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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

hold on to your butts

Jurassic Park 4 Finds a Way, Releases Teaser Poster

Rumors of Jurassic Park 4‘s death appear to have been greatly exaggerated, judging by this poster Universal released just in time for San Diego Comic Con. The only question remaining is: If “Life found a way” is the tagline of the movie… what did life find a way to do? Arise spontaneously out of mosquito innards to create a race of uncontrollable dinosaurs without the intervention of man? Rumor has it we’re returning to the original island, did life find a way for dinosaurs to run a theme park and inevitably capture humans to be the attractions?

Wait… did life find a way to make a fourth Jurassic Park movie?

Truly the miracles of nature are a glory to behold.

Update: Annnnnd never mind.

(via Crave Online.)

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  • BlueJaigEyes

    This is not a Jurassic Park 4 teaser. It was debunked the other day.

  • Renee Carter Hall

    They need to hire the fan who made this. Very nice.

  • odango atama

    The issue I have with JP4 is that those who lived the freshness of JP1 are not the same demographic targeted by Hollywood. I think this is a case of going to the till too many times or whatever the axiom is.

  • Anonymous

    Should I bother watching Jurassic Parks 2 & 3?

  • Carl

    As a huge JP fanboy, I just had a nerdgasm.

    As a cynic, I can’t help but be worried – films stuck in Development Hell for this length of time are rarely any good…

  • Filip

    It’s a fan made image from a guy at deviantART: