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Hey Everybody: Legend of Korra Has a Premiere Date, and It’s Really Quite Soon

It seems like we’ve been waiting on a firm release date for the long anticipated sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender for ages and ages, and, without further fuss, here it is: Saturday, April 14th at 11am on Nickelodeon. That means we’ve got precisely a month before we finally get to see Korra kick butt. With the release date announcement has come an official shortening of the name of the series from Avatar: The Legend of Korra to a simple The Legend of Korra, and, of course, a new trailer. You may now foam at the mouth.

Sheesh, when I was an animation obsessed kid, I had to get up at eight to watch Batman: The Animated Series.

(news via Korra Nation, video via Bleeding Cool.)


  • Corina Lynn Becker

    **screams and faints**

  • Anonymous

    *Does the same and falls on top of Corina*

    Only 30 more days…

  • Chris Feres

    I’m just glad I don’t have to miss My Little Pony that day.

  • Anonymous

    Not on top of my cabbages! :(

  • Izzy K

    I reacted the same way to this as to getting into college.  Exactly the same way.

  • Kaarel Jakobson

    Chalk up March 24 as the unofficial release date. They’re promising to release the premiere early if they get 100,000 likes/shares on Facebook/Twitter, and it’s at 76k already.

  • Kaitlyn Clark-Bidgood

    Was that old water tribe woman Katara?!

  • Kaitlyn Clark-Bidgood

    I watched the preview and let out a bit of a scream. My mom thought that I had broken something >_<

  • Anonymous

     Sadly, they’ve clarified that it has to get 100,000 NEW likes/shares before March 24, which is quite a bit harder. Time to start spreading the word!

  • Sabrina

     YES!! :D

  • Noah Rivers

    Really? Batman aired every day after school. Batman Beyond aired on Saturdays though.