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Marvel Throwdown: Bryan Singer Just Claimed Quicksilver For X-Men, What About His Avengers Role?

Is this comics or Mortal Kombat? Bryan Singer just announced casting for the character Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past. This is going to get messy. 

Ok, maybe not, but this does present a few questions.

Frankly, we were surprised when Joss Whedon announced he’d be utilizing both Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in The Avengers 2 for a few reasons. But mostly it was because both are mutant characters, specifically the daughter and son of the villainous Magneto. You may already be aware some Marvel character (specifically mutants) rights are held by Sony or Fox (which is why Spider-Man didn’t show up in Iron Man, etc.) and some by Marvel Studios, but the duo are sort of owned by both.

Speaking with HeyUGuys, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said, “They’re uh – It’s a little complicated, but if they want to use them in an X-Men movie they could, and if we want to use them in an Avengers movie we could. They’re unique.”

But whatever the case, the character Quicksilver is ready to make his big screen debut. Singer announced via Twitter actor Evan Peters, who you may know from American Horror Story, has been cast as Quicksilver. And he did it with a bit of a dig:



Maybe it’s not a dig, maybe it’s just a way to reference the overall issue. Either way, we hadn’t previously heard about the character being considered for X-Men: Days of Future Past until now.

Just earlier today we posted an exclusive interview with Saoirse Ronan about her potential casting as Scarlet Witch for The Avengers sequel. Will Whedon have to drop Quicksilver from his script or might we be seeing double?

(via Newsarama)

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  • Mikel Strom

    It’s worth remembering that Michael Keaton was Ray Nicolette in both Out of Sight (Universal) and Jackie Brown (Miramax), so having the same actor play the same character in two properties across 2 studios could be done here, too.

  • Jack Creed

    Here’s an idea Bryan, let Joss have whatever he wants!! The X franchise is a dying cash cow and it has been since X3.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Marvel will also use him in Avengers or whether they’ll have Joss
    cast someone completely different looking to spite Fox for getting to Pietro

  • Kay

    Congratulations on Quicksilver being what I assume is the 9000th character added to this movie.

    It’s going to be a little weird to wrap my brain around Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in two franchises, whether they’re played by different actors or the same ones. It’s… just… Wanda bending reality a little, that’s all.

  • Ravenous215

    This is either a great cooperation or the biggest dick move from Fox

  • LizbethAnne

    He’s got the face for it (if you put a piece of paper over his hair)–the angular (is that the word?) jaw that I associate with Pietro, and he could pass for Fassbender’s kid.

    Is it normal to be casting people once they’ve started filming? Singer has been tweeting set photos of the cast in costume for a while, I had assumed that they finished casting a while ago. (Also, how many mutants and they cramming into this thing? As a die-hard X-Men comics fan, I have some slight concerns about this being a cast that’s expanding for the sake of throwing more names in, and not because the story needs it. Not very many of these characters were necessary for DOFP, and it concerns me.)

  • Craig Moore

    I’m perfectly fine with Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch being in X-Men movies and Avengers movies, but I have to wonder if there is anyone working on Days of Future Past willing to stand up and say “Whoa, we have way too many characters in this movie. Might be hard for the audience to care about some of them.”

  • Anonymous

    That’s a pity. Peters is a great actor and Whedon would have made much better use of his range.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure this is a throwdown or fight. Mark Millar had
    talked about wanting Fox to collaborate with Marvel so this could point to

    And in a way this works for Avengers 2’s benefit. It informs
    the public that Wanda and Pietro are Magneto’s kids and that their powers come
    from X-Genes, which they might not be able to do in the actual Avengers movie
    for legal reason.

  • blissfulslavery

    Fuck it, let’s have Chris Evans as the Human Torch and Cap in the same movie.

  • César Riquelme

    So…. Marvel don’t have the Quicksilver rights back?

  • Jason Seas

    I was reading someplace, and now cannot find the link to the article, that someone on the Avengers side said basically from the studio agreements that if the Avengers 2 does not reference mutants or their relationship to Magneto, they were free and clear to use the characters.

  • Anonymous

    Really, I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that tweet. I mean, Marvel does this thing of announcing two years before the movie is released and long before actors are cast that they’re having the Maximoff twins in it, only for Bryan Singer to come weeks later and announce not only that Quicksilver is on his film, but who is playing him?! This is too good, so good that I don’t even care about who they cast or anything. X-Men rocks.

    But yes, I do hope he announces Wanda as well. Or maybe not, it’s easier if she’s not on the film, I won’t have to complain on the internet about who they choose =P

  • Anonymous

    I think at the very least Quicksilver was already on his plans. Remember when Singer tweeted a wall with the pictures of the cast? There were like three holes in it, which indicated there might have been three actors/actresses to be announced.

  • Anonymous

    At this point I’m imagining the whole movie is just a series of characters arriving on screen saying ‘Hi, my name is X’ before being killed off and replaced by the next one.


    I accidentally read the last line as “Wil Wheaton have to drop Quicksilver from his script or might we be seeing double?”.

  • Anonymous

    They didn’t not have them in the first place.

    As I understand it right now. Marvel currently have the rights to use Quicksilver as an Avenger. Fox has the rights to use Quicksilver as a mutant. Marvel can’t mention Magneto or probably mutants in general. Fox can’t mention the Avengers.

    It had to be this way, they only thing allowed to be more complicated than superhero comic book continuity is superhero movie rights.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see this being a problem for either production. If the twins can show up in various forms across a dozen different comics then they can do the same in movies. Remember, Marvel created this character/property quagmire back in the day when they shortsightedly authorized these deals-in-perpetuity with Sony et al. They made their bed and now they have to lay in it. Besides, I think a billion dollar property like the Avengers will be a-ok.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    isnt that something close to the 20th mutant confirmed for this film so far? ^^; did they hear marvel saying fox can use them if they wanted to and took it as a suggestion? ^^;

    I don’t see this as a problem at all for avengers or x-men as they could easily have seperate actors for each or even reuse the same actors since their not being done at the same time.

    But…Unless this movie is going to be a two or three hour affair, how will hey use all of these characters? ^^; Will this be like x-men 3 where over 40 mutants were introduced and only eight of them had more than one scene?

  • Anonymous

    What’s funny is that a common criticism (by movie critics not comic fans) was that the first X-Men film had far too many characters.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Ugh. Is it just gonna be that there’s a fast dude (possibly with white hair, or possibly looking like whatever the opposite of Pietro would look like) scurrying around for half a second?

  • Laura Truxillo

    Yeah, I get the feeling they didn’t learn from X3?

    Or maybe they’re thinking: “Avengers did it; surely it’s as easy as it looks!”

  • Sean Seger

    This seems like a late effort to lay the ground work for the eventual lawsuit more than something to enhance the X-Men movie.

  • Megan Tinsley

    Ok…so they have All The Mutants but no Gambit?

  • Anonymous

    Well it’s Fox so my money is on option 2…
    Especially since it’s Whedon.

    OTH this could actually be a blessing. Few non-comic book readers know about Quicksilver and in this way he could be introduced and garner some interest before Avengers 2.

  • Aeryl

    There has been a lot of offhand references to “WHAT IF” in reference to Fox and Marvel working together lately, for me to believe that it wasn’t laying the ground for something.

    These people know how to market, and seeding the internet with these juicy rumors, right before what would be the biggest announcement in comic movie history, is just the kind of viral marketing you would expect.

  • Joe Fiore

    It’ll be awesome if Whedon casts the same guy in Avengers 2.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, this movie seems to have a heck of a lot of characters. It’s like Fox strapped Bryan Singer to Cerebro and told him to “Find All the Mutants.”