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This Jurassic Park Cosplay Features One Clever Girl [VIDEO]

We admit, The Mary Sue has an unnatural love for all things Jurassic Park but we have an inkling even if you don’t, this will be the greatest thing you see all day.  Shot at at the very first Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles last weekend, two extremely creative cosplayers got together to recreate the epic showdown between Muldoon and one very clever velociraptor from the iconic 90s film. Make sure to hit the jump because there’s more…

As if that wasn’t great enough, the hunter then becomes the hunted in this second clip from the convention floor.

As awesome as the content itself is, there’s nothing extraordinary about the sound on either of these videos so as an alternative we suggest you mute their volume and let this play instead. You’re welcome.

(via Reddit)

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  • Lisa Jonte

    Thank you.  It really is better with Yakety Sax playing.

  • Mac Beauvais

    Got to see this in person at the Masquerade. It was amazing!

  • Frodo Baggins

    That is one fiiiiiiiiiine raptor. Hope she doesn’t spontaneously change from female to male, though.

  • Megan Danger

    That is seriously awesome, and yakety-sax made it that much better XD

  • Steven Ray Morris

    Where can I get that Jurassic Park power wheels?

  • Justin Louis

    The purse totally completes the look

  • PureConcentratedEvil

    Videos side by side:

  • Anonymous

    Disappoint. He doesn’t even say “clever girl” at the end.
    Nah, this is still gold.

  • Laura Hardin Marshall

    I watched the first video on the main page (sans sax), but it’s truly indescribable how much better the sax makes the viewing experience. That was golden. Thanks!

  • Comikaze Expo

    We are trying to find these people! if you know them send them our way. by far our favorites!!!
    Thanks for the write up Jill!!

  • Maggie Champaigne

    I get so distracted by spotting fake Tokidoki bags.  I think I have the worst and most obnoxious superpower *evar*.