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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

It Belongs in a Museum!

This is an Indiana Jones Inspired Engagement Ring, Your Argument is Invalid

Redditor Homerliwag is a brave man. It’s one thing to face snakes, bugs, spiked pits, rats, and Nazis. It’s quite another to offer your girlfriend a ring box with nothing but a tiny bag of sand inside, and tell her Indiana Jones must have gotten there first. Bold moves.

Now before you get your torches out, it was because he couldn’t find the right ring in time, and for his Indiana Jones fanlady we’re assuming the wait was so, so worth it. Read the whole story behind the jump.

It was about 2 or 3 days before November, 11, 2011 (11.11.11). My girlfriend Aimee was wanting to do something special that day. So, I decided to look for an engagement ring. 11.11.11 happened and I had no ring. What should I do?! Being that Aimee is an avid Indiana Jones fan, I decided to surprise her with a ring box. When she opened the box, inside wasn’t an engagement ring – Just a bag of sand! I told her, Indiana Jones must have swooped in and stolen the “treasure” and left her with a bag of sand (just like the movie).

Being a designer and artist, I felt I had to do something special. Since Aimee is a very enthusiastic Indiana Jones fan, the thought of a coiled whip as the ring seemed perfect. I did a few quick drawings and found a custom jeweler in Las Vegas. The “bag of sand” bought me some time to have the ring custom made. And with her favorite color yellow, I selected a fancy yellow diamond which also represents “The Idol”.

The question now is – how do I present the ring? I made a custom ring box out of a 1920′s steel soap bar box and used sculpting clay to create the look of ancient ruins inside. I then presented the box mixed with 4 other interesting boxes. Now, with the theme of “You must choose wisely…” from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, I used a magician’s trick to make her “select” the correct box. I asked her if she “chose wisely”. Then I opened her selected box revealing “The Whip”.

(Reddit via Fashionably Geek.)


  • Anonymous

    This is the most awesome thing I’ve seen in a very long time.

  • Sarah Nicolas

    Very very cool!

  • Anonymous

    This story was so amazing.  What a clever, clever gentleman.

  • Jennifer

    Awesome! I really like this. Reminds me of the triforce engagement ring. So clever!

  • Anonymous

    Great story!  Plus the ring is stunning

  • Frodo Baggins

    Not sure whether to make a joke about “tying the knot,” or “dude, you’re so whipped.”

    Either way, the man is a genius, and makes the rest of us look bad.

  • Marcia

    The perfect gift for your Star Wars sweetheart this Valentine’s Day

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  • Anonymous

    So much for shopping at Tiffany’s.  This ring, my friends, is a true tribute to love.  

  • Anonymous

    The night The Wife said “yes” (in a bookstore, back in the science-fiction section, as if you had to ask) I had no ring, no set plan, not much of anything.  But she had, at some point in the future, agreed to marry me, so surely that was worth a celebration, or in the eyes of some, some consolation on her part.

    So I bought her a nice piece of chocolate cheesecake.

    She finished it, and was about to throw the box away, and I stopped her.  “When we’re finally ready to get married, and I buy you the ring, I’m gonna put it in that box, and by then you’ll have forgotten, and it’ll all come back and oh, it’s gonna be awesome.”

    Some years later, we were in Fortunoff’s on Long Island (You know, the one by the racetrac;, it’s not there any more) picking up her ring.  I’d successfully distracted her about the paper bag Iwas carrying.  So once we paid, I distracted her, and when she turned around, the ring was sitting in a triangular cake-slice serving box.

    She’d forgotten.

    She remembered.

    It was awesome.

  • Life Lessons

    Awesome and well done. :) 

  • Life Lessons

    Excellent! Well done sir and that is a pretty ring.

  • Angela Korra’ti

    OH MAN. Speaking as a devout Indy fan, I’d have exploded in squee to be presented with that ring. :D

  • Darian Boyer

    I would too, exploded in glee if I was to be presented with that ring in that specific way.

  • Anonymous

    Be sure about whom you marry before buying those rings.

  • Frodo Baggins

    Already got mine planned out: “What have I got in my pocket?”

    Now I just need to make sure I fall in love with a Rings nerd.

  • Heather Anderson

    Sounds like she “chose wisely” twice.

  • Anonymous

    In other magnificent ring news, WWE Diva Kharma got an engagement ring designed to look like…a ring.

    A wrestling ring. 

  • Ashley Sue

    Freaking adorable!  Though, I kind of bet he isn’t telling all of it.  I’m not sure how well that “bag of sand” thing really went over.

  • Marcie Salguero

    What a gorgeous custom ring! here are few more to ogle

  • K. D. Bryan

    A penitent man kneels before his bride-to-be.

  • Mariana Suarez

    You deserve her love forever

  • Denise Cowles-Lewis

    For a guy to go through so much trouble to do the perfect ring for his lady is so awesome…so much more than just an expense, so much thought went into this.  The ring is beautiful and the shared loved even more so.

  • Sandy LaRouche

    I’ve married 806 couples and have heard every engagement story but this one is unique. Not mad for the ring but you’ve got to love a clever man.

  • Homer Liwag

    After designing this Indiana Jones Engagement ring for my fiancé, I decided to design my Star Wars inspired wedding band!  

    Check it out here: