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A New Sherlock Season 3 Trailer Emerges, China Will Be Thrilled

This latest trailer for Sherlock Season 3 gives a bit more away than, “John is moping and growing a mustache.” So beware. Meanwhile, if you thought you were a big Sherlock fan, some folks in China might have you beat. On a recent visit to the country, UK Prime Minister David Cameron set up a profile on a social media site in order to answer questions. And he was asked about Sherlock. Specifically, he was asked to tell the crew to hurry up because they take too long between seasons. Amazing. In case you were wondering, he answered.

(via Digital Spy)

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  • R.O.U.S.

    I have not stopped freaking out about this.

    Want season 3. Do not want season 3. help.

  • AnnaB

    What life? Oh, Smaug, as if you didn’t know.

  • Sabrina



  • Joanna

    Cannot squee hard enough.

  • Anonymous

    It’s going to be so good…. but its going to be SOOOOOOOOO AWFUL

  • Anonymous

    Mustn’t annoy the powerful Chinese people, get Cumberbatch contracted for the next 47 episodes immedately! ;-)

  • Lapin

    I used to love Sherlock, but the oft-creepy fandom on tumblr completely burned me out on it. (That, and watching Elementary, which has a much more diverse and intesresting cast + fandom. Plus, I learned that Steven Moffat and Martin Freeman are jerks. Actually, there are a lot of things that turned me off.)

    I don’t have any enthusiasm about watching it anymore.

  • MrFribbles

    Pardon me for a moment.
    *sneaks away* *screams loudly for several minutes until head explodes with excitement and jittery anticipation* *sneaks back*
    Thank you, that’s all.

  • Samuel

    I just watch Luther to get my procedural rocks off instead, shorter episodes.

  • Lapin

    I don’t care what Moffat and Freeman said about Elementary- that’s not what I was referring to. They’re both just ALL AROUND jerks. Moffat’s sexism is well-documented, and Freeman is fairly racist/ classist/ homophobic (I’ve no idea why everyone praises him). Cumberbatch comes off as stuck-up as well. Not to mention the show is fairly sexist and racist.

    I don’t have anything against people liking or watching Sherlock, but the line has been too far crossed for me to personally enjoy it. And you’re right about not paying attention to the fandom; I blocked it from my tumblr feed when I got sick of all the “whee, I’m a high-functioning sociopath” barf.

  • Samuel

    Don’t know too much about the actors/directors personal lives but I will agree with you that I personally really get irritated with that kind of “high functioning sociopath” character. Part of the problem with writing “geniuses” is that the people writing them are not, in fact, geniuses and their efforts at illustrating people like that are commonly kind of pedantic and, frankly, a little trite and over-done. Sherlock is everyone’s favorite marty-stu.

    When I really want a “deductive reasoning” show to watch, i watch Psych, and when I want a BBC crime procedural, I watch Luther. Though for the same reasons as why I don’t like Sherlock, I find the Luther character Alice Morgan kind of annoying, but she’s not the main focus of the show, and is written fairly well, so that’s easier to digest for me.

  • Lapin

    I agree with you. I find BBC’s Sherlock Holmes annoying, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. And that they specifically call Sherlock a “high-functioning sociopath” in the show personally bothers me, too, because a) by medical definition, he is not one, but b) the show treats him like he is and acts as if that’s why he’s a jerk, when he is, in fact, simply a jerk.

    I’d rather have “intelligent” characters who have some depth to them. And if you’re trying to write a character on the autism spectrum, or with a disorder, do some RESEARCH on it and write them realistically.

    Anyways, Luther is on my to-watch list, since I love Idris Elba and it looks good.

  • Heather Louise Kincaid

    Hey, if Cameron likes Sherlock, maybe his government could – you know – stop trying to destroy the BBC (along with all remaining public services)…

  • Anonymous

    You have my sympathy: Tumblr can be like taking the red pill (or is it blue? I can never remember). Once your eyes have been opened to certain awful aspects of a show or creator you can’t go back.

    For myself, Moffat has largely ruined DW for me.

    I still love Sherlock but absolutely see what people mean when they talk about the problems with the show, and their preference for a version (Elementary) which is inclusive and diverse and calls its main character on his bullshit. I unfortunately find JLM’s performance a bit flat and don’t enjoy the American format of twenty-odd hour-long mystery-of-the-week episodes per season which I feel leaves the show feeling too like the millions of other detective shows/ I watch Elementary often, but prefer Sherlock despite all its problems.

    I find Cumberbatch’s Sherlock engaging enough to have my sympathy despite his almost universal arseholeishness. I find the writing of the relationship between him and John is good enough to redeem the former’s worst excesses a bit. If I can;t care about Sherlock all the time, I can care about John caring about Sherlock. By way of a contrasting example, I find the Jeremy Brett versions a turn-off because I don’t personally sense any real feeling between the leads. Therefore I find it more difficult to care about Holmes at all (despite Brett’s legendary performance in the role).

    And yes, the Jerk Main Character is getting old. I love a flawed character but so many times it seems The Jerk to be a way for writers to hide behind a character and say the sexist, homophobic, mean-spirited things they’d like too if they weren’t such nice, liberal, Guardian-reading men.

  • Lapin

    Thanks for this well written response!

    I think the thing about the Sherlock fandom that got me the most is how unwilling a large portion of fans are to admit that the show and people involved with it are flawed. The blind adoration can get a little bit grating.

    And I can absolutely understand why people like Sherlock. It’s lost its appeal to me (for mostly external reasons, I suppose), but I still think the series is very tightly plotted and well done. Like I said, I’ve no problem with people liking it, I just wish fans were a little more willing to recognize its problems as such.

    I think the whole Elementary vs Sherlock thing (I know, I know, I totally brought it up) can get a little out of hand elsewhere. I really think the formats of the two shows are too different to really compare them. I don’t fault people for preferring one to the other– it’s just a subjective thing.

    I’m with you on DW, and your Jerk Main Character analysis. I’d like to see more flawed characters who actually have to own up to their flaws in substantial ways.