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Yo. Book Nerds. The Trailer for The Book Thief Is Out [VIDEO]

To be honest, I didn’t even know The Book Thief, the award-winning, much-loved YA novel by Markus Zusak, was being turned into a movie. The book, which follows titular thief Liesel through the horrors of Nazi Germany, is famously narrated by Death, and it looks like that particular narrative device has been left by the wayside for the film adaptation. I think it still looks good, though. What about you?

(via: Deadline)

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  • Anonymous

    Ehh that voice over is super cheesy and I hope they do put Death in there (I mean that’s who is the narrator and gives (pardon the pun) some life to the story)

    I really liked some of Zuzak’s other books but the Book Thief wasn’t my cup of tea so I probably won’t see it in theater but I hope it does well!

  • Amanda Cox

    I’m seriously questioning whether I’m going to go see it, because I absolutely LOVE the book for its handling of adolescence in the middle of WWII, and this seems to miss the point entirely. The cheesy voice over and uplifting music seems like it could just be a ploy to get people in the seats, but dammit, this book is some heavy stuff. It takes something horrific and views it through the eyes of children, and the whole point is not to say “Ah, the innocence of youth, everything is more beautiful through a child’s eyes,” but the total and complete opposite. I hate that anything child-focused and big-Hollywood has to make a point of being cutesy and uplifting, and perpetuate this viewpoint that children are too “young and innocent” to understand the weight of events such as WWII and the Holocaust.

  • Rebecca Hiles

    The Book Thief is one of my favorite books of all time. My copy is such a disaster at this point. I’ll be seeing it, but beyond the fact that it’s really pretty visually… I’m hoping it’s better than it looks /sigh

  • Caddy

    Zusak confirmed on his tumblr that Death will narrate the film.

  • Anonymous

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    I really liked some of Zuzak’s other books but the Book Thief wasn’t my cup of tea so I probably won’t see it in theater but I hope it does well!

  • Rebecca Pahle

    I agree about the voice over—very cheesy and dated. Hopefully that’s just a bad marketing choice and not indicative of the movie as a whole.

  • Eika

    I can’t help but wonder if they’ll make the ending more upbeat, to appeal to people.

  • Anonymous

    I hope not. That will ruin it. My son read the book this past year. I showed him the trailer and he stated, “they better stay faithful to the book or this will suck.” I agree with him!

  • Robert Vary

    I share the concerns of some of the other commenters — I’d really miss Death-as-narrator, as I have a weird fascination with literary anthropomorphic personifications of death, though I can see how it would be difficult to translate to the screen; I hope they don’t soften up the ending or sugarcoat everything, as that would completely miss the point — but I am completely sold by Geoffrey Rush as Papa.

  • Anonymous

    Good point. Trailers often bear very little resemblance to the movies they sell though nowadays. Especially when the tone is different and they don’t want to scare poor Joe Blo away.