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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And So It Begins

The Ouija Board Movie Is Still Happening, Has Actual Actors And a Plot Now

Using the Power of Ouija to contact the spirit world, I have seen into the future and determined that the mere fact this movie exists is more frightening than the movie itself will be.

The Ouija board movie’s been kicking around in development hell for a few years. Back in 2011 there was a sliver of interest on our part when it was announced Buffy scribe Marti Noxon would be taking over writing duties. And then… nothing. Silence.

The quiet before the toy adaptation movie storm, as it happens. Ouija has a director. It has actors. It has a plot. It’s been summoned from the afterlife and it’s coming for us all.

The stars in question are relative unknowns Olivia Cooke and Douglas Smith, best known for their roles on Bates Motel and Big Love, respectively. IMDB also lists Daren Kagasoff (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) and Bianca A. Santos (The Fosters) among the cast. The director Universal is offering up as a sacrifice is Stiles White, a first-timer with a lot of experience as a special effects production coordinator for major films like Jurassic Park III and Galaxy Quest. Pray for him, readers. Pray for his soul career.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, the film is about:

“a group of friends attempting to make contact with a recently deceased classmate through a Ouija board who awaken a dark and terrifying presence.

Cooke will play a girl who discovers that her dead friend had been messing around with a Ouija board and brings the game home. Smith is the dead girl’s boyfriend, who may know more about her death than he lets on.”

You want to know what’s weird? Aside from the fact that multiple people think that a Ouija board movie is a good idea, I mean. According to THR filming starts this week. A few days after the actors were announced. I can’t decide whether that means Ouija‘s being rushed into production or the actors were chosen forever ago but nobody cared enough to spread the news… because Ouija board movie.

And the nail in the coffin: It looks like at some point Marti Noxon left, because IMDB doesn’t have her as one of the writers. Instead there’s White and Juliet Snowden, whose credits include the Nicolas Cage flick Knowing (Rotten Tomatoes approval rating: 33%). Lovely. Though I guess Ouija could pull a Jumanji and turn out to be one of the best movies ever made. It all depends on whether they cast Jonathan Hyde as a big-game hunter with muttonchops and a weird accent who gets sucked into the game board at the end. That part’s essential.

(via: THR)

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  • Anonymous

    I’ll just say one word: “Battleship”.

  • Dan Wohl

    I’m not saying the movie is likely to be good, but when it comes to this bizarre trend of products-that-can-be-purchased-at-Toys R Us being adapted for films, Ouija Board actually probably makes more sense than most. For the simple fact that it has already appeared as a plot device in a lot of horror movies. The Exorcist, What Lies Beneath, Paranormal Activity, a recent episode of American Horror Story, etc. Also, apparently there has already been a movie centered around it:

  • Anonymous

    There are already about a dozen Ouija Board based horror movies. The one I was thinking of was Long Time Dead.

    So the idea is okay, the trick is getting it to actually be good. Or, failing that, entertainingly bad.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Actually, I was thinking Witchboard and its sequel, Witchboard 2…

  • Not So Young Democrat

    Call me when they’re doing a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie

  • Anonymous

    I watched the shit out of Witchboard 2 when I was a kid

  • Anonymous

    I watched both, but not that much…

  • Rebecca Pahle
  • Anonymous

    I’ll be adding that one to the infinitely long list of movies I need to watch.

  • Dave

    Battleship is an underrated masterpiece!

    …It was supposed to be a comedy, right?

  • Andrew Orillion

    A friend of mine is actually work on this movie. Maybe I can get some inside info from her.