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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

A Lesson in Humility

Kristen Schaal Gets An Apology From The Simpsons In The Best Way Possible

Last week, comedian Kristen Schaal guest voiced on The Simpsons, as, who else, Milhouse’s girlfriend. And though, naturally, things don’t really work out (I mean, it’s The Simpsons), it was a fine guest starring all ’round. Until the makers of the show accidentally misspelled her name in the end credits. In any other situation this might be a time for a brief acknowledgement of the mistake in some article somewhere, followed by an edit for syndication and DVD sales.

But instead The Simpsons used one of its most famous and situationally appropriate visual tropes to self-flagellate those inner spelling demons.

In other words: they had Bart write some lines.

Is this the first episode where Bart has actually adressed a typographical error in the chalkboard gag? I would check, but Wikipedia’s List of Bart Simpsons’ blackboard sentences no longer exists.

Are we reporting on this just because we love Kristen Schaal? …the world may never know.

(The New York Times via Flavorwire.)


  • Nickie Tenut

    oops double post!

  • Nickie Tenut

    includes the one in this article :) google 4tw!

  • Edcedc8

     I lover her more.

  • mojoboy 1984

    Come on ! It’s not her’s real name anyway !