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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

Mary Poppins, A Timelord?

You might not think that Mary Poppins showing up on Google Streetview might necessarily indicate that she’s a millennia old Gallifreyan traveller, but just read fireflyastoria’s compelling argument below. (Hint: this is a Google Streetview view of Cardiff, Wales.)

So I was fiddling between Google and MapCrunch and do you know what I found?

Do you know who that is? Yep, that’s Mary Poppins.

Do you know where that is? Yep, that’s Cardiff. Specifically, that’s outside the Roald Dahl Plass.

Do you know what the Roald Dahl Plass is? Yep, the roof of Torchwood.

Do you know why Torchwood is there? Yep, that’s because of the rift in Cardiff, specifically that rift for a specific reason.

Do you know where the Doctor re-fuels the TARDIS?

So tumblr was right.

Mary Poppins IS the Doctor.

We must admit: she wears bowties and funny hats and has a bag that’s bigger on the inside.

(via the Official Doctor Who Tumblr.)

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  • Erica Tomas

    Perhaps she’s just another Time Lord. The Nanny?

  • Doug Blinkhorne

    it looks as though she has inherited one of Tom Bakers old scarves ;)

  • Nonesuchplace

    Okay, first a disclaimer: TVTropes will ruin your life.

    Now, on this page: open “The List Of…” menu and search the page for “Mary Poppins” and you will find that she has been suspected of being a time lord already, but I think you just confirmed it.

  • Life Lessons


  • Dux K-S

    I’ve come to believe that Ms. Frizzle of Magic School Bus fame is undoubtedly a Time Lord as well. 

  • Nonesuchplace

    Again, TVTropes will ruin your life:
    Mz. Frizzle is on the list of suspected Time Lords as well.

  • Kevin Flynn

    Nah… she’s the TARDIS.

  • Emily Hill

    OMG YOU WON THE INTERNET FOR THAT NAME but girls are called Time Ladies not Lords

  • Emily Hill

    lol I know its a curse but I’m throwing his character Demona of gargoyles

  • Jasmine Zerbe-Moore

    I think they’re still time lords…remember the Doctor mentioning that the Corsair was sometimes a lady?  If they’re switching bodies/genders all the time, they can’t be expected to bother with gender-specific language.

  • Jasmine Zerbe-Moore

    I remember watching Mary Poppins after reading Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, and suddenly realizing that it is a much more magic movie than I’d thought.

  • Emily Hill

    thank you mister monkey wrench or Misses if your a lady