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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

This Exists... Because of A Lady

Natalie Gordon Programmed her Own Web-Based Start Up Business… While Pregnant

So here’s the exception to a number of tired old adages about women in the workplace. The baby registry webiste BabyList was put together by veteran programmer Natalie Gordon during her pregnancy. Then, with the help of a designer, she launched the website just two weeks before her son was born. As some one who has launched a website while decidedly not-pregnant, and even then was only in charge of content, not anything on the backend… lets just say that’s pretty freaking impressive.

Gordon found that most online baby registries, where you can direct family and friends to help you out with baby supplies that you actually need or want, are just offshoots or versions of wedding registries or general wishlist sites, and that they tend to be overwhelming to somebody just looking for onesies, highchairs, and strollers. BabyList is instead deliberately based on social media sites like Pinterest, where items from any site can be compiled in an online list in one place. She told GeekMom about the process of founding the site:

BabyList started out as a fun project two years ago. I was pregnant and had just left a contracting position. I launched it with a Hacker News post two weeks before my son was born. Then with a newborn it was a part-time thing. Everyday I felt successful if I could do one thing to make the site better. Fix one bug. Improve the copy of one page. Pitch to one blogger. Make one feature more intuitive. Then this past Spring, our family moved to San Francisco, we got full-time childcare, and I was able to push the business forward and think bigger.

The company is now four employees big, with aspirations of getting even bigger. If this is what Gordon got up to on maternity leave, I think it stands to achieve them. You can read more about BabyList, including an interview with Gordon, at GeekMom.

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  • Andrea_R

    C’mon.. i expected better. Considering how often women are pregnant and keep on working… how is this unusual? Calling it out as such is just helping make things worse.

    What next? Women work while menstruating?

    I’m usually a super fan of almost everything you write, but this time … sorry, you dropped it here.

    It’s a great accomplishment because she saw a need, took the initiative and went and did it. Being pregnant at the time should be irrelevant.

    (I say this after having 4 kids of my own and working away, as well as working thru cervical cancer treatments.)

  • Duke Fleed

    “As some one who has launched a website while decidedly not-pregnant, and
    even then was only in charge of content, not anything on the backend…
    lets just say that’s pretty freaking impressive.”

    You don’t get pregnant in the fingers. Why is a web-based thing more impressive while pregnant than non-pregnant. That’s not exactly relevant?

  • Molly Grue

    Oh joy- way to pander to the idea that women in the grips of hormonal changes are useless at everything except sitting around with their feet up, swooning.

    I am not impressed. Big deal, she sat her ass in front of the computer and did some work while pregnant. Guess what? A large percentage of mothers have worked throughout their pregnancies.

    Now had you said she did this while suffering hyperemesis, or with a few toddlers bolting around her home generally getting into trouble constantly, I’d be a little more impressed. But with a coder in the family, and being in the midst of not the easiest pregnancy (though not my first) I’m not impressed by her “achievement”.

    Good job, she created a website that obviously fills a need in the market. Awesome! Coding women, women successful in business? VERY COOL. But flipping out that she did so while OMGPREGNANT? Grow up. Next we’ll be SO proud of her that she managed to drive to the grocery store and pick up something for dinner because she was on her rag.