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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Today is a Good Day For Someone Else To Die

Almost Every Time Sean Bean Has Died on Film, Ever (Which is A Lot of Times)

Harry Hanrahan, are you psychic? Because I have wanted this to exist for years. In this supercut, Sean Bean is impaled, blown up, shot, buried alive, arrowed, stabbed, hung, beheaded, exsanguinated, bayoneted, knocked off of a cliff by stampeding cows, drowned, and dropped to his death over the course of twenty-one different roles.

But we think there might be one missing. Didn’t Sean Bean get killed in Bent?

(via Padjiba.)

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  • Laura Elliott Monroe

    Awesome! Sean wasn’t in “Bent,” though. Here’s a list of Sean’s deaths through 2009, which we Bean Buffs call “Death By Cow”:

  • Jenn Lauer

    However, Sean Bean’s Lt. Sharpe in the BBC Sharpe miniseries (nearly 20 films now!) is both the protagonist *and* he lives in every one. I say his British protagonist movies balance out his American dead antagonist films.

  • ZADL

    Now I’m sad. 

  • Thackeray

    Although this is impressive, I think much more entertaining would be a reel of all the times Sean Bean has killed other people.

  • Eric Bazilio

    Oddly enough, he gets to survive in Silent Hill.

  • Marie

    Damn, that’s even more times than I thought….

  • John Siegmund

    Don’t forget about the video game Oblivion! Sean Bean voiced the monk Martin, who martyred himself by transforming into the avatar of Akatosh (basically turned into a giant dragon) to defeat Merhune’s Dagon (giant demon bad guy), and then turned to stone after the killing blow.

  • Anonymous

    What about game of Thrones? That’s a good death

  • Jane Brewster


  • Nat Ty

    it was there.