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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

What It Says On the Tin

Matt Smith Dressed as Batman

You know, if this had been the end result of The Return of Bruce Wayne‘s nearly incomprehensible time travelling shenanigans, instead of “Two Batmans,” I would have been okay with it.

…brb, writing a Doctor Who/Rip Hunter, Time Master crossover…

Matt Smith was captured in this pose at this Saturday’s 24 Hour Plays (this site has music, but, admittedly the most pleasing autoplay website music I’ve ever come across) show in Los Angeles. According to Comic Book, it went something like this:

At the start of his play – called Gotham Autopsy – Smith was covered in a sheet in a mortuary before he came to life as a confused Batman. Comedian and Don’t Mess With Zohan star Nick Swardson starred as Robin. Also in his play were Kick Ass star Lyndsy Fonseca and fellow Brit Saffron Burrows. Half-way through the 20 minute skit Smith dropped his fake American accent and became a cockney (Brit) to huge laughs from the audience.

Nick Swardson as Robin? you say, I’d like to see that.

You’re welcome.

(via io9.)

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  • Shard Aerliss

    So… did he go back to his normal accent, or put on a cockney one?

    He is a strange, strange little man. I don’t really want to lose Smith (or Cumberbatch) to American productions. I want him here, helping to keep the British arts alive while the Tories hack away at every institution that isn’t making their friends money… but I guess it’s better than him falling into near obscurity after he finishes Doctor Who.

  • Anonymous

    No idea why, but to me he looks an uncanny lot like Allred’s Madman in that shot. 

  • Rose Jones

    I think this is awesome and I’m thrilled Matt Smith can do something as funny as this while paying tribute to Batman, another favorite Geek hero of mine.

  • laura_hudson

    Actually, that was according to the UK newspaper the Telegraph, not, which was just quoting it.

  • Anonymous

    I was so resistant to him as the New Doctor when I first read about him.  I just thought he was too young; and, I dislike this new sci-fi/fantasy trend to make their characters so young (i.e. in their 20s).  Then I saw his interviews, and I was willing to watch his first couple episodes before a final judgement. 

    Now, he seems determined to make me love him . . . and it is working.

  • Scott Lau

    It’s because he looks so pale, practically bleach white because of the lighting

  • Saismaat


  • Anonymous

    LOVE THIS!! And 24 hour plays?! Awesome-fest!