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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

May The Force Be With You

Yes, Saoirse Ronan Did Audition for Star Wars

You hear that? One of the approximately 48 gazillion “[Insert name here] auditioned for Star Wars!” rumors was actually confirmed to be true. I need to sit down.

We previously heard from rumor-producing factory Latino Review that Saoirse Ronan met with Disney about a role in Star Wars, that Episode VII might have a female villain, and that Benedict Cumberbatch was totally lying when he said he hadn’t been cast. Rumors two and three are still in up in the air, but Ronan told Sky News that she has auditioned for a role in Star Wars, but it’s not a big deal, because “so has everyone.” Asked to elaborate, the actress said The Powers That Be would “chop off her head with a lightsaber” if she said anything else.

Her saying that makes me think of hundreds—nay, thousands—of actors and actresses who’ve auditioned for Star Wars meeting in secret in a shadowy underground bunker to exchange whispers about lines of dialogue they were given to read. They know that what they’re doing is forbidden—they remember well the blood oaths they were forced to take, oh do they remember—but the thrill of illicit Star Wars information sharing is just too hard to resist.

That’s when it starts. The screaming. They’ve arrived. Disney has sent them. Lightsaber-wielding battle droids.

That’s all, folks. I’ll be here all week.

(via: SuperHeroHype)

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  • Anonymous

    Forget about playing a villain – I want to see Ronan cast as the main character, playing a Jedi-in-training (I refuse to use the p-word) around whom the new trilogy centers. She would be awesome in that role.

  • Adrian

    I’ll take her as villain. Most Sith are way more interesting to me than most Jedi. Snooze.

  • Stephen Norman

    The sequels will never be truly brilliant until The New Jedi Order series is unequivocally accepted as canon and the movies take up that story. Sith are okay, but the Yuuzhan Vong are infinitely cooler and more interesting. Why do we need a next-gen Luke? Why not tell the awesome story of Luke, his wife, Han, Leia, their children, Rogue Squadron, and a half a dozen established Jedi Knight characters on the defensive in a war against an invading, exogalactic, Zerg-like alien species virtually impervious to the Force? How is that not the obvious go-to story for the movie sequels!? It’s all written up in a novel series and ready to be scripted for film! I just don’t get it!

  • Anonymous

    As a teenager Saoirse Ronan is a bit too sentimental when she’s in character. The last villain style role she played was when she was 11 years old – Briony Tallis from Atonement. I would like to see her playing the Star Wars villain though.

  • totz the plaid

    Well, when rumors fly around about pretty much everyone, some are bound to be true.

    It’s just the law of probability in effect.

  • Anonymous

    Once again: Saoirse is first-class heroe material! Let someone else (also older) play the female villain. But the fascinating mesmerizing heroine should be Saoirse role!

  • Lira Kemp

    I totally agree! Taking the villain role for Ronan could allow her advance to the next level on her career.
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