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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

All this has happened before...

Jarrah Hodge Drops Some Feminist History On Us: Bra-Burning is a Myth

Referring to feminist protest as “bra-burnings” was simply a rhetorical trick made by a reporter to create a parallel between women’s struggle for equality with other protesting movements of the time, specifically the anti-Vietnam war protest and its characteristic burning of draft cards.

The more you know.

(via Gender Focus.)

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  • Anonymous

    6 million bras were burned during that period.  Anyone who denies that is against women.

  • Kate Lorimer

    Caitlin Moran in her fab book “How to be a Woman” says:

    “To the idiot who says, ‘You a feminist? Do you burn your bras, then, huh? HUR?
    You burn your bras, you feminist?’ you must reply, calmly, ‘Fool. FOOL.
    Bra is my friend. My bosomest buddy. My inti-mate. Except for that
    balcony-cup Janet Reger one that was an inch too small, and cut off the
    circulation to my head. Yeah. That one, I covered that one in petrol,
    and torched it outside the American Embassy.’

  • Alex K. D.

    I’m always glad to see the mythical nature of “bra-burning” brought to light.

    It’s a tired and offensive label that needs to die.

  • Anonymous

    Like many tropes, it started as propaganda to deride the movement. As years went on with enough reinforcement of the myth, some women believed it enough to indeed conflagrate some innocent understructures. Or maybe they just re-appropriated that particular strawman/strawfeminist/strawbrassiere.