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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

This is just like magic!

This Is A Dress Made Out Of Magic: The Gathering Cards

Amy Demicco impressed PAX East con goers this past weekend by wearing a dress made entirely out of Magic: The Gathering cards. Her axe, plus a shot of an alternative Magic dress, after the jump. 

Yup, also made out of the cards. Here she is from PAX Prime in 2011 with another Magic dress, Rainbow Fish.

And yes, people have asked her if she actually plays Magic. Eye-roll to the max. See progress shots and tutorials on Demicco’s tumblr.

Edit: Demicco has supplied us with some updated info. The top pic is actually her Puff the Magic Dragon from PAX 2012, Here’s the dress she wore this past weekend, Boros Dragon:

You can see all the looks here.

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  • Anonymous

    I’d tap that.

    …I’ll see myself out.

  • Travis Fischer

    Glad you said it before I got the chance. :p

  • Amy Demicco

    Hi, this is Amy, the person that made the dresses. I made a post with the order of the dresses, and when they were made.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently there are those who thought I should not have.

  • Amy Demicco

    Thank you for the edits!

  • Laura Martin

    There are totally Pokemon cards lining the inside of the dress!

  • Ryan Colson

    I have seen MTG dresses before, but this is much better than the other ones lol

  • Ian Anderson

    I’d Tap that.

  • Joel Finkle

    To those moderators who would otherwise wish to remove a sexist post…
    I think we can let this one slip by just on pun value.

  • Stephen

    But did she have the mana to play all those cards?