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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Bear Time

Four Brand New Brave Character Posters

I’m looking at hair, but all I can hear is a thousand server farms crying out and then being suddenly silenced. We’re sitting just under three months from the release of Pixar’s Brave, but June 22nd can’t come fast enough. To tide us over, Pixar’s released four character posters, featuring the company’s first female protagonist Merida,

Her parents, King Fergus and Queen Elinor;

The fathers of her suitors, Lords Macintosh, MacGuffin, and Dingwall;

And her identical triplet brothers, who, if I am remembering some ad copy from months ago correctly, are so alike that Merida is the only person who can tell Hamish from Hubert from Harris.

With all, click to embiggen.

(Entertainment Weekly via Empire.)

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  • Ben Lundy

    I could not be more excited. Pixar is taking a big chance with a female protagonist who is NOT a princess. I hope it pays off.

  • Sarah

    The hair is just so GORGEOUS. Gaaaaahhhhhhh! <3 *puddle of goo*

  • Shannon Patrick

    Except she is a princess. Princess Merida. Daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor.

  • Katherine Traylor

    I know! Such hair envy am I feeling right now.

  • Hannah Paige Woodard

    Well, she doesn’t look like she’ll be much of a traditional princess, anyway, so it’s a good start. Plus her hair is super fabulous.

  • Sylvia

     I’m excited for the movie too, but this is Pixar’s FIRST female protagonist in more than ten movies, so let’s not start handing out the cookies just yet. Less than 10% is not even close to good enough.

  • Anonymous

    Love the tagline.

  • Lynne Briscoe

    What about Tangled? The girl in that was a female protagonist.