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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

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40 Webcomics You Need to Read

Allow Us To Explain

Allow Us To Explain

Comics are wonderful, visual ways of getting a story across, and it goes without saying that we at The Mary Sue love them. But as wonderful as they are, grabbing issue after issue can add up. And yet the desire for more comics persists. Luckily there are plenty of creative, engaging, funny, and complex stories and gag strips out there for those of us who need our dose of sequential art. You just have to know where to look.

Webcomics allow artists and writers to take advantage of almost unlimited possibilities and showcase truly innovative storytelling, plus they come from the minds and hands of people who simply love to create. Unfortunately the internet is a big place, and finding quality comics that fit your taste can be tricky when there are so many choices. That’s why we’ve decided to compile some of our own favorite webcomics, conveniently categorized and described, to help webcomic veterans and newbies alike find new comics to love.

Of course, this list could never be a comprehensive overview of every comic on the internet, or even every quality comic on the internet, but hopefully you come away with a new fandom to call your very own. Don’t see your favorite here? Tell everybody about it in the comments!

(pictured: Noelle Stevenson‘s Nimona)

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  • DeAnna

    Lackadaisy is also a wonderful comic, fellow The Mary Sue fans! It has beautiful artwork and tells the story of bootleggers in the late twenties.

  • Calum Syers

    I’m a big questionable content fan, and recently received a plush toy of Pintsize from a friend.

  • Omegasama

    Most of what I already follow is on this list. But one EVERYONE should
    read isn’t on here. Unsounded, hands down one of the most exciting and
    beautifully drawn comics on the web. But one can’t include everything. But I really recommend it.

  • Rat

    Needs more Cucumber Quest! It’s an explosion of color and bunnypeople by Gigi DG.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this is a pretty comprehensive list. That’s just about everything I read. Some other ones I recommend:

    Unsounded—Low fantasy story about a girl and her zombie sidekick/bodyguard, who get involved in political conspiracies. Indescribably good.
    String Theory—Mad scientist’s descent into villainy. Somewhere between SF and black comedy, and it’s been getting really interesting lately.
    Yu+Me Dream—Starts as the story of two highschool girls in love, and… well, turns into something completely different and experimental halfway through. To say more would be spoilers, but it is finished.
    Girl Genius—Exactly what it sounds like. Steampunk, awesome characters, Hugo winner…

  • Emppu

    Cucumber Quest anyone? It makes my eyes rain…of corn syrup.

  • Gordon Borland

    I really liked Sin Titulo, It’s a surreal horror mystery.

  • Rebecca

    Busty Girl Comics!

  • regularjoe
  • Matthew ‘Raving Rendal’ Ulmen

    Nice list, a couple I recognized :) I also would recommend Girl Genius, Spinnerette, yet another fantasy gamer comic, girls with slingshots…and I should stop there probably :)

  • Anonymous

    I was about to come rail that Girl Genius wasn’t on the list, but I’m glad to see someone else suggest it. A wonderfully written comic in a brilliantly realized steampunky world, with great characters and a wonderful sense of humor and fun. Others I’d like to second: Unsounded, Cucumber Quest, and Lackadaisy. I’d also like to add Paranatural, about a group of ghostbusting middle school kids. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard or as frequently at a webcomic as I have at this comic, and the worldbuilding is great.

  • Talia

    Good list! A lot of these I hadn’t read or heard of. I’d definitely add TJ & Amal and Lackadaisy Cats. Both very well written and heavily researched for the time period and/or settings they are in. And for a great slice of life story, there is Girls with Slingshots.

  • Sandra Regina

    Basic Instructions makes me laugh a lot.

  • ahimsa

    I like Tree Lobsters –

  • DarthBetty

    Wow, these are most of my web comics!
    I would like to add my personal favorite (a part from Nimona)
    Romantically Apocalyptic is a silly comedic/science fiction/post apocalyptic on-going webcomic that is a mixture of digital painting and photography. The lead character being Captain! who is gender neutral currently, though I think he’s either a very feminine and silly man, or a very silly lady.

  • Andrea_R

    The Phoenix Requiem

    Beautiful illustrations, great story. Finished, strong female lead. :)

  • Glitchy

    Someone beat me to Girl Genius, but allow me to add Battlepug and JL8 and Namesake .

  • Colleen

    I just marathon-read Worsted for Wear and I love it! It’s a fun read and makes me want to knit and crochet.

  • Wendy Whipple

    Weregeek by Alina Pete (gamer geeks and relationships)
    Grrl Power by David Barrack (nerd grrl becomes a superhero)
    The Young Protectors by Alex Woolfson (superheroes, with a gay protagonist)
    Two Lumps by J. Grant and Mel Hynes (cats, with a Pinky and the Brain sort of feel)

  • Colleen

    Love the list, I’m a big fan of a lot of these. I’d also recommend:

    d20 Monkey ( is a great comic for anyone who has played any table top role-playing games. The strips about/set in the games are great, but you also get a lot of character development and growth. And it covers a lot of different games, not just D&D.

    Something Positive ( was my first webcomic that I read and I still read today. Years and years of archives, smart, funny, and a bit of ridiculousness. Randy also manages to tackle the serious (death, break ups, moving away from loved ones) with such thoughtfulness that it’s hard not to care about all the characters.

    Templar, Arizona ( by the wonderful Spike, who brought us Poor Craft and Smut Peddler, also does this webcomic. It doesn’t update often lately, but the updates are beyond worth the wait. It’s a great alternate-reality comic that takes place in Templar, Arizona with a diverse cast of characters, great art, and some twisted stories.

  • Grimmtooth

    File under “rarely updated”, Erfworld is a cross between high fantasy and gamer / geek in-jokes. Book 2 just concluded, not sure when Book 3 starts but they do have an artist lined up, I believe.

    I’m glad Girl Genius got a lot of support in comments. Also by Phil Foglio, Buck Godot, Zap Gun for Hire – it’s done and over, but the entire series is online, and it’s well worth the read!

  • Anonymous

    a friend of mine does Robbie and Bobby… it’s got Calvin and Hobbes kinda feels to it…but with robots…

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to 3rd Girls with Slingshots! Also Fey Winds & Earthsong are pretty great. For funny sexy comics, try Oglaf. Thanks for this comprehensive list, btw, I know what I’m doing for the next month or so!

  • Anonymous

    The downside of reading a comic (FreakAngels) long after it stopped updating is when you fall in love with it, you can’t find any of the gear anywhere. :(

    There’s also something delightfully subversive about checking Oglaf just before I head to church on Sundays.

  • Fluka

    Awkward Zombie is consistently hilarious, and pulls off the feat of being funny even if I’m unfamiliar with the game in question. It fills the Penny Arcade shaped hole in my heart, left years after Penny Arcade stopped being funny (and…you know…the other PA problems…).

    (And Manly Guys is great too! Ladies be making the best videogame comics these days!)

  • Tami Moore

    One that nobody’s mentioned yet? Spindrift. It updates slowly, but the art is simply incredible. (and it IS still updating). Demon-people and angel-people and one young woman with a secret past caught in the middle.

  • Sarah

    glad to see some love for zee captein :) <3 RA!

  • Andrew McGrae

    Some more I’d recommend:

    Darths and DroidsStar Wars, if it was a campaign in a tabletop RPG. It started with Episode I and has just got up to The Empire Strikes Back, with plans to carry on for all the movies including the future Disney ones. It managed the Herculean feat of making Jar Jar Binks into the best character.

    Monster of the Week – A hilarious retelling of The X-Files one episode at a time. Makes me want to rewatch the whole series.

  • J.P.

    I would like to submit Romantically Apocalyptic to the SciFi and/or Beautiful Artwork categories:

  • Anonymous

    pretty much all of my weekly reading list is here

    Can I suggest the secret knots

    and Subnormality!

  • totz the plaid

    Webcomics I read:
    - Something*Positive
    - Girls with Slingshots
    - Questionable Content
    - Sam and Fuzzy
    - Dumbing of Age
    - Shortpacked!
    - Lit Brick
    - Classic Sporkman
    - Mary Elizabeth’s Sock
    - xkcd
    - El Goonish Shive
    - Monster of the Week
    - Hark! A Vagrant
    - All New Issues
    - Nedroid Picture Diary
    - Two Guys and Guy
    - Out at Home

    Archival webcomics re-updating with commentary that I read:
    - Troutcave Redux
    - Bring Back Roomies!

    Webcomics I used to read, but have fallen behind on and haven’t caught up yet:
    - Gunnerkrigg Court
    - Order of the Stick
    - Skin Horse
    - The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon
    - The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
    - Darths & Droids

    Webcomics I used to read, but fell behind on and even the thought of trying to catch up is just plain exhausting:
    - Homestuck
    - Girl Genius
    - Sluggy Freelance
    - Dinosaur Comics
    - Sluggy Freelance

    There are about a million or so other webcomics I’ve read over the years, but have stopped reading for one reason or another (that includes “Dresden Codak”, “Octopus Pie” and “Sinfest”), and others I want to get into but have too much I read online anyway to even dig into them yet.

  • Laura Truxillo

    I have to add Vattu and O Human Star to that list.

    The latter is a really interesting sci-fi love story that plays with flashbacks in a really intriguing way. The former is…oh man, how to describe Vattu? I have no idea. Sort of a fantastical Rome-ish setting, where a young girl (that no one can tell is a girl) is taken as a slave/tribute by the empire that suddenly showed up on her tribe’s land and said, “yeah, we own this now.” It’s just…it’s great.

  • Aeryl

    D&D was awesome, though their takes on the prequels were better than the originals, IMO.

    And yes, they popularized the phrase “Jar-Jar, you’re a genius”, which at the time the comic was publishing, was the number one search return for “jar-jar”

  • Anonymous

    I forgot Monster Pulse! That’s a good one. Sort of like Digimon meets Parasyte.

  • Anonymous

    I forgot Monster Pulse! That’s a good one. Sort of like Digimon meets Parasyte.

  • stopdropreload

    I love a lot of the comics on this list (esp. Bad Machinery, A Family Man and Questionable Content). Here are a few more I think Mary-Sue readers would enjoy

    Updates Regularly:

    SKIN HORSE – A sci-story story that takes place in Shaenon K. Garrity’s “Narbonic” universe and centers around a secret civil service agency set up to monitor and protect non-human sapients (robots, lab-created human/animal hybrids, zombies, etc.) within the US. The X-Files if instead of Scully and Mulder you had a cross-dressing psychologist, a talking dog, and an undead bioweapon solving crime and kicking ass. For my money it’s the most intricately plotted webcomic currently updating, and it just gets better and better. We’re finally starting to get some answers to a couple of the bigger, ongoing mysteries in the story, so now’s the perfect time to dive in.

    MAX OVERACTS: A Calvin-and-Hobbesesque slice of life strip about a young aspiring actor and his family, friends, and puppets. What really gets me in this strip is the use of language – Max is quite the wordsmith – as well as the overarching theme of being careful what one wishes for when it comes to fame. A smart strip with a lot of charm (probably why it was nominated for an Eisner).

    THE NON-ADVENTUREs OF WONDERELLA: Part Wonder Woman spoof, part cultural satire, 100% about a superhero who can jump hella high and saves the world a fair percentage of time, depending on how motivated she’s feeling.

    Updates occassionally:

    LACKADAISY CATS: Lackadaisy has already been mentioned, but it’s seriously awesome, so I’m mentioning it again. Imagine the Coen Brothers writing about bootlegging cats in Prohibition-era St. Louis. Now pair that script with gorgeous artwork and a dedication to historical accuracy, and you’ve got Lackadaisy. Way worth your time.


    DARWIN CARMICHAEL IS GOING TO HELL: A slice-of-life comic that just happens to feature folkloric monsters, perpetually stoned angels, a baby Manticore, and the titular Darwin: a man with such bad karma that he’s guaranteed to end up in Hell – unless he can redeem himself. Oh, and the looming Apocalypse. Sweet, funny, and an interesting take on faith and redemption.

  • Gerald Kirby

    I’ve been lucky enough to meet and interview a number of the creators on this list. They are all extremely talented, and pretty cool people to talk with.

  • Anne MacLachlan

    Oh, oh! What about Girl Genius?? Adventure, Romance, Mad Science!

  • Brittany K

    The plus to this list, I haven’t heard of most of these which means I now have tons of webcomics to check out. The cons to the list, I haven’t heard of most of these, which means most of my favorites aren’t on here.
    I must say, super glad Nimona got the banner though, and Ava’s Demon is the one that got me into webcomics in the first place. Octopus Pie is also a favorite.
    I’m surprised some of my favorite female protag webcomics aren’t on the list though, namely Hemlock, which has sadly been on hiatus the entire time I’ve been caught up, Monster Pulse, Namesake, Unsounded, and Rachael and Penny, and some male protag gems like Paranaturals and Monsterkind.
    But I will definitely be bookmarking this list for future reference, I’m always looking for new webcomics to get into.

  • Cy

    I love webcomics. Since everyone else is sharing here are a coupl of my favorites that I haven’t seen anyone mention.
    Dominc Deegan (Ended):

  • Daniel E. Jacobs

    YU+ME broke my heart it’s finished by really once I started it I read it all the way through until I had got to were she was writing and the waited for each page breathless. THIS is worth a great for everyone!

  • Hot Mess Housewife

    Girls with Slingshots (see avatar for reaction to it not being included on the list)

    Another vote for TJ & Amal, Monster Pulse, and JL8 (which might be the cutest comic EVER)!

  • Anonymous

    Another good finished comic is T. Campbell’s (the writer of Guilded Age) Fans. A bunch of nerds, cosplayers, creative anachronists–fans–save the world several times. Kinda weird (the art switches quite dramatically pretty often, and there are a fair number of pretty experimental pages and even chapters), but good.

  • Anonymous

    Girls with Slingshots, Something*Positive, All New Issues, 933 Dollars, and Chaos Life are all also worth a read at the very least.

  • Anonymous

    Gah! Lackadaisy Cats! I used to have almost 20 webcomics I followed obsessively and then was without a computer for months and forgot most of them. Lackadaisy was one I forgot. Thank yo for reminding me, I’ll have to hop back into it.

  • Geeklet Child

    Yes GWS needs to be included. One of the most open-minded comics out there. The current storyline of Clarice and Joshua is too cute.
    If your into mad science Girl Genius is awesome. Steam punk, warrior princesses, dictator cats, and monsters; it’s great.

  • Shauni Farella

    Surprised to get this far into the comments and no sign of Schlock Mercenary at all.

    Sci-fi Comedy with dabs of actual science to give its world a better feel, plus a wonderfully mix if dry wordplay and silliness for humour. And a main character who literally looks like a pile of crap.

  • Kifre

    I ….I thought I was the only one that remembers Return To Sender!

    And since a quick glance at the comics reveals most of the other currently updating comics I read have already been mentioned, let me toss in some more suggestions from the wayback machine:

    Eros Inc (I am so sad this stopped updating, i tell you what…)
    Demonology 101
    Anders Loves Maria
    Rice Boy
    Anne Frank Conquers the Moon Nazis.

    And Dice Box, but I think that still updates…

  • Anonymous

    Girls With Slingshots! Great female protagonist/ sitcom. One of my favorites. The author/illustrator has drawn for Adventure Time too!!

  • Drone

    This is pretty awesome! Surprised Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal didn’t make it and hasn’t been mentioned in the comments yet.

    It is such an awesome mix of smart, silly, thought-provoking, and hilarious, often all at once.

  • qivucuzusywa

    мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kAgk

    I would recommend Girls With
    Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto as well. The cast is predominantly women
    and, similar to Questionable Content, has a variety of races and
    orientations. There are also some fun crossovers with Something
    Positive by Randy Milholland if anyone reads that one as well.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell wasn’t on the awesome but finished list! Beautiful art and fantastic story. I was so sad when it ended.

    Also, Kevin and Kell has been around for almost 15 years and has never missed an update. It’s also one of the only webcomics that made the leap to a real paper (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

  • Seth Brodbeck

    I’ll second Girl Genius; it’s an amazing story that will leave you shaking your fist when you realize you’ve caught up to the present and have to wait for updates like the rest of us.

  • Seth Brodbeck

    I’m seeing a lot of the comics I read that weren’t on the list mentioned in the comments (I love seeing so many shout outs to Lackadaisy Cats!), so I’ll just add a couple:

    Rare updater: White Noise (, a sci-fi comic about Wren, a boy with a fluffy white tail, on the run from a paramilitary group that wants to kill him for his spliced alien DNA (hence the tail).

    Gag strips: Heavenly Nostrils and Ozy and Millie, both by Dana Simpson, both running on Go! Comics currently (Ozy and Millie is completed and rerunning in syndication, but you can still read the whole thing). Talking animals and quirky, insightful humor.

    Also Wondermark ( by David Malki!, which I’m surprised I haven’t seen mentioned yet. Gag strips cobbled together with old engraving and prints; frequently utterly absurd and ridiculous.

    Sci-Fi: Schlock Mercenary ( by Howard Tayler. I’m *really* surprised I haven’t seen this one mentioned. It’s a self described “Space Opera,” but there’s a lot more attention to getting the science right than you usually expect from the genre. Very funny, with the humor ranging from scatological to linguistic to satirical, but also very dramatic and story-driven. Never misses an update. Ever.

    I saw someone mentioned Broodhollow below (great comic!). If you like that, you should check out some of Kris Straub’s other comics, like the excellent Starslip Crisis (, a comic about love, parallel universes, and art museum-ships. It appears to also be re-airing on Go! Comics if you want that serial, waiting-for-the-next-update feel instead of a complete archive trawl.

  • Jae Michels

    I’m really surprised Girls with Slingshots, Girl Genius, and Something*Positive are not on this list, given that they are big leagues. In fact, so are Least I Could DO (semi NSFW) and Looking for Group.

    Some comics that I also very much enjoy are Leftover Soup (newish, VERY highly recommended), Selkie, TMI, Wapsi Square (another pretty big hitter), and Extra Ordinary. I also have a massive webcomic RSS folder, so I cherry-picked the best ones not mentioned…

  • Michelle Witte

    One of the most brilliant fan-fic comics I’ve read is Girls Next Door by Pika-la-Cynique. As far as I know, it’s only available on Deviant Art, which is why I don’t think many people have heard about it. It’s like a fan girl’s Wonderland with appearances from every swoon-worthy sci-fi/fantasy hero (and villain) imaginable.

    If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if Sarah from Labryinth and Christine from Phantom of the Opera were sharing an apartment, with Jareth and Phantom as their stalkery downstairs neighbors, look no further. Other tenants in the apartment building include Legolas, Javert, Sweeny Todd, and Aziraphale and Crowley, among numerous others. Seriously hilarious.

  • Ashe

    Yes! This is such a good comic!

  • Holland Dougherty

    No love for Girl Genius? It’s one of the best female-driven webcomics out there, and has won 3 Hugos! Also every single volume passes the Bechdel Test with flying colors, and there’s a wide diversity of races and body types in the comic. It’s really amazing!

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    Agreed, how in the blue hell can they have a section for sciency awesome webcomics and NOT pimp GG? It BOGGLES THE MIND!!!

  • Holland Dougherty

    No kidding! I met my girlfriend because of that comic. And I’ve met the authors twice. It is an awesome comic and an exemplar of feminist literature that also includes PoC and LGBT characters. It is awesome. Also, SCIENCE!

  • realinvalidname

    Doesn’t seem like you have a category for it, but Lora Innes’ “The Dreamer” – – would be a great fit for the audience here. High school girl Bea Whaley starts having vivid dreams of being Revolutionary War era patriot girl Beatrice Whaley, including details she couldn’t possibly know… begging the question of whether these dreams are something more, and whether she’d rather be in the here and now, or in her 1776 dreamworld.

    Reading the accompanying blog shows off that Innes has really done her homework, calling out specific story and artwork details like the desecration of Nathan Hale’s body following his hanging, and the story itself reads like a sort of American shoujo, “Fushigi Yugi” in colonial America instead of fantasy China.

    The first 17-issue “volume” just wrapped up a few months ago, and Innes is deep in research before resuming with volume 2 in January. Perfect time for interested readers to catch up.

  • Helen W.

    HECK YES to Unsounded and Girl Genius. I cannot believe they weren’t already up there.

  • Helen W.

    Oh hells yes. There’ve been a couple of panels so beautiful that I take one look and inexplicably start crying. Also, Finnish mythology.

  • Harrison Grey

    I’m a bit surprised to not see The Fox Sister here. It’s got a great female protagonist, nice use of culture clashes and mythology, and fantastic art.

    Personally, I’d suggest Supernormal Step. The mythology is vast, so you really have to start at the beginning, but it’s got intrigue, action, and humor in spades.

    And… Erm… Am I allowed to plug myself? Because I’ve got a luchador fantasy epic journey comic by the name of Lucha Quest just kind of floating around out there…

  • Anonymous

    No Girl Genius? I’m disappointed in your lack of mad scientists, but you’ve got quite an exciting list there otherwise.

  • Justin Peniston

    Obviously, it is CRAZY that Girls With Slingshots didn’t make this list…that’s practically the highlight of my day. Danielle Corsetto is a brilliant storyteller and brings the funny on the consistent.

    Menage A 3 is an R-rated sex comedy…imagine Archie Comics on HBO and you get some small taste of what it’s like.

    I’m stunned that only one other person has mentioned Cameron Stewart’s Sin Titulo, which was an amazing piece of surreal fiction. It blew me away.

    I also humbly recommend my own webcomic, although it feels like lame self-promotion doing so. (Not that that’s going to stop me.) Just go to Imagine Darwyn Cooke’s Parker graphic novels set in your favorite D&D campaign, by way of Samurai Jack, and you’ve got what we’re going for with Hunter Black. We post a new page every Tuesday and Friday. I hope you’d enjoy that as well.

  • Björn

    Supernormal Step is deserving some love too, people!
    It’s about a dimensionally displaced (and yes, that is a term now) girl who ends up in a world that mixes magic and science, creatures of all sorts and conspiracies abound. Updates two or three times weekly, give it a try. Two guys and guy also comes highly recommended.

    Excellent list anyways, keep up the good work, please.

  • Anonymous

    Templar AZ! I stopped reading it because of the infrequent updates, but the stories that are already there are good stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Just piggybacking to say: for those who care about trigger warnings, Unsounded has some fairly disturbing gore, which is not obvious off the bat. Think Game of Thrones. Still, as you say, beautiful, even when sad.

  • Khazidhea

    The ones not on the list that I read daily (if possible) are Misfile, Go Get a Roomie, JL8, and Mokepon

  • CPS


  • Eika

    Finished Category: Dominic Deegan, Oracle for Hire. A grumpy seer and his talking cat save the world. They’re sick of saving the world, but they do it anyway. I cried when it ended.

    Everything Else: GPF. General Protection Fault. It updates 3 times a week, and updated 7 days a week for 9 years… it goes back to 1998. It’s about computer geeks at a company who wind up in some rather ridiculous situations. Time travel, alternate universes, secret agents, aliens, and Fred the Slime Mold included.

  • Lianne

    How is it that no one has recommended Red Moon Rising? Exciting, wonderfully written fantasy (describes itself as steampunk fantasy, but I don’t think that quite conveys it. Industrial-ish original fantasy, maybe?) with the most beautiful art ever. Seriously, so, so beautiful.

    Someone already mentioned The Fox Sister, but it’s so good I had to repeat it.

    And, um, since some other people are rec’ing their own comics, which probably means it’s okay, so I’m going to do that too. Geist! is a comic about love, revenge and invisible monsters.

  • Anonymous

    I also highly recommend David Willis’s other three comics, Roomies!, It’s Walky!, and Joyce and Walky!. They aren’t as consistently brilliant as Shortpacked! and Dumbing of Age, but they’re well written and have some very exciting stories with good characters, and you might be able to understand some of SP and DoA’s subtleties a bit more if you read them first. You can find all three (they share an archive) at, or you could read through Willis’ re-uploading of them all (with very embarrassed commentary) at

  • Starman

    No Devil’s Panties?

    For a good finished strip, check out Queen of Wands –

    After that, check out QoW’s sequel series, Punch an Pie.

  • mage_cat

    A hardy second for Skin Horse and Lackadaisy. Darwin Carmichael was also a lot of fun and ended on a beautifully bittersweet note.

  • mage_cat

    I have to pimp my favorite webcomic that deserves more love, Skin Deep. ( ) Kory Bing, the creator, once summed it up as “a comic about magical monster people fighting demons and arguing about the Beatles while having relationship problems.”

    It has a tremendously expensive universe with a diverse cast, not only in terms of ranging from gryphons and satyrs to nixies and white stags, but also in terms of gender expression and orientation, all rendered in some pretty amazing art work. Ultimately, it’s about learning how to be comfortable in your own skin, even after you find out it isn’t the skin you once thought you had.

  • Chandra White

    Dude, Narbonic doesn’t make the list? Completed webcomic about an evil scientist, her intern, her computer guy, and a sentient gerbil.

  • Lien

    No shout out to subnormality? awww…

  • Anonymous

    Many of my favorites have been brought up in these comment and many more that I want to get into.

    But one of the best that no one has mentioned is Sailor Twain or The Mermaid on the Hudson. A mystery, a romance a historical piece all in one with wonderful charcoal art and great characters. The companion blog is a delight as well.

  • Anonymous

    Oooh, lots of old favorites on this list and plenty new ones to check out, thanks!

  • Anonymous
  • Sarah

    YES! Monster Pulse has me so hooked.

  • ninja_jesus

    No Subnormality? I am disappoint.

  • Alex Brito

    And if you like something with beautiful art and a wickedly weird storyline, try “Cura Te Ipsum”!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve recently started reading Olympus Overdrive and it’s a lot of fun so far. Plus gorgeous artwork.

  • Anonymous

    It’s criminal and downright heinous to not include Paranatural in a “top webcomics ever” list.

    Paranatural is the best webcomic on the internet at this moment in time. There’s really no contest.

  • George Trello

    Femme Schism

    It’s about an indigenous tribal leader whose tribe is being forced to assimilate into the “civilized” world so she goes on a journey to find an approved religion. It slyly reinforces and then deconstructs stereotypes and I love it. The art and writing are both superb. You can even buy it in print if you want!

  • Anonymous

    Ahh! How did I miss this –

    Here’s some other gems I didn’t see listed in the article or the comments

    Three Panel Soul –
    If you remember MacHall, this is the continuation of their gamer/autobiographical comic.

    Dreamless –
    Story by Bobby Cosby Artwork by Sara Ellerton of the Phoenix Requim (which is also awesome), – A finished story about a Japanese boy and an American girl in WWII that see each other’s lives when they dream. Beautiful artwork.

    Marry Me
    Story also by Bobby Cosby but artwork by Remy “Eisu” Mokhtar of No Pink Ponies (also awesom story about a woman who owns a comicbook store). This one is a more lighthearted story about a Pop-Star who declares she will marry a fan on a whim, but the fan with the “Marry Me” poster was holding it for a friend. Much Hijinks ensue – and they’ve been working on a sequel to the first completed story.

    Doctor Cat
    Be prepared to be smitten by cuteness! (I was introduced to this comic by my sister’s DS being plastered with adorable stickers of Doctor Cat saying “It’s terminal!”)

    Sister Claire
    Another sweet story about the friendship of a pregnant nun and her fellow sister possessed by a demonic cat.

    Also interesting that Zen Pencils & Phoenix Rising not being listed, although they have been featured here before…

  • Anonymous

    Oh! and Erstwhile - Less famous Bro. Grim stories turned into webcomics

  • Anonymous

    I was just thinking that! I was very surprised it was left off the female protagonist and sex comic pages! But regardless, if you haven’t read it, people, go go go! It’s got amazing characters, a lot of hilarity and zany hijinks, and tons of crossovers between other comics!

  • Anonymous

    YES YES YES YU+ME Dream!

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, I totally forgot about Two Lumps!

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    Also; A cat in a Napoleon Field Coat. MADE OF WIN.

  • Dungeonmaster Jim

    No ‘Narbonic’ or ‘Skin-Horse?’ No ‘Something Positive?’ Not even ‘Girl Genius?’ Shame!

  • Anonymous

    Jennie Breeden’s “The Devil’s Panties” – Awesome

    Anything by the wonderful people at Pixie Trix Comics is also worth working through –

  • sean

    Thanks for the web comic suggestions everyone. I just want to say I love you guys *gives gigantic group hug*

  • Niestle

    I am glad some one else mentioned LICD, and Looking for Group (love Richard), they should be on that list. And Oglaf is soooooo NOT work safe, funny as hell, but not work safe.

  • Marina

    Great list, I will definitely be binge-reading many of these! Can I suggest A Magical Roommate (, about a girl from a magical world who comes to college here? It’s now finished and has about ten years of archives to read through, and amazing characters.

  • Kiri Quartet
  • Anonymous

    Agreed! I just saw this post (sorry, I’m a little late to the party) and was very surprised to not see GwS under either of those categories. There are only three webcomics I visit regularly, and GwS is one of them. I’m in love with Jamie! I also adore Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal for the science jokes and Cyanide & Happiness for my daily snark.

  • Anonymous

    3rd? You’re more like 12th at this point.

    Totally excusable for having excellent taste, though.

    Never tried either Fey Winds & Earthsong before, but because you like Oglaf I’m will to give them a try.

    BTW, you might want to warn everyone how very, delightfully NSFW Oglaf can be!

  • Anonymous

    This is truly a great list, considering I’m only reading a little less than half of these comics. Plenty of other good comuics have already been mentioned by others (Girls with Slingshots, Something Positive, Girl Genius, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and more than I recall before I lost my place in the comments.)

    For gag strips I’d like to add:

    The Parking Lot is Full ( also finished )

    and The Perry Bible Fellowship ( )

    I suppose Real Life Comics would fall under diary comics somewhat.

    Scenes from a Multiverse ( )

    Finally Evil, Inc. ( ) is an awesome and fun strip.

    There’s more, I’m sure. I usually spend my morning coffee going to Something Positive and following the links to my favorite other strips form his link at the bottom left of the page, finishing off with Questionable Content before moving onto my bookmarks, some dating back 15 years or so.
    It’s a great way to start a morning!

  • Anonymous

    Nothing by Gigidigi? Cucumber Quest could be under the beautiful art; the art style itself may be cartoony, but the aesthetic is very wonderful and fun (I love how creative she is).

    Kate Beaton is the best, and I love Sinfest~. I need to check out quite a few of these though (and get into Shortpacked again).

    My only complaint is with Manly Men, because as much as I used to love it, she got kind of douche-y about some things (cough bishounen cough), and I can appreciate some of her Marlon Brando appreciation (given what he has done), but I also have seen some portray some horrific stuff and question how strong some of that love is. (But I never saw a movie of his until after the comic, and it was not a nice movie or role at all.)

  • Mark Penrice

    Brilliant list. I just wish I had time to indulge in all the ones I’m not already reading (I’ve had to cut down lately, in fact)…

    Still clicked on Everyone’s a Centaur however, just out of utter curiosity as to how that even works :)

    By the way, the previous works of Moen (DAR!) and Diaz (Dresden Codak) are entirely worthy of your time as well, and Willis’ now-finished (and being re-run/remastered) original oeuvre, Roomies! (which became It’s Walky, then Joyce & Walky) is the stuff of webcomic legend. The early strips might seem rather so-so, but that’s just a bit of turbo lag…

  • Amy S

    I Agree as well! Love Corsetto!

  • Carla

    Great list, and several I hadn’t heard of. That being said, nothing by Evan Dahm? Rice Boy is excellent and complete, and with the way his art and writing have developed Vattu is shaping up to be even better. His whole style and world (Overside) is some of the most unique, creative stuff in comics.

  • Kkuja

    Credibility of this list went down to toilet when you have sinfest as must read, and no Schlock Mercenary (hugo winner). To be honest, before strip 4045, sinfest was good, but nowadays it’s just awkward feminist proganda. Thank god you don’t have Least I Could Do in this list. Or shave, because as chavinistic proganda it is, it would be good balancing act to sinfest.

  • Anonymous

    Check out ideal for loo reading and more!

  • B Krzic

    The artwork is neat.