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DC Comics Announces Second Wave Of Relaunch Books With Good And Bad News

DC Comics overhauled their entire line of comic books when they relaunched with the New 52 in September of 2011. There were 52 titles, some old, some new, and a few familiar faces were missing from the lineup. Well today, DC has announced a “second wave” of titles to join the ranks but they’ve also cancelled several titles as well. Hit the jump to find out which titles made the cut, which have been added and how many female characters and creators are involved. 

Bad news first? There are six titles being cancelled so there will still be 52 ongoing titles once all is said and done. Blackhawks, Hawk and Dove, Men of War, Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C. and Static Shock are all no more as of April. They will have had eight issue runs each. Unfortunately that means DC is now down three minority character titles. Although DC Entertainment Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras said, “Many of the characters from our canceled books will appear in DC Comics-The New 52 titles, and in some very surprising ways. We’re developing stories that reach from cultures around the globe to parallel worlds. We’re just getting started.”

Here are the titles that will be replacing them:

  • Batman Incorporated – Writer: Grant Morrison. Artist: Chris Burnham. The acclaimed ongoing writer of Action Comics, Grant Morrison, presents a fresh take on Batman Incorporated, in which the Batman brand is franchised globally in preparation for a major international threat.
  • Earth 2 – Writer: James Robinson. Artist: Nicola Scott. The greatest heroes on a parallel Earth, the Justice Society combats threats that will set them on a collision course with other worlds.
  • Worlds’ Finest – Writer: Paul Levitz. Artists: George Perez and Kevin Maguire. Stranded on our world from a parallel reality, Huntress and Power Girl struggle to find their way back to Earth 2. Perez and Maguire will be the artists on alternating story arcs.
  • Dial H – Writer: China Miéville. Artist: Mateus Santoluoco. The first ongoing series from acclaimed novelist China Miéville, this is a bold new take on a cult classic concept about the psychological effects on an everyman who accidentally gains powers to become a hero.
  • G.I. Combat – Writer: J.T. Krul. Artist: Ariel Olivetti. Featuring the return of a classic DC Comics series, The War That Time Forgot, along with rotating back-up stories and creative teams – including The Unknown Soldier, with writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Dan Panosian; and The Haunted Tank, with writer John Arcudi and artist Scott Kolins.
  • The Ravagers – Writer: Howard Mackie. Artist: Ian Churchill. Spinning off from Teen Titans and Superboy, this series finds four superpowered teens on the run and fighting against the organization that wants to turn them into supervillains.

We notice of course that only one female creator is added to the lineup, the already announced Scott. But we’re of course happy to see Huntress and Power Girl returning to the main roster with their own book (though we’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Huntress mini-series by Levitz and Marcus To). We’ll also finally be seeing heroes from parallel Earths which up until this point has been avoided.

And then of course, we have more Batman. Now, as a Batman lover, I can never get enough of him but this will now make five titles starring the caped crusader. Morrison has already somewhat continued his Batman Inc. storyline with the Batman: Leviathan Strikes book but it’s not really a surprise that DC would let the popular creator continue his work from before the relaunch, much like they did with Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern. The addition of author Miéville is a surprise. I haven’t read his work but it will be interesting to see if he pulls in a different crowd.

Harras said the second wave is all about “world building” now that readers have been introduced to the new concepts. I wasn’t reading any of the titles that were cancelled, where you? Which are you most disappointed about seeing go? Which of the new titles are you most excited for?

(via DC Source Blog)

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  • Derek Kompare

    I’m sad to see Static Shock go, as it was introducing some intriguing characters and building a great storyworld. I fear that the only time we’ll ever see Milestone characters is the very occasional cameo. As for the new titles, I’m all for more Batman, Inc., and really excited about Mieville on Dial H, but the rest don’t do a lot for me (although I may hold out hope for Earth 2, depending on which James Robinson we get…)

  • Ryan O’Neil

    I’ll definitely pick up World’s Finest but I’m disappointed that there’s no new Flash book. 

  • Julie Kessler

    Perhaps they could add Static to the Teen Titans?  I loved the Static cartoon, but when I tried the comic (the New 52 one, as opposed to his older ones, which I did enjoy), I just wasn’t hooked.  I do, however, like the new Teen Titans comics, and I think (if done right), Static could be a good addition….

  • Jenny

    Hawk and Dove was just consistently underwhelming. I won’t be sad to see that go.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    I agree that the Static comic didn’t work (unlike the awesome cartoon), and hope you’re right about seeing him again on the Titans! 

    I’m also looking forward to Earth 2 and World’s Finest, and I’m glad to see O.M.A.C. go…the character design is just horrific.

  • Derek Kompare

    I’d hate to see Static only relegated to one of a half-dozen team members (and one less likely to get great coverage vs. Robin, Wonder Girl, et al). We need a Milestone-centric book, DC.

  • electrasteph

    Sort of frustrating that they’re planning these massive cross-overs of heroes from one title to another again. That was the barrier to entry for me for a really long time; I didn’t want to have to keep track of entire universes in order to follow my favorite female heroes. I thought the point of the reboot was to streamline that and make story lines easier to follow. But all the news in the last few months seems to point the other way.

  • Anonymous

    I’m very excited to see the Justice Society returning. I was more than a bit indignant when they were cut out of the New 52.

  • J R

    I will be picking up Batman, Inc., World’s Finest and Earth 2. Dial H sounds like it’s going to be a huge downer and J.T. Krul is well, terrible.

  • Hughes Crawford

    Still no Doom Patrol or New Gods huh?
    Am I the only one who want to see Big Barda make a comeback?

  • Ole M. Olsen

    R.I.P. O.M.A.C. :-(

    But Earth 2 will be cool. Hopefully. :-)

  • Laura Girdwood

    I’m quite new to comics and found Hawk and Dove to be intriguing back before the relaunch.  Afterwards though, I didn’t like Hawk and Dove – the 90′s art style and the writing I found to be rather weak.  Maybe they’ll show up occasionally in the Birds of Prey though – which would be good. 

  • Anonymous

    I too, was disappointed in Static. It’s a terrific concept (also agreeing that the toon was great fun). I was reading Blackhawk, and was interested in keeping up with it, but am not terribly disappointed about its cancellation. And the Huntress is back! Yay!

  • Chemise Rogers

    I’m sad to see Static go. It’s even worse because I’m not sure that he had to. The way the project was handled was so odd. They hired a guy who used to work at Milestone (Rozum). The last book he wrote for them didn’t sell well mostly because it wasn’t a standard superhero book and it was a lesser known character(Xombi, another milestone character.). But the writing was great. It got tons of praise. The vast majority of the reviews were positive. It was one of those “critical darlings”.  At any rate for some reason with this new Static book he was co writing it with the artist, and then it was later revealed that he wasn’t writing the book at all. That most of his ideas for the book were rejected in favor of the artists ideas. Rozum actually left the project. If I remember correctly he announced that he was leaving the project around the time that the second book came out. The thing that’s worse is that the artist has never written before. He may have done so on his own time. But for the big two or even smaller companies he’s never written. If the book had turned out great then we would be lauding the artist for secretly being a genius writer. But it just didn’t work. So it just looks like the company ignored a good writer in favor of an untested one.

     The social interaction with his peers and community was part of what made the character great. But they took him out of Dakota. So no more Frida or Richie or Bang babies. It really makes you appreciate your favorite characters supporting cast. A lot of what made Static likeable from the original run was gone in the new direction. Even stuff that made the Cartoon version likable was gone.

  • Null

    Who here saw the headline and thought, “They’re making a movie about 1970s feminism?”

  • Erica Throne

    So am I the only one ridiculously excited to see China Miéville writing a comic book, let alone Dial H of all things? No wait, I see another comment. Phew.

  • Adam Whitley

    he was on the team before and he fit in really well…although that team was much more interesting

  • Adam Whitley

    everything in the second wave sounds sweet now they just got to fire scott lobdell and all will be well

  • Michael Wendler

    I was super excited to see Static as one of the new 52. Then I read it. Unlike it’s previous incarnation which was excellent, this version was awful. I’m huge Static fan and I hung in for 4 issues but the writing was terrible and I dropped it. No surprise it was the first to get axed. Mister Terrific was equally dismal. I love that character but the first issue was so off putting I could not buy the second. Looking forward to Earth 2 JSA and World’s Finest.

  • Shawn Chaney

    Sad to see O.M.A.C. go. But I am looking forward to reading some good war stories again with G.I. Combat. Worlds Finest sounds good since I like Power Girl. But Im wondering if it will be able to be completely followed without getting the Earth 2 comic. Dial H sounds interesting as does the Ravagers but will have to wait and see if they are worthy enough to make me bump another sub off my list.

  • Zac Whitney

    Kinda sad to see Mister Incredible go, but it really took a downturn after the first issue, which I really enjoyed.  Other than that, I wasn’t reading any of these.