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May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

First Image Of Katniss And Prim From The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

We’ve seen photos from the set, stillsposters, and more posters, but I believe this is our first image from the film itself that features Katniss and Prim together. And seeing as how Katniss heads back home to District 12 after The Hunger Games, she should be getting some quality sister time in.

(via Empire)

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  • AnnaB

    I really, really appreciate how the movies have concentrated on the story of Katniss and Prim to promote this. They’ve capitalized (hey, now, unintentional pun!) on some of the romantic tension like any good money loving franchise, but the emphasis seems to always be on Katniss doing all this for her sister. I wish they’d keep doing that. I wish they never focus on the “romance” (if you’d even like to call it that in the books).

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Ugh, I would really love if they cut the the whole notion of the Peeniss romance. He seemed wrong for her in the book, before he had a face, and now I just can’t see it at all, especially when you see her standing next to Kid Thor.

  • AnnaB

    Agree 100x. That whole Katniss ending up with Peeta thing felt tacked on at the end, anyway. Like Collins ended it just before all that nonsense but then someone told her to wrap up the whole Peeta thing, so she whipped something up and just plastered it on there. I’d have been happy if she ended up with no one. Besides that, the whole Gale Bombs angle was kind of effed up. There could’ve been bombs without Gale being behind them. I suppose Collins felt she needed some kind of explanation as to why Katniss wouldn’t end up with Gale. As if Katniss would’ve need a bigger reason besides PTSD not to seek any kind of romance with either Gale or Peeta. Whatever. I liked most of the books anyway. /endrant

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Good rant.

  • Mina

    Really? I felt like it made total sense. She didn’t fall for him quickly at all. It felt more to me that in the end he was one of her only friends who truly understood everything she’d been through. When you go through two Hunger Games and a war together, it’s hard not to have a powerful bond, and it didn’t feel strange to me that that could lead to romance in time.