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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Update: There Is [Not] Going to Be A Firefly Spin-Off Movie in 2012, But No One From Firefly is Involved

Update: Turns out there’s simply going to be a movie with no one from Firefly involved. The Firefly connection came out of a comparison (the film is just meant to be Firefly-esque) and then a bit of blogger telephone. Happens to the best of us, but we do apologize. You may return to your bunks.

We would never, ever want to toy with your emotions with a headline like that because it is accurate. However, that’s the good news. And when there’s good news, there is often bad news. It’s not terrible, but it does involve the cast of Firefly and their lack of involvement in this movie. That is, none of the original cast are involved in this movie. But Firefly‘s universe did not end with the show, and a low-budget movie is set to continue the story some time next year. Thank you? All aboard, Browncoats (if you’re still interested)!

Writer/director Rick McLeod did an interview with The Westmoreland Gazette (where the movie will be filmed), which provided an unofficial synopsis:

The film, called Lost Transmission, follows the lonely adventure of Blake, captain of a mining ship, with no-one but his computer to talk to after war breaks out on Earth. But he leaves the planet to find life on other worlds.

Right now, they are looking for “23rd century pirate” types to play extras in this movie, which was given a budget of $1 million. And judging by the looks of its poster, it looks like … a $1 million fan film.

And that’s fun! There’s tons of Firefly fan fiction, so why not make a fan film? But in case you’re browsing the interwebs one day and read something about a new Firefly movie, be aware that it’s probably this one. Apologies if you’ve reached the end of this post disappointed, but if you are still interested in seeing a very, very independent special effects movie that takes place during the same time as Joss Whedon‘s beloved series — but might only have a tiny bit to do with said series — sit tight until 2012. Filming is set to start in the UK and America soon.

(The Westmoreland Gazette via io9, Quiet Earth)


  • Nuchtchas

    What about Browncoats: Redemptio?  It’s a fan film that not only is already made but loved by Browncoats all over the world and has raised a heck of a lot of money for charity.  It had standing room only screenings at DragonCon and even has the actor who played Niska in it., fanty and mingo are in it, Even Adam Baldwin has a cameo.  The music was done by Greg Edmonson and it has the official Joss blessing.  Not to mention it’s awesome

  • Robin Hudson

    What she said! This for-charity production is available for purchase for 23 more days. After that, it’s gone forever!

    Having said that, as long as this new fan production isn’t making a profit and follows cannon, I’m all for it! SHINY!

  • Samantha Stoner

    I do hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but earlier today an article was posted about this very thing.  The Westmoreland Gazette got it wrong, according to the production company making Lost Transition.  The film is in no way affiliated, associated with or tangentially related to Firefly.  It’s apparently a completely separate film with inspirations from Star Wars and other Sci-Fi shows in addition to Firefly.  :(

    Being a fan made flick didn’t immediately detract from its potential when I first heard about it.  With a budget of $1 million, it stood (Well I guess still does stand) a good chance of being a halfway decent film.  Browncoats Redemption was made with a much smaller budget, and it has spread through the ‘Verse like wildfire.  It has managed to raise quite a bit of money for charity.

    Then again, we are Browncoats.  We care, and we are mighty.  This series, its cast and creator, have inspired us in so very many ways, and we like to rise up to help the same causes they champion.  I know; I speak from experience.  Joss has inspired me to hose a masquerade ball in March to raise money for his chosen charity, Equality Now.  The same charity that Can’t Stop the Serenity raises money for.

    I do hope that someday we get another Serenity/Firefly movie, even if it’s another fan-made movie.  I love the universe, and with the right creative team to do it, a new film could be outstanding.  As fans, Browncoats are driven and persistent, so I do believe that someday another film will happen.  I’d like to have Cast and Crew return to it, but if they don’t, I just want it to be well done.  For now, I won’t dismay.  I’ll continue to persevere and hope, even out here on the raggedy edge.  Remember, the wheel never stops turning.

  • Nuchtchas

    I was wondering about the whole bit about Earth, but assumed they were talking about a prequel idea.  Thanks for clearing this up.

    Glad you hosted an event for charity, I did an in home Serenity screening since my area didn’t have a screening for Can’t Stop the Serenity and it was a blast.  I’m sure I will do this again.

  • Nicole Loi

    I don’t think anyone has mentioned yet – Joss Whedon has refuted this on, and said that the writer/director was misunderstood and mentioned him as an influence as opposed to it being related. 

  • Katrina Herbert

    Adam Baldwin makes a tiny appearance in Browncoats: Redemption.  It was a decent flick for its extremely low budget. And all proceeds go to charity.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • Pixie

    Then maybe this article should be amended.

  • Christopher Power

    Translation: Oh please god don’t sue us.

  • Christopher Power

    Oh … and I had to quote this:
    “Joss has inspired me to hose a masquerade ball in March to raise money for his chosen charity, Equality Now.  The same charity that Can’t Stop the Serenity raises money for.”

    Best typo ever.  The poor poor people at that ball.

  • Kristin Bremmer

    And judging by the looks of that poster they still have $1 million left…

  • Anonymous