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The Harry Potter “Friday” Parody We’ve Been Waiting For [Video]

YouTube user Ginnyisaprincess whipped up this Harry Potter-themed Rebecca Black parody called “Ravenclaw” in about 11 hours. There is something to be said for real, creative songwriting effort and singing without autotune, doncha think? And idiot Gryffindors, amirite?

(Nerd Bastards)

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  • Cory Lynn

    I was apathetic until she made an “A Very Potter Musical” reference. Now I love this song.

  • aimee_Beff

    I have to say I FIND her reference very amusing.

  • Lionmml

    Another Wizard Rock star is born!!!!

  • Mim


  • Kimberly

    Nice to see the other houses getting some love. Me and my bf are going to DH part 2 dressed up with Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw gear, respectively.

  • Freaksrule

    I’m a moron but I love this anyways, I’m just not smart enounough to be in ravenclaw. I love to read though.

  • Jack

    Kudos to her.
    Is it just me, or are smart girls always more attractive than dumb girls?

    I’m sure it’s my biased opinion, but what can I say? I’ve always preferred relationships with women that you can have an actual conversation with. Three times in my life I’ve broken up with a girl when I found out she doesn’t like to read. I know. I’m crazy like that.

  • Shan

    Pssh. Slytherins are far superior to anyone else thanks. They have their priorities straight :)

  • Dana Ritterbusch

    Here’s the Slytherin one she did: