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Dreamworks Animation is Proud of Having an 85% Female Group of Producers

The Hollywoord Reporter has a short article up online today (originally appearing in the magazine’s December issue), which reveals that Dreamworks Animation may be the only big Hollywood company out there to have more women in significant positions of power than men. Which makes some amount of sense for the company that backed the only big-budget animated film in history so far to be directed by a lone woman, Jennifer Yuh Nelson‘s Kung Fu Panda 2.

Of the five people in the company’s “top-tier management,” three are women: COO Ann Daly, chief accounting officer Heather O’Connor and worldwide marketing chief Anne Globe. Founder and CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg says their pool of producers is a staggering 85% female (including those producers involved with Madagascar and Rise of the Guardians) and says he “couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, DreamWorks Animation usually ranks high on Fortune‘s list of best companies to work for, and according to Anne Globe, at least, that’s part of why the company can attract so many women: “You can have a life and still work here. [Jeffrey Katzenberg] understands how important it is to be flexible.”

I hear this description a lot in discussions about how companies should change to bring more women into the fold, and don’t always seen it accompanied with what I feel is an important point. Ideally, we’d live in a society where being especially “flexible” wasn’t a quality associated with attracting female employees, but equally attractive to men and women. And that’d be because we’d no longer have the idea drummed into our heads that men shouldn’t be overly concerned about leaving time in their career for family (even though many are), but that it is vitally important for women to figure out whether their career will leave sufficient time for motherhood. The especially “flexible” company environment is a stopgap reaction to society’s unequal expectations more than it is a concession to the unemployability of women.

(via THR.)

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  • Ted Van Duyn

    Nice article, but why a picture of Astrid from “How to Train your Dragon”? She wasn’t really much of…. well, anything in the movie except being the token love interest. Even though the film tries to portray her as one of the toughest characters around, the story takes her in a different direction by literally reducing her to a spectator in the last fight who’s only screen presence was to Fret over her boyfriend.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, but she was the most kickbutt recent Dreamworks female character I could think of. Never seen any of the Madagascar or Kung Fu Panda movies, although I hear that Angelina Jolie’s tiger character is cool?

  • Christa Van

    Oh Tigress is totally kick-ass, you should watch all the Kung Fu Panda movies. She’s a very strong, complex character! Kung Fu Panda= Baby’s First Kung Fu movie.
    The last paragraph of this article is meaty, and I should probably read more academic-type stuff on it.

  • Anonymous

    I was so surprised by both Kung Fu Panda movies. They were genuinely awesome. Tigress was great but I also like that she wasn’t they only female character in the group of warriors. No Smurfette principle! Definitly recommended.

  • Christa Van

    Viper (which is interesting in that it’s not “Vipress”, eh) is the more traditional “chick”– kind, considerate, a unifying force; whereas Tigress is tougher, aggressive, brooding– the leader of the group. I could fit everyone into the Five Man Band Trope, but tvtropes has already done that :D