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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

A Series of Fallopian Tubes

Someone Is Putting Felt Vulvas on Statues, and We’re Not Going to Stop Them

Above is a statue of Edward Cornwallis, the British military officer who founded Halifax, Nova Scotia, where this handsome statue has stood since 1931. Cornwallis is best known for trying to make peace with native tribes while attempting to occupy the territory in 1749, and then failing miserably, engaging in a race war with the Mi’kmaq tribe and putting a bounty on the scalps of their men, women, and children. (To be fair, the tribes were also doing their own scalping.) He later became the governor of Gibralter, probably not by winning the Algonquin vote. Anyway, what you’ll see after the jump is a bigger picture of this glorious statue of Edward Cornwallis with a felt vulva.

And here it is!

No one is sure who did this, but this could become one of the most subtly hilarious works of street art we’ve seen since yarnbombing, which doesn’t even feature genitals and involves a lot more coverage. And the Cornwallis statue is not the only local monument getting the lady-part treatment; another vulva was spotted on a dragon statue by Halifax’s NSCAD University:

So, who is this, um, serial vulva-nater going around Nova Scotia, putting lady genitals on statues? Do we really want to know? Or should we just allow their identity to remain a secret so we can wait in suspense to see who the next historical figure will be to get the felt vulva treatment? I don’t know about you guys, but this is one of those rare cases where I like surprises. I say let the mystery remain, and let the vulva-nater do his or her work.

I really can’t wait to see who else gets a felt vulva, you guys.

(OpenFile Halifax via Mad Art Lab)

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  • Anonymous

    There’s a replica of the Statue of David in the city where I’m moving in 6 weeks. My apartment is very near to the park where it stands, and I’m SORELY tempted to give him one of these.

  • Jodie

     do it.

  • M Carlson

    Vulva-nator. I love it.

  • Eric Stettmeier

    Also, this creates the opportunity for a brand new pick-up line:

    ‘Is your vulva felt? Would you like it to be felt?’

  • Timid Atheist

    Ummmm, that’s a little gross.  I don’t want someone talking about my vulva when trying to ask me out. YMMV.

  • Nichole Filbert

     Agreed. I’d say that’s a joke best left among close friends. And even then, maybe…

  • Shania

    That’s…kinda gross. I approve but still…

  • Lindsay Wright

    Did you seriously just say it was ok for Cornwallis to put a bounty on Aboriginal scalps because scalping was already taking place? Its statements like these that keep racism alive. “Let’s all justify the actions of the white man because he’s the superior being and the Aboriginals were savages!” As a Haligonian, I disapprove.

  • Anonymous

     And post pictures!

  • Jim MacDougall

    Ah Halifax, how I miss you so.  I’d say it’s time for “Cherchez les Art Students” it’s no coincidence that one is near NSCAD. 

    Personally I feel rainbow wigs make everything better but this works.

  • Jon Brewer

    Vulva: It’s a meme where you can be meme and meme what you meme.

  • Meg P. W.

    I’m wondering if the Winston Churchill statue by the downtown library will be next… 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that’s quite what she meant by it . . .

  • Shannon Hardy

    Even the propagation of the idea the aboriginals scalped each other is offensive. This did not happen. This practice was brought to Nova Scotia by Cornwallis. And Cornwallis was never here to make peace with the native population. He was specifically brought here to exterminate them. I’m sure you know all this Lindsay, and my frustration is most certainly not direct at you, I just needed to vent to someone. 

  • Ron Angel

    I would love to see the police psychiatric  report
    when they catch the person doing it ……

  • Anonymous

    Hmm,   I think
     the statues are sticking them on
    themselves and are trying to tell us something.

    Maybe they are upset because another
    statues partner brings them flowers or jewellery

    And when was the last time they were taken
    to a restaurant that doesn’t have a drive thru

    Perhaps they are feeling a little heavy,
    honestly they look fine

    Start by giving them a cuddle and offering
    some chocolate


    It could be any number of things

    And if you don’t know they are not going to
    tell you.