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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Here Be Dragons

Look At This Incredible Paper Mache Bust of Dragon Maleficent. Look At It

Dan the Monster Man at Paper Mache Blog specializes in dragons, and was commissioned to craft a bust as close to the likeness of Maleficent’s dragon form (as seen in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty), including glowing eyes, nostrils, and throat. “It was quite a challenge,” he says, “which I relished.”

“I wanted to make the dragon that the cartoon would be based upon. But I couldn’t improvise very much without straying too far from the original drawings. And the lights were even a bigger challenge. Obviously I couldn’t get lights that would blast out of the mouth, eyes, and nose exactly like the cartoon. And the dragon had to look decent when the lights were turned off.”

“I ended up using a dillion, well a half a dillion little, green l.e.d. lights. There is a place to put AA batteries in the back of the trophy when it’s off the wall. The lights are controlled by 4 small switches behind the ears.”

The eyes? They’re taxidermy eyes for elephants, sanded down to remove the paint and then given a new pupil. And just in case you need some scale…

There’s Dan and his dragon. Nobody told me you could make these kinds of things from paper mache when I was in gradeschool.

(Paper Mache Blog via Tipster Lisa.)

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  • Anonymous

    Not going to lie if I walked into a dark room and this thing suddenly flipped on I would cry in fear. Amazing work!

  • Magic Xylophone

    Your move, WETA.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Adding this to my list of things I didn’t think I needed.

  • Carrie

    Me too! Although I think it’s a list of things we didn’t *know* we needed, rather than didn’t *think* we needed.  But now we definitely know we totally need it.

    I have crafty talent envy too! I can’t imagine having the skill and talent required to make this!

  • Amanda W

    DUDE. I want to make one.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I’m just totally flattered to find my “Maleficent” profiled here.  I’m really happy to know that people like her.  Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    I need this on my wall RIGHT now.

  • Anonymous

    This just skyrocketed to Enterprise-coffee-table levels of “I NEED THIS”

  • Ruthellen Christensen

    Make me one!!!