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Allow us to explain.

Ask a Muppet

Amy Mebberson Shows That Disney Characters Don’t Have to Be Off-Model to Wear High Fashion

Each of her designs is based on ensembles from this year’s fashion collections. She’s collected them all on a Facebook page here.

[View All on One Page]

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  • Anonymous

    These are way more true to the Disney character. I’m pretty surprised Disney allowed their characters to be mutilated in the other ones, actually.

  • Sarah

    Damn, Daisy looks like she should be in couture all the time. Fierce!

  • Marigold Jane

    Ugh some of these seem uncomfortably sexualised to me (did Daisy Duck always have a bust?)

  • Shannon S.

    Loving Minnie in Burberry.

  • Travis Kyle Fischer

    Those are WAY less creepy than the other super skinny drawings.

  • Alexis Talbot

    These are so much cuter than those “fashion” versions. To be honest if I was a child and saw the fashion ones, I’d have nightmares. These are much better. Not only are the outfits actually cute, but the characters are true to the way they actually look!

  • Alexis Talbot

    Actually, If you look at the pictures from the cartoons, yes. She has always had a bust. Minnie, not so much.She been always pretty much flat there. But Daisy does have a bit of a bustier chest. (which doesn’t really make much sense either way, considering that they’re a duck and a mouse!)