not a thousand or two. The odds that I might run into someone who’d recognize my hypothetical Bioshock shirt are very, very good; in fact it’s more likely than not. Therefore, your foolish premise, which depends on recognition of Bioshock to be some kind of rare event when it’s very obviously not, can be discarded as baseless.

    Also, misogynists don’t demean and harass women to earn cred. They do it because they enjoy being assholes. Kinda like you.

  • Jerrad Wohlleber

    Help! Help! I’m being oppressed!

  • Jerrad Wohlleber

    No, the dude who is obsessively posting comment after comment with no more content than “Biches lie amirite gaiz!!1!” is the one who got fished. Yeah yeah, I know. You’re a master troll and we all dance upon your puppet strings. You tell yourself that.

  • Jerrad Wohlleber


  • Jerrad Wohlleber

    Because he was a condescending asshole about it.

    You would know this if you’d bothered to read the article.

  • Damien MacCearnaigh

    Have you considered that maybe, just maybe, some people are much funnier and quicker witted than you are?

  • Saffi

    He could also have shown her pictures of his pet unicorns.

    Seriously, what kind of a priviledged bubble do you have to live in to think that your explanation is a remotely possible explanation?

  • Ginmar Rienne

    Just after I graduated from MOS school at JFK Special Warfare school at Bragg, I went home and took the first job I could, working retail. One day I wore this gaudy tee shirt from that unit—flaming swords, crests, latin mottos, the whole thing.

    Customer comes in, looks at the tee shirt, then says, “Cooool shirt. Did your boyfriend give you that shirt?”

    You? Are that guy.

  • Skemono

    The situation was so impossible there’s no way it happened.


  • Ginmar Rienne

    He used the all-powerful, passive-aggressive ‘iknowimgonnagetflamedbyallyoufeminazis’ gambit, though!!! It’s supposed to ward off everything.

    He really thinks he’s right. How often does he do this to women in real life?

  • Miriam Breslauer

    I am a Geek girl and friends with many Geek girls. All of us have had our Geek cred challenged. In my case, I have been challenged so many times, by so many men, in so many different public spaces that I barely register it anymore. I often just laugh at their pathetic ignorance and go about my life. I am Engineer who is a gamer and a comic book enthusiast.

  • Maude

    Why would anyone assume it’s because she’s a woman?! There’s no sexism in gaming! Next time women are overly sensitive and wrongly assume there is sexism (as they so often do, the cute little things), they should just stay silent, smile and offer some fresh-baked cookies to the guy. Then she can listen to his political opinions and conspiracy theories and just nod approvingly at his knowledge of important things. Who knows, it might be the start of a beautiful friendship! Why be so rude, women?


    Problem solved.

  • Anonymous

    Also groupthink for the four corners.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Oh don’t worry, that person was banned about 20 minutes after the comments started. People just keep responding to the trolling.

  • Anonymous

    You think she’s not one of those women who gets told they’re not a real geek, and she’s making it up for attention… are you saying she’s a fake fake-geek-girl? Or given that she’s already a girl, a fake fake-geek-girl girl? Or even, given that she’s a gaming journalist, a fake fake-geek-girl girl geek?


  • Anonymous

    This comment smells like BLATANT flamebait to me. What do you think, rest of the Borg?

  • Anonymous

    Most jokes are not based on fact.

    As a rule, if a tweet is sufficiently funny, the requirement that it be actually true drops precipitously.

  • Adam

    “Would you kindly…” bite me?

  • Pamela

    LOL okay, because women wearing geeky shirts never have their nerd cred challenged just because “girls don’t play video games” or “girls don’t read comics.” Please tell me which planet you’re living on, because it’s clearly a more inclusive and equal place than this one.

    I’ll tell you what. When you’ve had to put up with guys thinking you can’t possibly be a gamer/geek/smart/etc just because you have a vagina, then you can judge whether or not responding irritably is right, okay?

  • Sole-Train

    oooooo that’s good. stealing it!

  • Adrienne Huntley

    this was lame

  • Derrick Smith

    Everyone dies. The end. He should have know that.

  • Dan Johnson

    So basically you’re accusing her of being a Fake Geek Media Girl? Nice touch commenting below that she’s “absolutely gorgeous.”

    +1 point for a good troll, -all the points you’ve ever earned for being a jackass.

  • Anonymous

    Her comeback is more awesomeness than the video game ending ever could have been. He thought he was going to a knife fight, she nuked him from orbit.

  • Anonymous

    Ellamere, way to blame the victim. Epic fail.

    Now, go away and wash the spooge off your keyboard before mommy finds out you’ve been playing on her computer again.

  • David Edward Pratt

    Cruel but deserved however it still does not have to mean she has played it.

    My Fiancee used to be a reviewer for a spectrum magazine, Her son was very popular with his school friends as he loaded up the pre-release review copy of a game. They would then play it to death and dissect it for her so that she would write the review.

  • Geekrunner

    Hey, I’m a small dicked virgin and it doesn’t stop me from being nice to people! :p

  • Rory Triskaideka

    Whoa, whoa, wait. Hold on. Let me get this straight. Just because a woman is gorgeous, a) there’s no way she’s have this shirt, and b) there’s no way a guy would say something so effing stupid?

    As an attractive woman who has played video games since age three, who owns tons of t-shirts with Marvel characters, videogame characters, book characters, and also owns “insider’s” loot, I can tell you that the little virgin boys who believe that girls shouldn’t invade their special worlds will take every opportunity they have to deride a woman who shows a little bit of gamer pride.

    Thankfully, there are enough guys who respond with *raised brow* “You play LoL!?” *smile* to offset all the asshats. But there are still a lot of asshats. The prettier the woman, the more comments she’s going to get, positive OR negative.

  • Rory Triskaideka

    I’d like to think that out of 1000 women who’ve been harassed for their nerdy gear, and 100,000 instances wherein they’ve been harassed, there’d be at least 10 instances wherein a woman pwned the naysayer, most of which would be shared with friends via text, FB, G+, or tweet.

    Those who are paid to be witty are going to be a lot quicker on the uptake. Probability increased. Your logic is quite unsound.

  • Rory Triskaideka

    Resistance is futile.

  • shea wong

    Ellamere: ” I think the number of cretins willing to say stuff like this is very small.”
    The irony, it is killing me right now.

  • tsayguy

    Oh. Whoops.

  • Pillamelai

    Yeah, the truth is, none of us have played the game at all. We are all just game reviewers.

  • Edwardius

    Remember when being a gamer was a social stigma regardless of creed where we all kept to ourselves and it wasn’t paraded as a retarded cultural phenomena to be proud of for meager attention and “inter cred”?

    Those were the days.

  • Spencer Fleury

    Concern troll is concerned.

  • Spencer Fleury

    This sounds like a plot worthy of a collaboration between the Rand Corporation and the reverse vampires!

  • Spencer Fleury

    “He thought he was going to a knife fight, she nuked him from orbit.”

    To be fair, it *was* the only way to be sure.

  • MagicBus101

    You go girl!!!

  • MagicBus101

    Blah blah blah…..

  • Lady Viridis

    I’ve never gotten actually harassed about it, but as a girl who used to play quite a lot of competitive TCG games and occasional video game tournaments/matches… there was often a silent double-take or skeptical glances when I showed up, as all the guys went “Wait, a GIRL is playing this?!”

    Which made it even more satisfying if I won. :3

  • Life Lessons

    Then my dear, you probably do not have a small dick. :)

  • Hollyanna

    The whole fake geek girl thing has happened to me several times. Even my boyfriend called me one before I tore him a new one. It’s a frickin meme.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    As a serious gamer myself, I would be given quite the same treatment when guys discovered I was female. Got so bad that after a time I decided to use a handle that would hide my sex in order to avoid confrontations, which is a shame!

  • Lance Bravestar

    Haha, that guy deserves it! I also haven’t played it, so I’m afraid to scroll down to the comments.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap I had completely forgotten baa ram ewe until you mentioned it! *skips off to watch Babe for the first time thiS century*

  • Anonymous

    I have a Marine Corps license plate on my car. I am CONSTANTLY asked if my dad, boyfriend, husband, brother, etc. are Marines. They never stop to think that I could actually be a Marine. And it’s always guys who ask me.

  • Ryan Colson

    Did he already beat it too?

  • Anonymous

    It was unlikely that the police would find my mother dead in her house and my brother would text me about DURING my graduation ceremony, but it happened. 1. Mothers go to kids graduations (not if they’re on chemotherapy and her ex-husband and his wife are in the audience) 2. The probability of the police finding her at that exact time frame is also very low 3. The probability of having a brother stupid enough to text you during the graduation ceremony is very low 4. The probability of having your cell phone on during the ceremony is also very low. And yet… what’s real and what’s probable aren’t always the same thing

  • Rebecca Ore

    I had some moron like that one try to quiz me on the books I was selling as though I couldn’t possibly have read them, especially not the tech books. The creeps like this are amazingly common. He probably didn’t even play the game or know anything about the game, just knew it was a game and figured since he didn’t play it, she couldn’t possibly know anything about it.

    At least my cretin didn’t quiz me to see if I really wrote my own books.

  • Rebecca Ore

    Because he’s one of those guys.

  • Anonymous

    My ex, who has a very strong analytical mind, took great pleasure in eating pimple-faced guys alive at an MTG tournament. They saw a woman with a deck of cards & assumed she was a hanger-on and an easy win. Her slim and aggressive deck tore through them like nobody’s business, and left a lot of misogynist geeks crying in their Doritos.

  • Anonymous

    To your fleece be true!

  • Brian McDonald

    You do realized that the only person to use the phrase “nerd cred” here is you, right? This isn’t about scoring points, it’s about someone sharing an example of ignorant, sexist behavior. It doesn’t matter WHY she was wearing the shirt. She may have picked it out of the closet at random. It doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is that the guy PERCEIVED it to be an attempt to show off her geekiness, and responded with idiotic defensive posturing.

    “She’s pretty, so she must be lying” is just about the worst argument you could possibly use. Attractive women are MORE LIKELY to be questioned on their geek bonafides. That you would argue the exact opposite to be true indicates to me that you’re either not paying attention, or that you’re just lying yourself.

  • Andreas Hansen

    pwned :-)

  • Lady Viridis

    The events I went to were mostly all in person, but like I said, fortunately I was never really harassed, and mostly it played to my advantage, as the guys would consistently under-estimate my skills. Of course, when I was playing competitive TCGs I was about 12-15. I’ve been considering picking that up again, and we’ll see if the reaction changes now that I’m an adult.

  • Anonymous

    In person it’s quite hard to hide my sex so I stopped attending competitions of that sort when I was younger. Not sure what the reaction would be today, although given some of the articles coming out lately about discrimination towards female gamers, I don’t think much has changed :/ I wish you luck!

  • Aeryl

    Zelda is the princess!

  • Thomas Luu

    It’s idiots like this that keep ladies from letting their geek flags fly, so to speak. We need more of em on our team, not less! Serves him right. Well done, Rae! That deserves a follow. :D

  • Anonymous

    Heartwarming story that left a funny feeling in my pants but the ending had been posted on YouTube, gamefaqs ect. She probably is a gamer but just because she knows the ending it means jack shit. I never read Moby Dick but I do know the ending.

  • Renee I.

    I really have been so lucky. I played FFXI online for years (ok fine I still play a little) and a myriad of other MMOs and console games and I have never had any be snotty simply because of my gender. That doesn’t mean I haven’t ever encountered my fair share of jerks, but they were jerks to everyone. Now I never did any competitive stuff like that and I’ve always surrounded myself with good people. Just sad to me when I read stuff like this tweet and the comments that others have had such a hard time.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Giving the wrong ending would actually be some great psychological warfare, because the guy would be expecting different stuff right up until the last minute.

  • Anonymous

    And rightly so! He sounds like a real tool.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s the new version of the ‘femme fatale’ concept.

  • Anonymous

    legit crying with laughter. Thank you for that! :3

  • Anonymous

    Whoa there champ, slap a spoiler alert on that thing!

  • Anonymous

    True! Her method was elegant in its simplicity, though. It’s only painful if he hasn’t played the game himself, in which case… ~irony~

  • Colin Cadell

    Seriously hope you ruined it for him. Nice work!

  • Lady Viridis

    Thinking about it, I wonder if maybe I never got harassed simply because I obviously *was* a regular; at that point I spent most of my weekends at the various game stores, and all of the frequent players knew each other. Or it may have just been a particularly friendly game; I mostly played the Pokemon TCG, which was aimed at a younger crowd and especially at official tournaments was fairly strict about maintaining a civil atmosphere.

  • Mitch

    Jesus. I hate most first-person games too, but that’s no call to insult those who do enjoy them. I almost feel like I need to play BI now just to cancel out the implied association with your douchiness.

  • Mitch

    Don’t forget Roberta Williams.

  • Vitaly

    Congratulations you are special.

  • Atrax

    I love gamer females :D

  • Joanna

    Try it on 1999 mode ;)

  • Joanna

    You’re probably one of those people who believe in evil chemtrails and stuff, right?

  • Ryan Hupp

    I would have complemented her on her shirt and asked her if she liked the ending.

  • Laszlo

    You seem to think that whoever she met would use regular people logic, that it’s impossible that she simply met an asshole who didn’t really think about any of that. Which is pretty strange, because you seem to admit that this type of person exists, but somehow not in this situation?

  • Just Saying

    Yes but you told him the Good Ending. When he got to the end he probably got the Bad Ending because not doubt he played like the asshole he is.

  • Emerald White

    I can’t believe I just read all of those comments.

  • Ghan

    She’s a big name in Australian Games media, and that’s probably how she got the shirt, you jackass.
    She’s also a genuinely wonderful person, and you are definitively part of the problem.

  • Rae Johnston

    Thank you so much for your messages of support and encouragement, they mean more to me than you realise. For anyone with questions about my honesty, I’ve gone into more detail on what happened here:

  • Carmen Sandiego

    I really like this guy.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    But he accused her of not having played it. If he hadn’t played it, that would be the pot calling the kettle black. It was only “mean” if he hadn’t actually played the game. In which case, why would he be aggressively accusing someone else of not having played, eh?

  • Carmen Sandiego

    Not even. It only becomes “mean” if he was guilty of what he accused *her* of being “guilty” of.

  • Yaboiksar

    ROFL I got one of my BI shirts at Hot Topic. They had two different kinds. Oh and Gamestop has a Shock Jockey one. This was within the first week of the game.

    Just FYI it is “some trendy hip thing you pick up at Hot Topic.”

  • Anonymous

    yay! >^_^<

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    Sobbing. SOBBING.

  • Simon BubblyJoff Insanity

    Oh, but when a guy calls a woman out on this shit, it’s called rape

  • Rezeya Montecore

    I love that you whine about “groupthink” when you get contradicted. Lazy, pathetic intellectual habit.

  • Matt Graham

    I’ve had it happen to me, actually, because sometimes people assume I’m a girl because of my forum avatars or screen name choices or WoW character.

    I should clarify that I wasn’t one of those guys harping on girls on the scene; I found I did it to those who weren’t as “invested” or knowledgeable as a whole. To me the problem goes beyond gender and is this weird elitist self-imposed chain of command I notice more and more in nearly every scene.

  • Guest

    Ben is Glory?

  • Gary Terry

    Only someone who lives in their parents basement would think this was a takedown, burn, or act of revenge of any meaningful sort. On the bright side, at least giving wedgies to geeks is going to be more enjoyable with fairly attractive chicks participating.

  • Gary Terry

    Poor guy finally finds a way to make himself feel less inferior around attractive women who have been ignoring, rejecting, and humiliating him his whole life and you can’t let him have that one small, pointless victory? Have a heart! On the other hand, publicly humiliating geeks can be quite fun.

  • Gary Terry

    You don’t really have a high bar set for “amazing,” do you? I can’t imagine how you would handle winning the lottery or seeing an astronaut land on Mars.

  • Gary Terry

    No, no. Ellamere is being genuine. **I’m** the disingenuous troll, though I’m not trolling too hard. Just getting a kick out of the meaningless geek fight.

  • Gary Terry

    How is telling the ending to something clever? It sucks for the person who didn’t want to know it, but it does not reach the level of cleverness. Not much wit involved there, though I’m not saying she couldn’t be witty. This just wasn’t it.

  • Gary Terry

    Again, I’m not saying she couldn’t be clever, but this wasn’t clever. You need to raise your clever bar. Ruining an ending can be done by anyone who knows the ending.

  • Gary Terry

    Good heavens, giving away an ending is not witty or clever. If a ten year old knows the ending to something, then even he or she could ruin it for someone. No wit involved. That said, I’m sure this woman is witty, or at least writes decent prose, since she apparently writes for some publication.

  • Gary Terry

    Jinkies, Scooby Doo! I expect geeks to have a better understanding of cleverness and wit. Am I missing something? Did she do anything else besides ruin an ending of some game for this guy? Couldn’t anyone who knew the ending do that? You geeks disappoint. I’m outta here. I must end my trolling and get back to work.

    Ooooh, I’ve got a key in my pocket……!!

  • Gary Terry

    Ha! You thought this troll was gone! I think your reasoning is sound, except when you say that what she did is “clever,” “awesome,” or “perfect.” How id ruining an ending to a game anything that requires more wit than knowing the ending? Anyone who knows the ending could do that. No wit involved, unless the wit was being able to win the game, thus reaching the ending. But, what do I know. Your world is foreign to me. I have to go to class now. I teach philosophy. Talk about geeks! LOL
    Make your screensaver say “Cogito, ergo sum” and see if it wigs anyone out.

  • James Fletcher

    I guess my standards are pretty low, since I find is even more amazing someone would bother to troll me on a comment I made two months ago.

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    Nice try but I live in my own apartment and I agree she took the idiot down hardcore. You need to get a stickterectomy.

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    You’re an MRA “Nice Guy” aren’t you? I bet you believe the “Friend Zone” actually exists too.