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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

To Boldly Go

Glimpse an Alternate Universe Where Wesley Snipes was Geordi La Forge

It’s worth pointing out that many of the people on these lists did wind up on The Next Generation, just not in the roles they were being offered here. Eric Menyuk was the Traveler, Rosalind Chao appeared in TNG and DS9, and Denise Crosby took the role of Tashar Yar rather than Deanna Troi.

But where would geek and nerd culture, not to mention fandom and internet argument, if we’d had this guy instead of Wil Wheaton?

(via Matter Anti-Matter.)


  • Wesley Smith

    Yaphet Kotto?!? He wouldn’t have even needed the Enterprise; he could have just flown through space on the power of his badassery alone.

    And JD Roth? I could never imagine wanting to kill a fictional character any more than I wanted to kill Wesley Crusher. Now I can: Fake-Wesley.

  • nmlop

    I’m most concerned that none of the people on here for Data were Brent Spiner — more than any of the other ones, I don’t want to imagine a TNG with anyone else playing data. Brent Spiner == WIN.