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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

this exists

It’s Been A Hell Of A Day, Watch Some Cats Time Travel, Space Travel, & Dance

Warning: This video contains dinosaur licking.

(via Tipster Brad)

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  • Art Wellden

    When the world is being threatened by outer space alternate worldy Thundercat like feline beings, if Im ever faced with the situation of one of them trying to explain why such terror was forced onto the human race…i will just stop the angry cat being surrender and shrug while stating that “I totally get it… we humans have a history of being a-holes to lots of animals but after the invention of youtube..sigh…the embarrassment we must cause you…well its cool dude just do whatever helps with your issues against us, it’s understandable”

    Then if Im lucky (and they understand english) my showing of cat sympathy will result in them altering my DNA to be a big cat man.. maybe if really lucky they can dye me blue then id be like Grant Morrisons version of Beast…
    Hey a guy can dream.
    ^and in no way is this crazy or over the top after a video like that.

  • nini