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May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

New Catching Fire Trailer Sends Katniss Back Into the Arena [VIDEO]

The above trailer, introduced at the film’s SDCC panel, gives us a better look at the actual plot of Catching Fire than the previous trailer, which was amazing in its own right. Can I meet the person who edits the promos for this franchise? I want to shake their hand.

Ditto the person responsible for Caesar’s eyebrows.

(via: /Film)

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  • Curuniel

    I love their quiet, lingering inclusion of Rue’s whistle at the end. Captures the atmosphere very nicely.

  • Anonymous

    YES. It looks like a lot of subtle things are being changed from the book, but I’m pretty stoked about that. A lot of things will need to be shifted to make Catching Fire and Mockingjay good movies.

    Did I just see Katniss and Peeta talking? About their feelings??? *That* certainly didn’t happen in the books. (The poor communication between Katniss and everyone else is one of my favorite things in the books. It won’t work as well in a movie, but I love Katniss’s terrible terrible habit of ignoring problems and then making assumptions. Bless her.)

  • Ryan Colson

    From the first trailer plot, it looked like CF was as much a remake of Battle Royale 2 as HG was a remake of BR1. As in “Let’s kill the contest winners to stop their trying to mess up the government killing contest”.

  • Alice Ruppert

    Having read the books, I absolutely love the trailer, but I am wondering if it gives away too much for people who don’t know the plot.

  • Brian

    The Hunger Games and Battle Royale don’t really have much in common except on a very basic level. Catching Fire and BR2 don’t really have anything in common except on an abstract level.

  • Brian

    I think they’re trying to solve the trouble of the lack of an internal monologue, which made some of what Katniss did in the last movie a bit inexplicable. As I recall, they gave no indication that her kissing Peeta was a ploy for sponsorship, for instance.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Finnick was supposed to have less clothes on… Also way to give away the secret about her dress. Wasnt that in the third book?

  • Aeryl

    And a nice indicator that the repercussions of that moment are not done.

  • Kate A

    Did you watch the movie or read the books at all?

  • AnnaB

    I read the Hunger Games series and read all the Battle Royale manga. I don’t get what you mean by remake. Their similarities stop at “kids killing each other to survive.” Absolutely nothing about Battle Royale made as much sense as the Hunger Games.

  • Lauren Detherage

    As someone who hasn’t read the books, all I got out of the trailer was that she’s wearing some dresses, and maybe one has wings. So unless that’s the secret, I think it’s subtle enough only people in the know will get it.

  • Ryan Colson

    This is what I said (Brian), but it went over everybody’s (but one) heads lol

  • Ryan Colson

    Yup.. the comparison’s pretty low, but nobody got that was what I was indirectly saying :P

  • Anonymous

    I guess if you don’t know the context its not a spoiler. It is a very significant scene, but youre right…. no one will get it if they hadnt read it.

  • Brian

    I gotta say, your phrasing was not the best. Even now that I know what you meant, it’s really hard to read that and not think you;re actually calling it a ripoff.

  • Mina

    Hahaha. That was my thought too. “Why isn’t he more naked?” I felt really ridiculous for thinking it, but…well….he was definitely more naked in the book. Probably they felt that was getting too risque for the target age group. Or they couldn’t find a good way for a knot to effectively keep things covered. That WOULD be rather tricky.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I’d be glad to see the bad communication ousted! I know it’s kinda part of Katniss’s character, but I find the characters-not-actually-giving-each-other-important-information plot tedious beyond words. It drains me of all sympathy and I immediately decide characters who engage in this sort of thing deserve to die at the earliest convenient opportunity.

    (It wasn’t actually egregious in CF-the-book, but the less the better, I say).

  • Anonymous

    This is a really minor point, but I notice Snow showing Katniss a kind of hologram of her kissing Gale. So the Captiol have that on record. In the book, Snow mentions he knows about this kiss, and one presumes that knowledge is from cameras where it happened – so I guess one can infer the Capitol has a recording of this event. But seeing it on screen made me wonder what’s stopping it being used as anti-Katniss propaganda later?

    The Capitol broadcasting the images would show everyone that Katniss’s love affair with Peta is not the all-comsuming passion the players have made out would have struck a massive blow against Katniss, right?

  • Anonymous

    What a shame, I wanted to see him in just netting…