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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Oh Really?

Danica McKellar Tries To Make You Hate Math Less In Her New Webseries [VIDEO]

Having an older brother who teaches math in a way that wouldn’t bore you our of your mind, I can appreciate Danica McKellar’s (yes, Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years) work here. Anyway, it’s a new series on The Nerdist YouTube channel called “Math Bites,” with new episodes every Thursday. Give it a watch, especially when she kicks it up a notch around 3:14 (HA HA HA). You may even see a few other familiar faces.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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  • Alerrison

    I haven’t ever “seen” her in anything other than Young Justice, but I did enjoy the video. It kind of reminded me of a shorter, more math-ey Bill Nye the Science Guy episode.

  • Anonymous

    Bill Nye with a plunging neckline, eh it works. Funny video.

  • imelda

    Cute. And a bit terrifying. I could NOT tear myself away from the song, much as I wanted to.

  • Not So Young Democrat

    McKellar has a math degree and has been doing work to try and popularize math, especially among tween and teen girls, for years now. She’s got a couple of books out about the subject and has done other projects on it.

  • Ben English

    Someone needs to dub this onto Young Justice.