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Allow us to explain.

The Mary Sue Exclusive

The Mary Sue Exclusive Preview: Wonder Woman #23.1: The Cheetah

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DC Comics’ Villains Month continues with the Amazon Princess! They’ve given us an exclusive preview of the Wonder Woman issue focusing on Cheetah, which also gives series regulars Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang a rest.

The Cheetah has clawed her way out of Belle Reve, and is hungry for blood—but before she steps up as one of the Secret Society’s most powerful generals, she has a personal score to settle! Learn the truth about the cult of Hippolyta, her vendetta against Wonder Woman, and just how far she’ll go to prove that she’s the most dangerous predator on Earth!

Written by: John Ostrander
Art by: Victor Ibanez Ramirez
Cover by: Victor Ibanez Ramirez
Color/B&W: Color
Page Count: 32
U.S. Price: 3.99
On Sale Date: Sep 18 2013

The cover is slightly different than the one previously posted on DC’s site which shows how these villains covers are being layered.

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  • Thomas Hayes

    I believe that last preview page is a perfect candidate for the “That escalated quickly” meme.

  • Jeyl

    Shouldn’t Wonder Woman be telling Barbara that the Amazons were a man-hating, child slavery endorsing cult who slept with men, murdered them and sold their male children off for weapons and armor? And isn’t she partly a god since she’s now the daughter of Zeus more than she is the daughter of Hippolyte? And above all else, shouldn’t she be labeled “Superman’s current lover”?

  • Alexa

    But hey at least she’s more relatable, since she wasn’t born from clay…Or something, I still don’t understand the logic of this change origin. : P

  • Lindsey Stock

    These 3D covers have really been tempting me to not drop DC completely just yet, as I’m easily taken in by such gimmicks and I’ll spend twice as much money for the super-special-edition DVD with the shiny and/or 3D case. But then I remember they way they treat creators and all their PR fiascoes and I can’t justify to myself giving them money just because of some awesome looking cover art. It’s actually a pretty rare demonstration of self-restraint on my part, lol.

  • Thomas Hayes

    You like the 3D covers? I only own one, but to me I thought it was interesting for about 10 seconds and then forgot about it. Anything in the backgrounds doesn’t look 3D at all.

  • Thomas Hayes

    I’ve never read a Wonder Woman comic but that particular change in the Amazons’ history really put me off even trying this current one. I don’t see how that’s an improvement over the peaceful Amazons of pre-reboot continuity.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why the new 52 Amazons would hold Artemis in such low regard.

  • Rob Buckley

    The flashback is set before Diana knows any of that – as far as she’s concerned, she’s made from clay and the Amazons are perfectly lovely.

  • Rob Buckley

    She’s not saying they dislike Artemis – she’s just saying they’re not devotees of Artemis and worship her as they worship all the other gods and goddesses

  • Anonymous

    It’s not. It’s one of the biggest steps backward in modern comics.

    But then again it’s DC, who published Oracle being reverted back to Batgirl, one of the most discriminatory comics ever dreamed up, so there you go.

  • Anonymous

    Because she’s a major Wonder Woman supporting character retconned into never existing in the reboot.

  • Anonymous

    It’s illogical.

  • Lindsey Stock

    I’m sure if I actually bought one the novelty would be over fairly quickly and then I would regret spending money on it. But they do look pretty cool on the rack in the comic store.

  • Anonymous

    So, Barbara Minerva isn’t British anymore? So, I can’t imagine her sounding like Claudia Black anymore?? Damn you, NU 52!!!

  • Anonymous

    She will always sound like Claudia Black to me. Y’know, even though Claudia Black isn’t British and doesn’t sound British.

  • Anonymous

    Nope, she’s not, but did a pretty kick ass British sounding Cheetah in JL Doom. For me, it’s her voice I heard when I’ve read Cheetah in anything ever since. Whatever, I’ll just imagine that this (stupid) magical God killing knife that made her the Cheetah also made her sound British. Like when Madonna lived in England…

  • Jeyl

    And as far as Brian is concerned, I’m sure he would like all of Wonder Woman’s stories had her clay origin be a lie.

  • Anonymous

    Diana’s reaction comes off very dismissive of both Barbara & Artemis.

  • Theo

    If you never read a Wonder Woman comic then how can you possibly understand the “change”

    Long story short the 52 Amazons are very much like the all previous versions

  • Theo

    I disagree. Its a big step forward. It a big reveal and makes Wonder Woman way more interesting then before

  • Theo

    Its very easy to understand if you read the comics

    short version; Hippolyta had a relationship with Zeus the result of that relationship was Wonder Woman. Hippolyta new that Hera, Zeus wife, would be extremely upset so she and a few of her most trusted Amazons MADE UP the Clay birth origin to protect Wonder Woman and the Amazons from Hera wrath.

    Hera found out and did exactly what hippolyta was afraid of…..
    However, Wonder Woman was old enough to defend herself.

    Now Wonder Woman has to deal with her extended family which opens the door to a lot of GREAT stories.

    Thats the Logic behind it.

  • Theo

    You may not like it but its hardly illogical. Wonder Woman is a much better comic because of it.

    Whats the point of having perfect Amazons and a perfect hero Wonder Woman?…. thats boring

  • Theo

    What makes you think they hold her in low regard?

  • Theo

    Wow…. sounds like a a lot of DRAMA in wonder womans life….. Wait I am pretty sure great stories depend on a lot of drama.(sarcasm off)

    What is the point of having a perfect hero with perfect Amazons with perfect little stories. LOL

    Brian Azzarello’s Version is great.

  • Theo

    It was a lie…..and it is a lie…..and rightfully so!

    The clay origin never bothered me but this revelation is MUCH better than the boring….”I was made from clay” crap LOL

  • Rob Buckley

    I think she’s dismissive of the ideas that Barbara has, not of Barbara herself – she does call Barbara a friend a couple of panels earlier.

    My reading is that it’s supposed to work on two levels: one, it’s highlighting that Diana’s own knowledge is imperfect (I don’t know if it’s significant that it’s Minerva and Diana having this discussion involving knowledge and the hunt, but it might be). We know that Diana is actually a demi-goddess/goddess (DC terminology is inconsistent) so Diana is partly falsely correcting her, so it’s a joke for the reader.

    Secondly, it’s saying “this is the new 52, so forget what you know from previous volumes.” In all previous volumes, the Amazons were more than just mortal women, so Diana is correcting both Barbara and the reader who thinks they still might be. The Artemis thing is a little weirder, since in Volume 1, the Amazons were largely devotees, certainly creations of Aphrodite and in Volumes 2-3 they were created by a group of goddesses, one of whom was Artemis, but not by Artemis in particular.

    Even in myth (let’s assume Barbara hasn’t been reading Wonder Woman comics for her information), which is what the new 52 is at least supposed to be truer to (it’s not true to, but it’s certainly truer to), the Amazons were devotees and in some cases daughters of Ares, so there’d be no reason at all to suspect a race of warrior women to be devotees of Artemis (goddess of the hunt, animal husbandry, childbirth, young girls et al) in particular.

    So I think Diana just thinks that’s amusing in a “Artemis? Where on Earth did you get that idea from? The Internet? Why not Dionysus while you’re at it?” sort of way.

    PS I don’t think it helps, though, that the artwork makes Diana look crueler than her words suggest.

  • Thomas Hayes

    Because I watched Justice League, the 2009 animated film and Superman/Batman Apocalypse. I know enough about it to know that they’re NOT like the previous versions, and it’s enough to dissuade me.

  • Theo

    Great start! Now watch the 2013 flashpoint paradox and hopefully you will begin to understand the connection

    Also the Amazons in the 2009 Wonder Woman movie and the Superman/Batman movie are not even different from the current versions. Seriously the only real difference is that Hippolyta now has blond hair and it was revealed that Diana did not come from Clay.

    It was not a “change” Hippolyta was simply keeping the truth away from her Amazons.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Is this Cheetah’s first appearance in the new 52?

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    I can’t help but wonder if this is a subtle jab at old fans for whom this was cannon though. ^^;

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Yeah~ They are at any moment ready to team up with al quida, jump on their giant bees and fly to america where they shall kill all the mens because the mens are evulz~!

    Actually being more familiar with the older material, I always felt that they were more like extreme isolationists who distrust if not outright hate outsiders and want nothing to do with the world beyond their tiny island.

  • Thomas Hayes

    Bees. My God.

  • Theo

    Sarcasm aside you are in general correct.

  • Nuuni Nuunani
    Pffft, that meme sure gets around. XD

  • Theo

    They dont ride Giant Bees that was sarcasm

  • Rob Buckley

    She was in Justice League #13 and 14 IIRC

  • Rob Buckley

    Artemis (the Amazon) was originally part of the Egyptian group of Amazons in volumes 2 and 3 so there’d be no reason for her to be with the Paradise Island Amazons initially

  • Thomas Hayes

    I know that. I’ve watched Linkara’s video on the series.

  • Alexa

    I meant the logic of changing it. It kind of makes her just like Hercules, but you know sans testosterone. And in other words kind of boring. And Wonder Woman wasn’t always perfect because before the change to the origin, she still made mistakes like everyone else. And really the point of the character, before the change, was that she had to keep her values given to her from Amazonian heritage, which is one of peace in harmony, as she is dealing with a world that most of the time is anything but peaceful and harmonic. And that to can make for great stories. And she could still deal with the gods in those stories as well, just for different reasons. Really just read the Gail Simone run, she made Wonder Woman work before the change. Happy that you like the change, but I still think it kind of stupid and unnecessary, and as I said makes the character kind of interesting.

  • Theo

    Well its plenty logical to me.

    All you have to do is read the first few books
    of Brian Azz Wonder Woman and you will realize she is nothing like a female
    Hercules. Her powers are not even the same as his

    Zeus had many many many many children and Wonder
    Woman has just found out she is one of them after believing all her life she
    was made out of clay. COME ON NOW THAT’S DRAMA. I find that so interesting. Seriously,
    Wonder Woman being sculpted by clay really dehumanizes the character and serves
    absolutely no dramatic purpose. Making her realizes that she was the daughter
    of Zeus and not some magically enhanced ball of clay from a mystical cave gives
    the character more meaning. It was a logical, sensible, safe choice with meaning

    Amazons NEVER had a heritage of “peace and
    harmony” outside of their own culture. They simply established an all-female
    colony to get away from male dominance and abuse. That’s why they isolated
    themselves from man’s world. Simply put they did not go out of their way to
    establish peace. Brian Azz Wonder Woman clarifies
    this fact since so many people are confused about who the amazons are. It was a
    logical and necessary step and of course brings loads of drama and future story

    Gail Simones Wonder Woman worked and so does
    Brian Azz’s the two do not cancel each other out. They complement each other.

    I pretty much like all Wonder Woman comics some more than
    others. I rarely resist change unless they change the character at the fundamental
    level which they certainly have not

  • Alexa

    I don’t know it just sounds pretty boring none-the-less since they took what made her unique and made her like every other Greek Hero. And how does making her the daughter of god and an immortal Amazonian Queen make her more human then being made out of clay. And really I think it kind of lazy writing that you have to change her background in order to create drama, as oppose to work with what you have. That’s why I mention Simone’s run because she made that origin work, since she decided to work with what she had and created great stories. And saying that the Amazon’s never had a heritage of peace is just silly, since the whole point of Wonder Woman’s reasoning of entering “man’s world”, whether from the beginning, or during Perez’s run, was so she could communicate the peace of her people to the outside world. And of course they say that wasn’t the intent of the Amazons because this a different dimension, perpetuated by the story Flashpoint (another point of lazy writing), and that’s why they’re different from before. In other words I don’t accept this Wonder Woman, because I thought Flashpoint was bullshit. And there was no point in changing her origin besides the fact that they’re kind of lazy at DC. That is all…

  • frodobatmanvader

    That picture of Wonder Woman laughing is SO going to be made into a macro.

  • frodobatmanvader

    I can just see that one panel turning into a meme.

  • frodobatmanvader

    Not if you look at it this way: Hyppolota was SO SICK of men’s bullshit that, instead of finding someone to father her child, she decided to have a baby girl ON HER OWN TERMS, her own way.

    If that doesn’t say “Suck it, Patriarchy,” I don’t know what does.

  • frodobatmanvader

    They still could have kept the clay origin (which is not unlike Athena’s “sprang fully-formed from Zeus’ head” origin), and included the family connection to the gods by being even TRUER to Greek mythology: in Greek mythology, Ares is Hyppolyta’s *father*, making him Diana’s grandfather, and Zeus her great-grandfather.

    This in turn would not only make Diana more interesting, but *Hyppolyta*, too! Anyone who’s felt powerless watching their parent fight with a grandparent can see how much dramatic potential that can have.

    Plus, it would make Diana more representative of the “change is good” philosophy she personifies in the Greek Cosmos.

  • Rob Buckley

    To be fair, he wasn’t the first. Issue #105 of Volume 1 also showed that Diana had a father (later revealed to be Prince Thano) and that she’d never been made from clay…

  • Theo

    It makes her more human because she is born out of a loving bond and not simply put together because Hippolyta wanted it so. Now people can relate to the character. Thats my opinion

    Her background has NOT changed. That’s the point. It’s a revelation to her. It’s not like they simply erased the clay origin. Wonder Woman grew up all her life believing she came from clay. She was even teased about it in Brian Azz’s book.

    What exactly do you think gail simone did to “make it work”?

    ALSO, YOU SAID “Wonder Woman’s reasoning to enter man’s world from the beginning was so she could communicate the peace of her people to the outside world”

    PLEASE GO REREAD Perez run. Issue #1 and#2 Wonder Woman came to man’s world with the sole purpose of stopping ARES from taking over the
    world and becoming the most powerful Olympian. PERIOD. She was told to by ATHENA to go…. ATHENA made NO mention of entering man’s world to establish peace between Amazons and Man’s world.

    This common misconception about Wonder Woman comics is perpetuated over and over again. She did not go to man’s world with the specific purpose to establish peace with MEN or mans world. And Amazons dont have a heritage based on peace with other none Amazonian nations

    I think you need to reread perez run again because you are misunderstanding what he wrote. Or maybe you read it a long time ago and forgot.

    Brian Azz did not change much at all.

  • Anonymous

    That is incorrect. The Nu52 Amazons are villains who have been committing mass murder for thousands of years in incredibly cowardly ways, then selling babies into slavery (with infanticide implied as what they would do if slavery was not an option).

    They are virtually unrecognizable from previous versions.

  • Theo

    and yet after 70 years of comics only like 3 comics used the clay origin as a plot

    One such story was about how Clayface Batmans enemy some how absorbed Wonder Woman or something like that because she was made out of clay. LAME

    being born from clay adds no VALUE. people are simply resisting change.

  • Anonymous

    You claim to have read all Wonder Woman comics since 1985, yet claim the Amazons were “perfect” prior to this? Not many perfect people have a civil war.

    And Wonder Woman’s personality and moral character is unchanged by the decision to rewrite her origin to make her She-Hercules. She’s as “perfect” as she was before.

  • Anonymous

    “It makes her more human”? She’s a demigod.

    “People can relate to her more”? She’s a demigod. I don’t relate to Superman, I don’t relate to Batman, I didn’t relate to Wonder Woman before, and I don’t relate to her now.

    Simone vastly improved upon Wonder Woman’s origin by expanding upon Hippolyta’s role. The Queen of The Amazons wanted a child descended into the underworld and fought an immortal monster with a hundred hands.

    Brian Azzarello turned the Amazons (who are the core of the book’s supporting cast) into the most evil civilization on the planet and gave Wonder Woman literally the most derivative origin in human history (“my dad is a god”). No writer on the book has changed more, including Perez himself.

  • Theo

    Yes Hippolyta stole some magic clay from a cave monster to “make” Diana. The monster got angry because Hippolyta did not ask for it and wanted the clay back Diana was not about to go along with that so she killed it. THE END. gee How profound.

    Look you have 70 years of clay origin to read from. I suggest you simply drop the comic. We have enough people enjoying Brian Azz run. LOL

    Amazons are the most evil civilization on the plant and Brian Azz’s made them that way?….

    Dude have you even read AMAZONS attacks when the Amazons murder thousand of thousands of people? men women and children? this was years before Brian Azz.

  • Theo

    please Go read Amazon Attacks.

    Then go read Perez run and find the Bana Migdol Amazons who did the same exact thing and where merged with Theymiscara Amazons on paradise island.

  • Jeyl

    More drama this, more drama that. You do realize all of this came at the expense of not only every single Amazon character from the DC Universe, but also Hippolyte as well. I think the number one thing that people don’t get about Wonder Woman’s origins is that it’s not really about Wonder Woman at all. It’s about her mother Hippolyte and the rest of the Amazons. And since one of the directions of New 52 is “No one has happy lives”, we can’t have any parents or loved ones having any positive impact on our heroes.

    Take Gail Simone’s Wonder Woman for instance. When she was born into the world, Hippolyte presented her to her Amazon sisters not only their princess, but also their daughter as well. It took me a while to figure out why that last part had relevance because how could they all be her mother? Than I got it. The clay. The clay came from the island that the Amazons turned into their home and paradise. All of their combined work helped make this happen. It was genuine moment of joy for the Amazons that was tangible.

    Now take the new Hippolyte’s story where she explains to Diana the reason behind her conception. Five pages of Hippolyte talking about how awesome the sex was between her and Zeus. Five whole freaking pages until we cut back to the present where Hippolyte’s “But I do love you!” confession comes only in the form of one dialogue bubble. When she spends more time talking about the sex than about raising Diana, I think we can conclude that the New 52 Wonder Woman was an “accident”.

    I was hoping that maybe Issue #0 would let us see more moments between Diana and her mother, but nope. It’s just a whole issue dedicated to Ares teaching Wonder Woman how his way of combat is SO MUCH BETTER than the Amazon’s ways.

    Oh, one other thing. Being the secret daughter of Zeus is Wonder Girl’s origin story, her sidekick. And the original Wonder Woman didn’t need to be a demigod in order to deal with the likes of the Greek Gods, nor should she be related to Zeus’ kids in order to have any sense of connection or compassion.

  • Theo

    You lost me when you said Wonder Woman’s origin is all about Hippolyta and the other Amazons.

    Wonder Woman’s 70 year history barely touches on anything about the amazons or repercussions of Diana’s clay origin.

  • Jeyl

    Being born from clay adds no VALUE you say? Question, to whom’s value are you referring to? Wonder Woman herself? As I mentioned to you earlier, Wonder Woman’s clay origin isn’t so much about her, but about her mother Hippolyte. Some make the case that being born from clay does add value to her character because clay is a natural product. A product that comes from the island of Themyscira, the Amazons’ home. Her upbringing and training in ways of the Amazons helped shape who she is as a character. Strength, dedication and thanks to her birth, love. She gave Hippolyte and the other Amazons something they thought they would never experience in their existence, and almost all the Amazons were (some not so much) were thankful for Diana’s existence.

    Take that away, you’re essentially removing the “Amazon” out of the equation, focusing instead on the gods with whom she’s related to. And since Hippolyte has blonde hair instead of dark hair, well, that was just an attempt to tie her more towards Zeus, since she is now called “Daughter of Zeus” amongst other things (Superman’s Current Lover).

  • frodobatmanvader

    No value, huh? Ok, let’s see…

    Character-wise, the value that the “Clay Birth” adds gives VOLUMES to Hyppolyta, and also her relationship with Diana. Look at it this way: Hyppolyta having a daughter without *any* aid from a man is a HUGE DEAL. As egotistical as they are, it would not be a huge stretch to imagine the gods, Zeus or Ares especially, to be VERY affronted by this abomination. But she wanted to have a daughter on her own terms, and cutting out that pernicious “male influence” was Hyppolyta’s gift to her daughter.

    …which then makes it very ironic that, as soon as Steve Trevor shows up, Diana wants to explore Man’s World.

    The rift this could create between the two can’t overstated, and sadly has *still* not been adequately explored. Furthermore, the fact that the sculpture came to life when it was *struck by lightning* is a plot-point that can be galvanized. Did Zeus himself “bless” the birth, essentially conceiving Diana with his element, thereby trying to claim Diana as his own? Or did someone, like Hera perhaps, steal control of Zeus’ power temporarily, setting up the ultimate “Screw you”?

    The problem with Diana simply being the daughter of Zeus, just like Hercules or Perseus or bajillion others, is that it (1) diminishes Hyppolyta, both nerfing her incredible willpower and by making the show about Zeus (again); and (2) it pits women against women, because now Hera, the most put-upon wife in ALL of mythology, has ONE MORE offspring from her husband’s infidelity to deal with, unfairly making her the bad guy, AGAIN, while her ASS husband gets to be all “I’m so proud of you, my daughter” with the hero.

    Coupled with the “Amazons are crazy she-bitches” plot-point later on, it turns a female-centric story into yet another male-centric one, where all these crazy women can’t get by without help from a man.

    On the other hand, the clay origin (plus Diana’s status as Zeus’ great-granddaughter, if you’re honoring that bit of mythology) potentially sets up ZEUS to be the all-powerful big bad, angry that a nation of women would be so sanctimonious as to cut out men (and, by extension, him) from the birth of this great hero. Meanwhile, Hera can enjoy the role-reversal that her husband’s jealousy creates. And most importantly our hero, Diana, whose only part in this was to be born, is the one that has to deal with it. *Cue a pantheon of gods following Zeus’ orders*

    …Nope. No value. None whatsoever.

    Additionally, outside of character motivation, an important value that it gives Diana is UNIQUENESS. Both Batman’s and Superman’s origins are iconic, especially since they aren’t famous copies of others’, either within comics or without. Even if the superhero is an alien from another planet, none of them have the same exact circumstances as Superman. And even if someone loses loved ones, it’s not in the way that Batman did. Even with all the spoofs and copies that have followed, Batman and Superman have iconic, singular origin stories.

    Oh, but Wonder Woman? She was born from Zeus (Yawn).

    True, this origin story may be unique among superheroes, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a dime-a-dozen amongst Greek theology. It’s bland. TONS of Greek demigods and superheroes can claim godly parentage. But being made from a clay sculpture as a woman’s gift to the world, without any aid or influence from a man?

    Only one person can claim that, and she’s a Wonder Woman.

  • frodobatmanvader

    People complained about Amazons Attack! just as much then as we’re complaining about Azzarello now.

    The biggest problem in any depiction of the Amazons is not if they’re evil or peaceful; it’s that they’re always portrayed homogeneously. If that’s the case then, well, “homogeneously good” is better than “homogeneously PMS-y”.

  • Alexa

    I believe along with defeating Ares, she was also tasked to being an Ambassador of Peace for man’s world.

  • Alexa

    For you maybe, but not so much with people that didn’t want nor need what seemed like a completely unnecessary mandate for a total overhaul of continuity by DC,in which case not only did Wonder Women get screwed with, but a majority of other great characters. Glad you like the new origin, me not so much, is all I can say.

  • Theo

    Oh please will you listen to yourself?
    Wonder Womans’s Clay origin is not about herself its about Hippolyta?…. We are taking about Wonder Woman not Hippolyta!…. This is a wonder woman comic.
    Not a Hippolyta comic. Hippolyta is barely even seen in Wonder Woman comics over 70 years.

    Removing the Amazon out of the question? Are you serious? Having Hippolyta be her real BIOLOGICAL mother from a love based relationship, the first loving Amazon relationship between a man and a woman, in 100’s of years is way better than her scrapping some magical clay from a monsters cave and raising “IT” as her daughter yuck!

    Remember, with the clay origin Wonder Woman has no biological MOTHER OR FATHER!

    Oh wait, Gail Simon changed it so now the clay comes from the magical Clay monsters cave. So for all intents
    and purposes, They Monster is Diana’s biological father rather than Zeus (FACEPALM)

    Some make the case that magic Clay is a natural product? More natural than SPERM AND EGG? I rest my case there.

    What makes you think The amazons loved
    Diana any less or her birth had less impact on them because she is now Hippolyta’s biological daughter rather than clay? REMEMBER in Brian Azz’s
    version ALL the amazons thought Diana was made from clay anyway so your point is MOOT

    So,what is stopping all the other amazons from running into the cave scrapping some magic goo and creating a daughter for themselves? They can make a sport of

  • Theo

    Hyppolyta having a daughter without *any* aid from a man is a HUGE DEAL???

    Nice essay but let me point something out to you that you probably missed since your whole essay is about how great it is that Diana has no father and Hippolyta did it herself.

    In the original Clay origin Wonder Woman actually has no biological mother or father. Hippolyta is NOT Diana’s mother. Hippolyta simply raised her she did not give birth to her.

    Now remember, Gail Simone expanded on this so now we realize in Wonder Woman Volume 3 issue #38, Diana’s Biological father is COTTUS the magical dark slimy monster who lived under Theymiscara. So in the end according to gail simone Wonder Woman STILL has NO mother…. BUT she has and always has had a biological father COTTUS!…. yes the dark slimy monster living under Theymisciara.

    NOW….do you really want COTTUS as Diana’s Biological father and Hippolyta her foster mother?

    Because make no mistake. That’s how it was before Brian Azz changed.

    Now please redo your essay with that in mind.

  • Theo


  • Theo

    I believe along with defeating Ares, she was also tasked to being an Ambassador of Peace for man’s world??

    You can Believe all you want BUT there is NOTHING suggesting that she was “TASKED” to being an Ambassador of peace for mans world.

    Tasked by who?

  • Theo

    So? people complaining does not take back the fact it happened. People are always going to complain about something.

    Fact of the matter is Brian Azz Wonder Woman is currently one of the best rated comic with higher sales compared with previous versions.

  • Theo


  • Theo

    LOL I mean no offense but you are TOTALLY ignorant of the situation in Wonder Woman comics before Brian Azz Changed it.

    Gail Simone ALREADY CHANGED THE ORIGIN…back in 2010 and made Cottus Wonder Womans father. in Wonder Woman Volume 3 #38

    COTTUS is the beast that lives under Theymisciara

    so dont act like Brian Azz changed some precious thing about Wonder Womans origin. Blame it on Gail Simone


  • Theo

    Yes these are nice opinions. Clay origin can have drama. no doubt about that. But for the last 70 years of Wonder Woman comics nobody has really explored the clay origin its an almost meaningless event which nobody really understands unless they are diehard Wonder Woman fans that will actually go back and read her whole complicated origin.

    Comics by their nature change writers often. A simple and clear origin leads to stories that make more sense.

    pretty much every superhero has a well understood origin accept WONDER WOMAN


    Perez version was REALLY complicated.


    Gale Simone changed it to makes Wonder Womans father COTTUS some multi handed beast in some cave

    Fast forward to Brian AZZ,

    Zeus is Wonder Womans father.

    The clay complex clay origins tie into Brian Azz version because Hippolyta (in the current continuity) basically made up the origins in an effort to Protect Diana and the Amazons from Hera’s WRATH. Thus Zeus is the father.

    Thats it. You dont have to like it. Some dont but most either LIKE it or dont even know enough about Wonder Womans original origin to even care. But al and all it makes complete sense

    If you go back to Perez origin it is WAY to confusing. and he also NEVER expanded on it.

    It is what it is…. Brian Azz did not simply change it on a whim he has taken all this into account and made some GREAT Wonder Woman stories in the process. The first 23 issues are directly tied into her parantage and origin. Perez never accomplished anything as engaging as what Brian Azz has done. Thats my view take it or leave it.

  • frodobatmanvader

    Though I disagree with your conclusion, I’ll gladly accept your opinion on the matter nonetheless. You have been more than patient with my epic, essay-length responses and I think we can both agree that it’s good to associate with others who challenge our view on things.

    With all sincerity, I’m glad to hear that you are unequivocally enjoying Azzarello’s run, even if I just can’t bring myself to do the same. This helps me remember that, truth be told, even though I’m going around yelling “sexist! sexist!”, a Wonder Woman comic that is growing in popularity, critically-acclaimed, and consistently selling gangbusters can only be a GOOD thing for the character in the long run. Like you said, she has 70 years of history behind her for writers to draw from, and its about time she gets the respect she deserves.

    Thank you again for standing by your opinions. Hope to see you around. :)

  • Leandro Arteaga Vega

    Oh no please don’t use amazon attack as reference. It was the worst depiction of the Amazons and the Bana tribe was a way to show how the amazon could has been but were not.

  • Leandro Arteaga Vega

    It made her pretty generic there’s a lot of Demi gods around. The previous origin made her different.

  • Theo

    Amazon Attacks was a legit comic approved by DC comics. It was completely canon. Just because it was not very well liked does not mean it can not be used in a debate. people can not cherry pick

  • Theo

    For your information With the Clay origin she is still a Demi god or GOD

    the difference is that she was made from clay rather than being born naturally from her adoptive mother Hippolyta. Infact with the clay origin Wonder Woman has no biological parents at all…. that fact makes her origin VERY confusing and overly complicated.

    virtually all popular comic book characters worthy of a movie have VERY simple origins. These origins for the most part explain how a superhero has or gets powers

    They can be broken down into;

    Experiments or accidents
    Tragic event
    Beings from another world
    Self made powers

    Wonder Womans clay origin is WAY too confusing and adds no VALUE to future stories about the character.

    I bet you can not name one Wonder Woman story that referenced her clay origin in any meaningful way.