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Bloody Good Fun

Unsuspecting Bystanders Caught In Amazing Carrie Promotional Prank Believe Telekinesis Is Real [VIDEO]

If I were to witness these events happen in my New York City coffee shop, I can’t decide if I’d wind up peeing my pants or asking the woman to be my best friend. Pee my pants. Definitely pee my pants. And then swear off seeing the Carrie remake on principle.

(via Jezebel)

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  • Mike Chen

    If someone had a heart condition, could they theoretically sue the bejesus out of the cafe/movie studio?

  • Anonymous

    If it was me I’d be so PISSED!!!
    …that it wasn’t true.
    To make me hope the amazing can happen.

  • Anonymous

    They are lucky someone didn’t try to take her down.

  • Eisen

    I somehow think the whole “bystanders are tricked” is itself a fake. A fake inside a fake, in inception terms.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting question. My first instinct would be to answer no. If this could set off someone with a heart condition, a million other things also could: a taxi suddenly brushing past you, a loud bang from a construction site, a hot cup of coffee spilling on your lap, an aggressive dog barking at you… If the people behind this stunt were smart (and I’ve no reason to believe they aren’t – it was a spectacular production), and if they’re following rules for this sort of public performance, they probably have paramedics on/near the scene in the event someone gets hurt or startled. If they provide immediate professional care to someone with a condition, I imagine they could mount a fairly good legal defense.

  • Anonymous

    Psychological studies actually tend to state the opposite. Generally, it’s unlikely that someone would have stepped in, especially if they were confronted by an “unusual” circumstance – like an apparent telekinetic attack – that would throw off their ability to quickly and roughly calculate their odds of “survival.” We generally and instinctively prefer Flight over Fight. Doesn’t mean there isn’t the occasional “hero” out there that does step into a dangerous situation, but for every one of those we hear about, we also hear about a hundred others who don’t step in.

  • Mark Brown

    My favourite was the dog’s quizzical reaction at 1:11.

  • Anonymous

    *shrug* Guess I’m coming from a different place than most. I’ve spent most of my adult life training in martial arts, and I used to be a bouncer. I am constantly finding myself moving towards confrontations, rather than away.

  • Eisen

    Trying to get to the bottom of things (even if marginal like this) is an important quality. I’m glad to be not the only one thinking about this stuff.
    On the other hand people often call me mistrustful and skeptical, but if a situation like the one in the video happend to me, I hope I would go to the girl and look how they have done it.

    Maybe that’s the reason they used actors for this – because real people could be too skeptical, and would want to search this place, or asking the girl to do it again but to them.

  • Eisen

    Honestly I think in america it’s possible (if it was real).
    But on the other hand I think the “bystanders” there where actors anyway.

  • Jesse

    probly cuz staff caught them outside and told them it was fake.

  • Jesse

    yea…. this is hilarious

  • RG

    Me too. I’m kind of a hero actually, if I say so myself.

  • Eisen

    I would so tell this story, even if the staff told me it was fake – even more so, because it’s a well done prank this way.
    Some of the people in the video holding smartphones up… so there should be photos or videos other than this, right?

  • Jill Pantozzi

    My thinking is, everyone is in on it except the folks at the register. They were likely told afterward and asked to sign a contract to appear in the spot. If so, that would probably include not talking about it or posting the videos they took.

  • Christine Ferguson

    I’m convinced that this sort of marketing video is 100% staged. I think everyone in the video is an actor. LG has done several videos like this to promote their ultra HD tvs. Again, I think they’re totally fake.

    Maybe I just hope they’re fake, because otherwise I think that’s a cruel prank.

  • Eisen

    Yes that could be. I just thought about if it was me, making such a video, I would use only actors and let it appear as if there are normal bystanders – it’s cheaper.
    Because its a commercial for the Carrie reboot they needed scared people, not people who laugh, are excited, call the police or trying to stop or talk to the girl. Everytime you have someone in the audience that acts not scared or does something stupid, you have to cut it out, or have to shoot the scene again (this includes to build everything up anew and wait until the old audience is gone and some new faces are in the shop).

    And I think messages about “I was in the coolest prank ever involved” would actually help the whole thing. But I didn’t saw anything like this, so I still believe the bystanders are fake. But I’m not entirely sure.

  • Anonymous

    I’m more surprised no one tried to calm her down. I feel like there must be enough nerds out there who would take in this situation, think, “I’ve seen this on X-Men,” and just roll with it.