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New ThunderCats Series Makes Old Series Look Even Cheesier [Video]

Today in Reboots We Like: A new trailer for the upcoming ThunderCats anime series premiered at WonderCon and once again, it’s proving to be the series that the old series wished it could have been. As someone who watched the old series when it was on, the ThunderCats were a bunch of odd-looking, awesome cat people with swords and stuff, and that was pretty much it. (Maybe because I was five and didn’t consider anything deeper than “They’re awesome cat people with swords and stuff.”) But this series makes it look like they’re a humanoid race of cat people who actually evolved from cats, fighting an epic battle with armies and weapons, and magic! (And live alongside humanoids who evolved from dinosaurs.)

The nostalgia trip is nice, but being able to improve on nostalgia? The little kid in me (and, no doubt, in everyone else who was a fan) is very, very curious.

(Topless Robot)

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  • Shard Aerliss


    But where was Panthro??

    Having watched the old series recently (not all the way through because good lord it has not aged well… mmm, 80′s moralising for the win >_> ) I can say five year old you missed a lot. There was deeper stuff there, mixed in with a lot of silliness and totally unnecessary “WilyKit and WilyKat do something dumb so the adults have to rescue them oh those silly kids they shouldn’t be playing with things they don’t understand” episodes. Bleh.

    Just checked out the cast list… nothing inspiring (for me anyway) except that the original Lion-O, Larry Kenney is playing Claudus and, wait for it… Clancy Brown!!


  • Chris Talbot

    This does look very cool. I confess, however, to a slight disappointment to the “Thundercats, Ho!” line. Maybe I’m too used to the original series, but it doesn’t give me the same chill-up-my-spine effect the way the original did. I’m guessing the original voice actor’s deeper voice probably helped.

    That all being said, it does look very cool. I look forward to their retelling.

  • Jay_wynne

    Looks alright, but it never changes does it? The female character has a bare midriff and overlarge boobies…

  • Whisper

    “This has been blocked in your country for copyright reasons.”