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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

It Came From Outer Space

If You’ve Never Wanted to Be On the Crew of a Starship Before, I Encourage You to Watch This Video

This fan video about starships and the folks who crew them, set to Niki Minaj’s “Starships,” might be a little old, but it’s the first post of the day and everybody needs a little pick-me-up. If you haven’t seen your favorite movie or television starship in the video yet, be it historically fictional, fictional, or just in that one episode of the not-usually-space-themed show that you like, just wait.

…somebody’s done one of these for Mass Effect, right?

(via Touchdown Possum.)


  • Jason Toupence

    I love Firefly and Doctor Who, but with all those clips of each, we only got 1 Pigs in Space clip?

  • Elizabeth Wells

    Love this vid SO MUCH, in part because for some bizzare reason, the official music video for this song has no starships in it. That is a serious travesty. Thanks so much to the amazing vidder who made this. The only possible comment I have is that there’s no ISS footage, but that’s okay :)

  • Carrie Sessarego

    I loved every single second of this (amazing editing!) but I really started squeeing with joy when PIGS! IN! SPACE! showed up.

  • Mandy Curtis

    I was already welling up, but at Wall-E I totally lost it.

    It’s this sort of thing that reminds me just how much scifi means to me. <3

  • Anonymous

    Anybody have the link for YouTube?

  • Hannele Kormano

    Carl Sagan, what what!

    Obligatory: the Pandorica is not a spaceship.

  • Life Lessons


  • Life Lessons


  • Travis Fischer

    Well… there goes my ability to concentrate on anything earthbound today.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not that hard to credit the makers by name in the post, is it? I know it’s on the Vimeo post but still. So: Bironic vidded this. It’s not too old indeed (from August 2012, made to be released at Vividcon), and for the curious, here’s a list of the clips Bironic used that she just posted.

  • Abel Undercity


    What are these strange words you speak?

  • Eregyrn

    She conceived of and made the vid in just a week and a half, to meet a deadline. It could be that she couldn’t source any good Bab5 clips in that time-frame. It’s kind of amazing that she sourced as much as she did, and identified appropriate clips to use, and vidded it.

    If she and the folks she was able to consult weren’t as familiar with Bab5, I can imagine it being hard to figure out where to even find the appropriate clips. (I know that personally I would have liked to see a bit more SG-1, a bit less SGA… but that’s because I know SG-1 better and can instantly think of several clips that would have fit the theme, and what episodes they would be from — you know, “go to S2, ep1, in the last ten minutes…”. If you don’t have that in your head already, it takes longer to track down good clips to use, and if you are on such a short deadline…)

    So it’s definitely a bummer that it didn’t have Bab5, but I think it was more just because of the constraints of the project. It also would have been great if the vid could have included some of the great, famous ships of anime, like the Yamato… but I bet it’s the same deal, lack of quick access to the sources and perhaps lack of knowledge of where to locate the clips.

  • Anonymous

    I love this video so much! There is a special place in my heart for multi-fandom vids. I always enjoy bironic’s vids and this is no exception!

  • ysabelkid

    Right in the feels. One day my robotic body will pilot a starship, if that’s what it takes. I love spaceships so much I’m even having a back piece tattoo of my favourites. Now this is a “Starship” video I can get behind!

  • Pirate Jenny

    Could have used a little Lexx . . . but still pretty great :)

  • Canisa

    Forget Babylon 5, where’s the Kerbal Space Program?

  • Dee

    What’s the problem with Wall-E? The vidder, Bironic, was going for the joy and wonder of space travel, and the Wall-E character portrayed those feelings in spades. If you’re going to rag on something you could rag on Buzz Lightyear, as he wasn’t even in actual space. And I say this as the person who suggested the Buzz clip to Bironic.

    I look forward to seeing your Babylon 5 fanvid. Bet it’ll be spectacular.