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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Pretty Pretty Princess

Rapunzel, Cinderella, and More Gear Up For Fairy Tale Battle Royale

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Artist イナ (Google Translate tells me that’s “Ina,” but… well, it’s Google Translate) draws fairy tale characters equipped with weapons to defeat their baddies and (one presumes) each other in her series Fairy Tale Battle Royale. I think we all know why Mulan’s not here: She’d win too easily. Hansel and Gretel might prove a challenge, though. Rapunzel not so much. Her hair mace looks awesome, but it’d weigh her down far too much to be of any practical use.


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  • Jayme

    Oh, Little Red Riding Hood, how cute you are.

  • Anonymous

    Is Cinderella holding a Devil Dog in her hand?

  • Anonymous

    Ina is correct. It’s the Katakana translation. The Japanese use three syllabaries: Hirigana, Katakana, & Kanji.

  • Anonymous

    Also, the Alice one reminds me a bit of American McGee’s Alice, except less bloody. I loved that game.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Thank you! Wow. I never would have expected accuracy of Google Translate, but I guess I owe it an apology.

  • Octochan

    Those dwarves are freaking me out. I would not want to go up against this Snow White.

  • Anonymous

    “Rapunzel not so much. Her hair mace looks awesome, but it’d weigh her down far too much to be of any practical use.” Hey now, Rapunzel’s neck & scalp are strong enough to hold a grown woman using it as a ROPE, I think she can handle a morningstar. Also lol applying physics to fairytales :P

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    A hair mace. That is just too cool.

  • Hannele Kormano

    In this case, it’s not so much translating, as transliterating (much easier) – you can look up these characters on Wikipedia. Unlike the kanji that make up most of Japanese, katakana and hiragana have sounds associated with them, rather than concepts.

  • Nikolas Caden Image-Snow

    I find the fact that Little Red Riding Hood is smiling in this picture just a tad bit unnerving.