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Glenn Close to Play Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Version of Nick Fury?

A few days back we heard the still-unsubstantiated rumor that John C. Reilly might be joining the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy as a character who, as the liaison between the Guardians and intergalactic space control Nova Corps, is effectively the movie’s Agent Coulson. And now it looks like Guardians’ Nick Fury has been cast, too. And it’s Glenn Close.

Pause for absolute freaking out.

Deadline, which broke the news, notes that Close will be playing a “leadership role” in Nova Corps, while THR comes right out and says that the actress is in final negotiations to play Nova Corps’ head. So will Close play an alien? Members of Nova Corps are technically aliens, but Reilly’s character is apparently human, so it’s possible that Close’s character might be, too. How big will her part be? Who, exactly, is her character?

I don’t even care at this point. My brain is still stuck on the MCU just got itself Glenn Close. And she’s playing a military leader. I just watched Air Force One a few days ago, but I might need to watch it again. Just her scenes, though. Watching Close being competent and schooling her lessers is one of cinema’s greatest joys.

Also: Assuming Close officially signs on, Guardians of the Galaxy will have not one but two kick-ass lady actresses in its cast. Granted, that’s not a heck of a lot (casting’s not done yet, though), but it’s better than Zoe Saldana by herself. And the fact that they went with a middle-aged actresses for the commander role when middle-aged actresses tend to be pigeonholed in the mother category, at least in studio films, is freaking amazing.

(via: THR)

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  • Anonymous

    This is very cool to see. Is she playing an existing character? I confess I know nothing about the Nova Corps other than the most recent Marvel NOW iteration of Nova.

  • Anonymous

    Marvel NOW iteration of Nova – sigh, freakin Loeb

  • Jim

    I don’t really have time to pause for a full freak-out – may I “SQUEE” a couple of times instead??

    PS Look at her WERK that dress in the photo. GURL!

  • Anonymous

    I thought of myself as a comic geek, yet I had never heard of the Guardians of teh Galaxy before the movie was announced (or before they appeared in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, whichever came first). And here we are today, with Glenn Close and John C. Reilly negotiating to appear in it.
    I know I keep repeating myself but WB can’t even get a Wonder Woman movie started while Marvel is trying to have Glenn Close to appear in a film with a talking racoon and a talking tree… Think about it!

  • Bittersweet Fountain

    My understanding is (other than what we’ve been told with the new, Marvel NOW Nova and the Alexander family) is that there has only ever been one human Nova. So it’ll be interesting to see if they actually do make Close and Reilly humans. I think I would rather have them be aliens and save the human-ness for Richard Rider. But either way, I’m sure they’ll pull it off fantastically and I’ll love it.

    Just take my money, Marvel.

  • Anonymous

    I like the new Nova quite a bit, but I confess I was never really invested in the franchise. Nova was never really a character that appealed to me but I find myself liking Sam quite a bit.

  • Anonymous

    Well I hope we get Richard Rider and not this Sam “Loeb” Alexander abomination

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to see Sam, that’d be cool. That’d be cool to see them do a movie about a half-Latino superhero.

  • Anonymous

    Richard Rider would be a much better option than Loeb’s crappy creation. A kid nova with the USM tv show personality ? sheesh

    Richard Rider kicking ass and taking names as Nova prime ala Annihilation, now that would be great.

    Read the DnA cosmic stuff and people can understand the frustration with this Loeb creation. Dude hasn’t stopped being terrible since Ultimatum.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, uh, no. Like I said, you’re not really doing much to endear me by replying and saying “I hate the character you like!” Enough. You’re just being annoying at this point.

  • Anonymous

    My initial reply to your comment more like lamenting the introduction of Loeb’s creation as a long time Nova and Nova Corp fan. I feel sad if the only version people are exposed to is the Sam “Loeb” Alexander version.

    It’s not hard to see the exasperation and frustration of long term fans with this Marvel NOW version.

  • totz the plaid

    I’m still annoyed that we’ve heard nothing about Moondragon or Phyla-Vell.

  • Anonymous

    Methinks she should play the future version of Agent Abigail Brand. John C. Reiley needs to be Pip the Troll.