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Today in Awesome

BREAKING: Jaimie Alexander To Guest-Star On Agents of SHIELD As Lady Sif!

Exciting nerd news out of TCA today – Thor’s Jaimie Alexander will be appearing on ABC’S Agents of SHIELD

Former Marvel Entertainment’s Executive Director of TV Communications, Arune Singh tweeted some very exciting news from the ABC TCA presentation just a little while ago.

He added, the announcement “went over well here at #TCA14 Just wait till you see the episode- one of the best!”

Uh, duh, obviously. Alexander is fantastic. Though we’re happy to be able to look forward to her on Agents of SHIELD, we find it a little odd they didn’t include her in the Thor: The Dark World crossover episode (which could barely be called that) earlier this season. But it can definitely be considered smart they’re bringing in Marvel “superhero” characters at all considering that’s been a main gripe with fans.

According to ABC president Paul Lee, Alexander’s episode will be number 15 of this season. TV Line added, “Lee also teased a “really cool” arc coming up in the back half of the season, ultimately building to the reveal of The Clairvoyant, the mysterious entity who has been dogging, namely, Coulson, as well as his team.” Furthermore, Lee also suggested the Agent Carter series we talked about earlier today has a chance of making it onto ABC.

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  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock

    whooooooooooooooo yayyyyyyyyyyy

    Oh crap, now I have to watch this show.

  • Haleigh Yonish

    Ahhhh yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah!! I’m so excited to see her talk to normal people. I’m hoping she provides a sufficient amount of eye rolls.

  • Anonymous

    Let the Sif/Melinda May shipping commence!

  • Anonymous

    But seriously, this is an excellent move. The #1 criticism from fans is the lack of comic characters on the show, and not only is Sif a comic character, but one the general audience is familiar with as well.

  • Haleigh Yonish


  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    Looks like I need to catch up on the show.

  • AverageDrafter

    Anyone thing they have the balls to give AoS one of the Infinity Gems/Stones/Objects/Whatever. If they go 5th Element and make it Skye I will take hostages.

  • Adrian

    If she shares Thor’s taste in women, she might go for Simmons.

  • Emily Neenan

    This is a conniving way to get people who love the movies and are unconvinced by the TV show to dare to get excited about it again. … AND IT’S WORKING, I’M SO EXCITED!!

  • Aeryl

    There was something that glowed green shown during Coulson’s resurrection flashbacks, I’m not unconvinced it could be an Infinity Stone.

  • Gerald Kirby

    I can not wait! I’m hoping for a Sif/Melinda May butting of heads. They are both strong willed warriors who don’t take shit from others. I think they could be great friends, but they’ll need to size up each other first. How better to do that then in battle?

  • Anonymous

    A lot of potential there. Let’s be honest: Lady Sif is pretty much the Boba Fett of the Thor franchise. Meaning, she’s very cool and popular but had very little influence so far in the plot. If Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. uses her as a guest star and not as a cameo, we might finally see the character being developed a bit. This is a character that could easily carry her own spinoff if Marvel played his cards well.

  • Adrian

    Also, she’s Sif.

  • TheChief

    This is Amazing. I’m glad they are starting to move in this direction with the increasing ‘Marvel’ness of the show. I wonder what other characters are planning to show up in the near future. I wouldn’t mind if they did Hawkeye if he was the Matt Fraction version of Clint Barton.

  • Lisa Liscoumb

    This would be amazing. Although it would also be great if they just sized each other up with a glance, nodded and then went on to trash some bad guys. :)

  • Adrian

    That’s another thing. They could have gone with a dude. Hawkeye, or War Machine, or any of the Warriors Three, but instead they chose Sif. I assume Maurissa Tancharoen is driving force behind this, and it gives me a small measure of hope for the future of Marvel ladies.

  • Lisa Liscoumb

    This could be interesting in more ways than one. Presumably Thor has told Sif and the Warriors Three, who are his closest friends, of the death of the “Son of Coul” so as to toast to him in Valhalla. Sif has met Coulson before, in Thor. And all of a sudden he’s standing there in front of her, obviously not dead…

  • Ourhy4104

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  • Pink Apocalypse

    Yes, I’ve been wondering about that as well. The ‘Gandalf-resurrection-story-far-off-cosmic-light’ effect has me very curious.

    I thought Coulson’s reviving scene was ‘emotionally’ horrifying. I balled both times I watched it. Stuff that powerful is too rare.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t we just have a show about Sif? Preferably just her travelling across realms stabbing ugly things with sharp implements.

  • MeatyStakes

    Y’anno? I can honestly see her fancying Fitz; maybe she could finally understand why Thor likes Jane.

    Let “Hot Nerds” become a thing for MCU Asgardians.

  • Aeryl

    Well, it could work. I’ve been calling Fitz toast for a few weeks, and Whedon & Co are fans of fridging dudes(waves to Paul Ballard as he takes out a team of 8 Actives struggling to shove him in)

  • blu girl

    If I can’t have her as my Wonder Woman I will definitely take more Jamie Alexander as Lady Sif!

  • TheChief

    The potential issue for a Sif series that I could anticipate would be cost for for all the SFX needed for Asgard. Maybe a mini-series like some of the other Marvel guys are getting?

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    There are some spotty issues with appearance, but im really hoping if they do go that direction, that they make use of the fact that in the Marvelverse, Sif and Heimdall are brother and sister. They played well off one another in the comics. XD

  • Ryan Colson

    Sif: Warrior nonPrincess

  • Ryan Colson

    Let’s hope Sif shows up bc the Clairvoyant is Grim Reaper working for Hela using his death tech skills after he went rogue due to his devices reviving Coulson for good. Bring on the nanozombies!

  • eric bouchard

    So…Graviton…Blizzard…The lady Sif…even Bill Paxton plays a comics character….SEE!!…sometimes, patience pays off.

  • Dwight Williams

    One word: Heimdall.

    Of course, that could be another way of keeping it interesting.

  • Mark Brown

    These are both PROFESSIONAL ass-kickers. They don’t have time for this amateur-hour fight-then-team-up crap.

  • MeatyStakes

    I don’t really agree with the fridging thing because there’s a nuance in Whedon’s usages of death tropes and fridging is outright a cheap ploy with no redeemable sides.

    Still, seeing that Jed and Trancharoen definitely have a lighter touch, I don’t see many death tropes happening. But you are right, Fitz seems to be the “Girl Most Likely”. He is more developed than Gemma in an arc sense, so if he gets culminated, the grief of his death will pass on as development for her.

  • MeatyStakes

    Mmm, could this relate to Skye? I’m so sure she is an alien so we will be needing the extraterrestrial insight.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they’re testing the waters.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll settle for Melinda and/or Skye making a “dreamy” comment like they did with Thor.

  • odango atama

    Something in my nose went BLOP! when I read this news … Means I’m happy. :)

  • Anonymous

    …I’m gonna need a moment to put together some coherent thoughts about this, because right now my brain is just screaming out in joy at the fact that SIF IS GONNA BE ON SHIELD WE’RE GONNA GET MORE SIF ASHDKFJDS!!!

  • Stealthfire

    I don’t know, I’d argue Tara’s death was, with the exception of Willow’s gender, a pretty classical case of fridging. She essentially died solely to motivate Willow to go on a rampage of revenge. I’ll agree that Whedon is usually better about such things, but not always.

  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock

    She has an epic side-eye. It was a highlight of The Last Stand.

  • David Young

    Think about this folks. Asgardian Berserker staff + Centipede enhanced warriors. Who ya gonna call? But regardles of what they have her character do: AWESOME!!!!!

  • ASM

    Sif: Warrior Goddess

  • Anonymous

    You know, I wonder what the fallout will be on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. from Captain America: Winter Soldier.

  • Gerald Kirby

    Hmm, what about a sparring session between the two?

  • MeatyStakes

    Glad you pointed out Tara because that’s one of the cases where the nuance makes the difference; surface it’s very similar, but the underlying themes are what make it actually good writing on my opinion.

    The problem with fridging is not that it takes one character’s death to shatter another’s perception of reality. It’s the manner in which is done. Loosing someone does change a person, it is something we see on real life. What fridging does is take this and carries it out in the cheapest way possible.

    Why is Tara’s death not fridging? It’s because she had an arc of her own while keeping her agency, and because her death was framed as a tragedy.

    Because as random as her death was, it was due to tragedy (in that greek sense) that could be seen from afar; you didn’t know she would be the one to day, but you did know something bad was going to happen. The whole season built up in this concept with all it’s characters, with the episode previous to Tara’s death been called Entropy.

    Fridging entails purposeful targeting of a loved one because that’s the only aim of it; to create cheap conflict and anger without any real context. Tara’s death works because she was a self realized character whose only value wasn’t her relationship, and because her death is the breaking point of a contextualized narrative who pulls in every character around through Willow’s and their own grief. Tara mattered not only for her relationship to Willow, but for what she was, what she meant, and how she relatad to others.

  • Stealthfire

    I don’t exactly disagree, but I will say that I wish we had seen more of the other characters reacting to Tara’s death. If you look at Joyce’s death, which I’d consider to be the best-done character death on the show, it’s pretty clear that her loss hit everyone hard. Even characters like Spike and Anya, who had little on-screen interaction with her, were deeply cut by her passing. She wasn’t just treated as “Buffy’s mom”.

    With Tara, we had a character who started out just as “Willow’s girlfriend”, but who grew to something much more. She helped raise Dawn, and she was someone who Buffy began to confide in and lean on. She also had a great character arc of her own. She started as a painfully shy girl who couldn’t get two words out in her Wiccan group. By “Older and Far Away”, she’s teasing Spike about his “secret” relationship with Buffy and standing up to Anya when she tries to pressure Willow into doing magic. But post “Seeing Red”, it seemed like a lot of that was kicked aside in favor of Willow’s revenge arc. While I can understand why that was–there’s not a lot of time for tears and grief when your best friend is trying to end the world–by the time things cooled off in season seven, the only person still grieving seemed to be Willow.

    Personally I just didn’t feel like the plot we got for Tara’s death was worth the loss of the character. If you look at Fred’s death over on Angel, as incredibly painful as it was, we got some decent stuff out of it. We got the character of Illyria, who was pretty cool in her own right. We saw pretty much everyone grieve her loss. And by season’s end, the whole plot hinges on how Angel used her death to infiltrate the Circle of the Black Thorn. It was never just about making Wesley sad (although it did that too).

    With Tara’s death, we really just got Dark Willow. And while I like the idea of the sweet, adorable, “Old Reliable” Willow becoming one of the greatest threats the gang ever faced, I wasn’t completely sold on the execution. I do think that Season Seven’s guilt stricken and redemptive Willow was interesting, and she obviously needed to start using magic again at some point for “Chosen” to happen. But I’m not sure that what we got was worth losing Tara, a character who I felt was just starting to come into her own.

    And since this got hilariously off track: Jaimie Alexander is awesome, Sif is awesome, I agree Fitz seems most likely to die tragically, and I also agree that SHIELD seems a bit too light and fluffy to start racking up the body count. Yet.

  • Lisa Liscoumb

    Yeah, I sort of thought it strange, given Heimdall can see where anyone on Earth is, that he never mentioned it, but put it down to him not actively keeping an eye on Coulson.

  • Dwight Williams

    I guess we’ll find out which way that went in a couple of weeks, then…

  • Aeryl

    Whedon’s gender inversion of fridging tropes is part and parcel of the nuance you refer to.

    Whedon fridges men. OFTEN.(Wesley, Paul, Boyd) The biggest complaint I heard about Dollhouse was that Paul was boring.

    Of course he was. Characters that have no purpose beyond giving the writer the ability to inflict pain on the main character at will are boring. It was only ever noticed, because it was a guy.

  • Lisa Liscoumb

    Agreed. that’s why I said it would be great for them to size each other up with a glance and then get to fighting the bad guys.