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Allow us to explain.

Today in Awesome

Eight-Year-Old Girl Gets a Head Start on her Cosplay, Goes to School as a Different Historical Figure Almost Every Day

Omaha, Nebraska third grader Stella Ehrhart is my new hero. Since the second day of second grade, Stella, age eight, has gone to school dressed as a different person—sometimes fictional, mostly historical—almost every day. Her first costume was Laura Ingalls Wilder; since then she’s channeled Joan Baez, Queen Elizabeth, Billie Holiday, Georgia O’Keefe, Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, and more for her daily outfits.

Though Stella’s costumes occasionally veer into non-historical woman territory—she’s been Elvis Costello, Jan Brady, her best friend, and her school principal, for example—the majority of her inspiration comes from the book 100 Most Important Women of the 20th Century. Stella’s teachers have used her outfits as a jumping off point for classroom instruction; according to an article, they:

prompt classroom discussion, some copycatting and further creativity. When she dressed as Rosa Parks, she and her classmates devised a play and designated different people as the bus driver and other bus passengers.

That’s just so amazing I can’t even. She’s cosplaying history! Every day! At school! And she’s spreading appreciation for history and creative expression while she does it! And she hasn’t even reached double digits yet!

Can scientists hurry up and figure out how to clone humans, please? Every school needs a Stella Ehrhart.

(photo: Stella as [l-r] Aung San Suu Kyi, Helen Keller, Joan Baez, Billie Holiday, Grace Kelly)


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  • Anonymous

    That kid is a hell of a lot cooler than I ever was at that age. My heroes were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and sugar cereal.

  • Tony Boo

    This girl is awesome! I bet she brightens days at school.

  • laura

    This kid is amazeballs.

  • Ruby Middleton

    This is absolutely amazing :-) I commend her parents for allowing her to be such a creative and inspiring girl!

  • Melissa Sweet

    This girl is awesome! I also bet here parents are equally awesome for raising such an imaginative young lady.

  • Sarah

    I want to see all of her outfits! That’s just so cool.

  • John Wao

    There’s hope for this country yet. Take that Honey Boo Boo!

  • Maile

    As the mother of an 8-year-old, I just want to say that this little girl rocks, and so do her parents! It’s really easy as a parent to shut that kind of thing down…you know, “Oh honey, you dressed up yesterday…how about we take a break today?” or “I think your teacher might not appreciate this kind of thing…” etc. etc. Reading this article makes me want to be a more supportive parent for the wild and fun idea that my kids come up with. :-) Best wishes!

  • Anonymous

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Janis Wright

    extra kudos to her parents who are assisting with the purchase and creation of the wardrobe needed to put this together!

  • Guest

    Schmeep, go fuck yourself.

  • Justin Lynch

    Schmeep, you should go fuck yourself.

  • Janelle

    Kudos to her parents for raising such an awesome kid, and kudos to the school for not shutting her down claiming her outfits “disrupt” class. So many schools would have made her stop early on, instead her teacher is using it as an educational opportunity for the entire class. There is so much being done right here on all sides, it’s fantastic!

  • Chanberry Ratty

    Schmeep – you’re the one who should be ashamed of yourself if you see something wrong with letting a child express themselves. You must be one of those poor conformist schmucks who are satisfied with a very boring life. Sucks to be you, darlin’. Perhaps it’s time for you to set aside your very narrow mind and learn how to be more open-minded and accepting. I can well imagine that any child of yours is going to rebel hard when they’re of age to put you in your place because you deserve nothing less.

  • Anonymous

    I was referring to the face that she herself admitted that she was not a supportive parent, not this wonderful girl. You should really be more positive in your life.

  • ricincakes

    If that was your point, you should have made it clear in your first comment. You just come off as a troll. But you should learn to read too. She didn’t say she wasn’t a supportive parent; she said she wants to be a MORE supportive parent. Good parents know they’re not perfect. That’s why they should always look for ways to improve.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t help if people on the internet just jump to conclusions instead of asking for clarification. . Just hurling obscenities at me merely for pointing out that she’s probably a terrible parent is really uncalled for and is probably against TOS.

  • jdcook

    No seriously. Go fuck yourself.

  • BlackHunnie

    just made me miss my 8-yr-old-memories..!!
    I want to meet this girl, she’s amazing in her own way!
    And just doing your thing without minding other people is the best, and she’s doing it everyday!! <3

  • Gracie Harry

    @schmeep… so you jumped to the conclusion that “she’s probably a terrible parent” and then are defending yourself because you “can’t help if people on the internet just jump to conclusions” without being able to see why they might find your comment offensive? Huh… Interesting….

  • Anonymous

    I can see why they saw my comment offensive, even though it clearly wasn’t. What I can’t see is using obscenities on a positive piece about an adorable child. I mean, kids might be reading this to have a role model (and hopefully parents won’t stand in their ways and limit them like admitted previously). It’s really just uncalled for.

  • Life Lessons

    Excellent!!! And frankly this should be encouraged as this young lady must use a lot of brain power to pick out and create these costumes! Huzzah!

  • melissa woodall

    @Schmeep Ya, well what you said: that she should be ashamed of herself because she wants to be a more supportive parent was uncalled for too.
    She was observing how easy it to be worn out as a parent. I’m sure growing up my antics drove my parents bonkers and that sometimes they were too tired to deal: thus the whole “how about we take a break today?” mentality. The woman you are judging was just saying she wants to try harder as a parent.

  • Karen J Murphy-Linden

    If there is a moderator for these posts, he/she should get in here and delete everything except Maile’s original post. Obviously, no one “got” Schmeep’s original intent and understood the remark as criticism of this young girl and her parent’s rather than what was [hopefully] a tongue-in-cheek wrist-slap to Maile for admitting she’s a less-than-perfect mom [just like the rest of us.] Responding to Schmeep with an obscenity was inappropriate and unhelpful. So, how about someone cleaning up the mess and letting us go back to square one?

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Or everyone could stop arguing. Just a thought.