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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Pretty Pretty Princess

Disney Ladies Turned Into Badass Jedi, Sith, & Other Star Wars Variations

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We’ve seen some pretty great Disney/Star Wars mashups in our time and Ralph Sevelius’ latest is no exception. When he started the series, Sevelius admitted, “there has been so many reiterations of the Princesses” but that he really wanted to try his own. They’ve been so popular, they’ve already inspired some cosplay. Check out the gallery for all the fun!

You can find more of Sevelius’ work on his blog and DeviantArt page. The cosplayer photo is from Amanda Goodbread with photography credit to Epbot.

(via Chocolate and Cream Cake)

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  • Anonymous

    These are the most best ever.

  • athenia45

    That cosplay group is AMAZING!

  • Anonymous

    To bad they didn’t have Merida as a Stormtrooper…who could actually hit something.

  • Anonymous

    So Mulan & Jasmine are both Leia but they have to share Aurora as Han?

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Snow White on the Dark Side? Delicious irony.

  • Anonymous

    there is also this *small* collection on deviantart too
    star wars/BSG/Mass Effect princesses

  • Robert Paske

    Sleeping Beauty in Carbonite is a perfect fit, a couple of the others seem a little random, though.

  • CookieBun

    I love the Rapunzel one! It’s nice to see her short hair design (even with the long hair lightsaber thing.) I know Rapunzel’s thing is her long, long hair but it’s like the majority of the world… including Disney are in denial about her haircut.

  • Ashley James

    Disney has given such good memories in my childhood. But these people ruin it:

  • Penny Dreadful

    Aurora looks a teeeeeny bit like a sex doll with that expression on her face. But the rest of these are SO cool.

  • Amanda LaPergola