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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Real Or Not Real?

The Hunger Games Gets an Honest Trailer

Sometimes when you see a movie that’s been adapted from a book or a comic, you can have trouble separating what the movie’s telling you from what you already know. Personally, it took me almost a week to realize that the reveal of Talia in The Dark Knight Rises might not have seemed as meaningful or foreshadowed to people who weren’t familiar to the comics. This video is basically doing the same thing to me for The Hunger Games.

What I’m saying is: if you want to say “but there is an explanation for that!” during this video, just wait for the end. Also, anyone going to any of Lionsgate’s DVD release parties tonight? We’ll be watching with you this weekend!

(via The Daily What.)

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  • TKS

    Video plays

    Me – *chuckle

    Video – *Makes fun of Peeta

    Me – *laughs

    Video – “It’s basically just a rip of of Battle Royal”

    Me – “UGH.”

  • Anonymous

    I laughed then I laughed some more. I am so glad someone mentioned the trees and scooby-doo moments. Hopefully the next is better directed. 

  • Sara Fires Rodgers

    oh the shaky cam. I really understand why it was a thing, b ut I wish it wasn’t SO much of a thing. I have never gotten sick before watching a movie, but I really did this time :(

  • Andy Kapellusch

    I hate Gale. He’s the dumb Jock art guys like me lost out to in high school all the time. I’ve read all 3books, and all I can say is Gale can go sit on it. Also, is it just me, or did his brother get all of the pretty genes in that family. Yikes.

  • Anonymous

     Gale’s character was kind of a raging murderous lunatic by the end of the books, and I did not dig that or the thought that anyone would remain friends with him while that was happening, but I still think his actor is prettier.

  • Anna B

    My EXACT thoughts.

  • JW

    I know right? It was kind of tolerable mostly, but the early establishing shots of District 12… don’t really establish ANYTHING, because they don’t linger enough on anything. Ugh.