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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Almost Totally Excellent

Mass Produce This Please: FemShep Barbie

The only thing better than this FemShep Barbie, crafted by IntrovertedWife, would be some sort of system by which one could submit the alphanumeric score that represents their Shepard’s appearance, and receive a corresponding representation of them, doll, poster, or otherwise.

But for now, checking out IntrovertedWife’s process will have to do.

First, some clay, molded by dentist tools and baked.

Then several coats of paint,

An expertly sewn jumpsuit (and a quick haircut),

and you’ve got yourself a default FemShep doll.

All ready for the Extended Cut this week! You can see even more photos at IntrovertedWife.

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  • Thomas Walpole

    “The only thing better than this … would be some sort of system by which one could submit the alphanumeric
    score that represents their Shepard’s appearance, and receive a … doll”

    Not perfectly that, but it’s not that far off… Makielab:

  • Sabrina IntWife

    Technically I made her like my favorite FemShep which I usually give the red hair/ blue eye combo. I changed her face around a bit, mostly the eyebrows and lip color which first involved sanding off the original color. That was interesting.

  • Remei Gómez Gracia

    She’s too smiley to be the real FemShep but… It will do! :D
    Great joooob!!

  • Anonymous

    My consumption dream now is a 3D printer I guess. And learning to do 3D.

    I don’t like the head/body proportion of those though.
    The Barbie proportion is a bit better.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty cool! And using a Barbie is interesting IMO :> I really wish I could do stuff like that heh.
    (And my Shep is smiley when Garrus is making a joke, okay u.u)
    Just using Barbie and femShep in the same phrase can potentially bring on fangirl/boy rage though, so out.
    Someone made a custom femShep doll too, using a Obitsu.

    I’m waiting for Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo femShep statue… since I enjoy Shunya Yamashita’s art (even with his T&A poses and same-looking princess faces) and love a sexy/cheesecake
    femShep. But I wish Play Arts Kai added femShep to their ME action figure line =/ Or Bioware made an official one, since they already made a Sheploo. Their figures suck but I think it’d be at least fair to get a femShep.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like a mass produced Femshep, but not a barbie… Maybe a shelf model, like we have for comic book characters.

    Not a bad attempt though for a hoobyist. I’m going to assume that the armour is made out of modelling putty. Its not perfect, but its an above average attempt.

  • Ian Fay

    Am I the only one who hears Jennifer Hale’s voice in their head saying…

    “I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite Barbie Doll”.

    Someone please make this happen.

  • WDHellS OnLineKILLER

    Looks very hot,as the Barbie Doll.
    Need to hunt these automobile out of streets,
    there where fagot taste for fashion attitude.
    But the violence did not hit yet these cursed machines.

  • Lucas Da Costa Dantas

    3D is cool,
    needs lots of hours for training modeling for make proper articulation.
    Then its about to build the resource arts for textures.
    Finally,lots of the software settings,but a good d fast computer
    to production keep up with the thought and experiment.