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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

This is just like magic!

Karen Hallion Introduces Hermione To The 10th Doctor In The Most Wonderful Way Possible

On sale today for just $11 on, this magical design by Karen Hallion bringing together two of our favorite fandom characters. “The episode ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ might be my all time favorite,” wrote Hallion. “And I am a big Potterhead, so it seemed an interesting idea to replace the woman that the Doctor meets in the fireplace, Madame de Pompadour—a strong female character—with another strong female character. By doing so, I wanted to create a new story with a commentary of my vision for these characters and illustrate a natural way in their stories for them to interact that would alter their outcomes in a meaningful manner.” This particular image, ”The Witch in the Fireplace,” is for sale as a t-shirt on TeeFury for today only but if you miss out, you may be able to find it in her RedBubble store later.

(via Karen Hallion on Facebook)

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  • Frank Steven Gimenez

    Hermione doesn’t qualify to be a companion. She is a time lord.

  • Anonymous

    And she’s got the Time-Turner to prove it!

  • Rebecca

    But… time ladies have been companions… lest we forget Romana…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    NONONO! That means at the end of the episode Hermione will be “on her way to Paris.” T_T

  • Colbie

    I’m sorry, but The Girl in the Fireplace episode was the worst episodes ever, with both Rose and the Doctor being entirely out of character. However, had Hermione been in the episode as this shirt suggests, it would have at least been a decent episode.

  • Travis

    I have to disagree. It is the best episode ever, purely for this exchange…

    “You’re not keeping the horse.”
    “I let you keep Mickey.”

  • Lady Commentariat

    I would so read this fanfic.

  • Anonymous

    T-shirt – get in mah closet!!

  • Rebecca

    Oh yes, Susan too!

  • Martin

    This is why we have a comments section, so people can post different opinions. I think the episode was great. Depending on what year’s Hermione is in this image though, the Doctor might have had to wipe her mind just to get on with the story.

  • Jessica

    I’m also one who hated this episode and started a trend for all Moffat written episodes I never connected with them and when he was named show runner I groaned.

    I do love this shirt though and I bought it last night can’t wait to wear it I love these geeky mashups. Although the Mary Sue is really hitting my account with all these great finds we can buy :)