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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The Mary Sue Exclusive

Exclusive: Elizabeth Olsen Talks to Us About Her Preparations for Playing Scarlet Witch

Last month we wrote that Elizabeth Olsen would definitely be playing Scarlet Witch in The Avengers: Age of Ultron because… well, because Samuel L. Jackson said she was, and he’d know, because he’s in the movie too.

Well now you can consider the rumor super-confirmed, because Olsen’s opened up for the first time about playing the mutant-but-not-called-a-mutant-because-copyright. We even had the chance to ask her about it at the press junket for Spike Lee‘s Oldboy. See what she had to say behind the jump.

It’s still relatively early days for the Avengers sequel—when Jackson broke the news about Scarlet Witch he said he hadn’t even seen the script yet—but Olsen has her preparations well in hand. We asked her about how her approach to her material differs when there’s a character without a lot of background, like who she plays in Oldboy, vs a character like Scarlet Witch where there’s a ton of established canon to build a performance off of:

“I love having source material. I feel like some people.. don’t always feel like they need to have that source material if the story’s already there, but I like it. I’m having a field day right now reading comics. And not even just the comics, but just a whole condensed history of every single thing that ever happens in the comics… And so it’s fun, it’s just fun.”

That’s quite the task, but one she seems excited to take on. She also spoke to MTV about Joss Whedon, saying:

“He’s very smart. He’s too smart. He might be too smart. Some people are too smart for their own good, but he’s amazing.”

All these things people are saying about Whedon are building him up as some sort of script-saving, supervillain ninja.

What do you think about Olsen? I know some of our commenters were concerned when Olsen’s casting as Scarlet Witch was announced, while others liked the news. Either way, it’s 100% confirmed now. No takebacks.

(via: MTV)

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  • Janna

    Maybe she wasn’t even on Whedon’s list of considerations but then Samuel L. Jackson spoke it and made it so.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    She was already in negotiations before Jackson mentioned it:

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what they’re doing with her outfit since they’ve mentioned changing it up. That should be interesting to see.

  • Crystal N

    I can understand why people are put off that she isn’t Roma. I get that for sure. Hopefully we will get over whitewashing casts soon. However, she is a really good actress and she seems to be taking it seriously so that’s good I guess?

  • Anonymous

    While I wouldn’t have minded an actress with more East European lineage, I really like that they got a young actress with great acting credentials. Not just a pretty ingenue/model. I’m actually much happier with Olsen than I was with Ronan. And the way she seems willing to immerse herself in the comics lore is very very promising. I hate it when you get the feeling they are just in it for the pay check and feel like they’re debasing their ‘Art’.
    Thankfully great thespians like Stewart, McKellan and Hiddlestone have led the way, showing you can do Shakespear and superheroes with equal zeal. And have fun too!

  • Pepper

    As much as I dislike Remender’s Uncanny Avengers, I really did like Wanda’s new dress-coat outfit.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing something like that for her in the MCU, but maybe without the plunging neckline.

  • John W

    Can. Not. Wait.

  • Anonymous

    Remender’s Uncanny Avengers, like most things he writes, has been great.

  • Janna

    Samuel L. Jackson could have altered time.

  • Anonymous

    Way too late for a casting change, but I would have gone a little less white. There’s this popular show in Spain called “El Barco” It’s “Lost” with a bunch of impossibly good-looking co-eds. Anyway two of the stars, Mario Casas and Marina Salas would have been a great Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

    Mario Casas:

    Marina Salas:

  • Michael Singer

    Watch Martha Marcy May Marlene, it’s fantastic and Olsen is fantastic in it.

  • Michael Singer

    I LOVE her Uncanny Avengers costume, especially when Coipel draws. In fact, it’s my favorite Scarlet Witch costume ever.

  • Michael Singer

    He’s Samuel L. Jackson, his superpower is being awesome. None can escape his awesome power of being awesome.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    i hope they keep the tiara as part of the costume ^^

  • Thomas Hayes

    I hope she doesn’t read Ultimates 3.