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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Allow Us To Explain

Watch our Managing Editor on a Women in Games Panel at PAX East!‬ [VIDEO]

Anja Keister, Shoshana Kessock, Iris Explosion, Stella Chuu, and our very own Susana Polo brought their knowledge of the lady gamers’ experience to this past weekend’s PAX East for the panel “You Game Like a Girl: Tales of Trolls & White Knights.” Lucky for those of you who couldn’t attend the con, the panel was taped for a thing called the Internet, since technology is awesome like that. Check it out under the cut; the relevant bit starts at approximately the 03:05:02 mark.

Watch live video from PAX East 2012 on TwitchTV

(via: Twitch)

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  • TKS

    This is going to sound weird, but I always imagined Susana with laser fingers.

    EDIT-”Characters don’t make decisions. Creators make decisions” THANK YOU! So often I have to preface that I am talking meta-textually when talking about how characters are designed. Susana, you are amazing. (I am listening to the panel while writing a paper, thus the late add in.)

  • Kate Lorimer

    Been waiting to see this, thanks for upping! :)

  • Kaela PerLee

    Great panel!! Thanks for posting this. Also: love that Susana is rocking the Mockingjay pin

  • Ryan Colson Good news everyone who hated FF13 and its slightly more terrible sequel

  • Ryan Colson

    It’s FFXHD!

  • Mr Bojangles

    I watched 2 minutes of this and now I have cancer. Literally the worst panel at PAX

  • truthey

    Feminazis are bad for the industry.

  • Anonymous

    This is seriously hard to watch. It’s all over the place and it feels like just a regular discussion between friends instead of some informative presentation. I’m not going to watch this further since it’s so boring.

  • David Dou


    Bunch of feminazis want to remove men from all games, and have us use the bullshit terms ze/zer instead of he/she as it offends some transgendered crossdressing freaks?

  • Guest

    LOL look at the fat one with the fedora…she might as well have a dick with the way she looks.

  • Megamaniacal

    A stripper isn’t okay with fictional women being nude in games?

    How stupid and hypocritical.

  • Anonymous

    Good job on trying your best to ruin the game industry, all for a small and whiny demographic.

  • Anonymous

    Good job on doing your best to ruin the industry, and all for a small and whiny demographic…


    The only people I can see supporting this are equally batshit insane women or numbed men. The only “mysnogamy” or however the hell you spell it is the precieved horseshit thats the by product of 1st world problems women have. gaming is dead, and was killed by people who have NO actual vestment in the hobby, they just needed a soapbox to stand on and shout at people from.

  • will

    I’ve never liked the term “femnazi” but now I feel its appropriate. This idea that “No you can’t have women be a damsel in distress. No you can’t have a character dressed this way.” You’re telling companies how they can or can’t design their games and run the companies. If you don’t like this DESIGN YOUR OWN GAMES WITHOUT THOSE THINGS. Trying to elbow your way into the industry and make them run your way is not right.
    The character was designed by men to appeal to a male audience? Yes that’s how it works. In a capitalist society, it’s allowed to work that way.
    Is there a degree of objectification? Of course. It might be wrong, but they’re allowed to make their game this way in a society with freedom of speech.

  • Peter Vervloet

    Aaaand they removed the video, well damn. Time to go look for a mirror upload somewhere.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    It’s working fine for me. Did you skip ahead to 3:05:00?

  • Peter Vervloet

    Strangely enough, the embed claims that “Sorry, this broadcast is no longer available on Justin.TV. Check out the channel!”

    Fortunately I did manage to find the video on the channel, so I can now enjoy it there. Thanks for bringing the panel to my attention though!