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We Can Cause More Damage That Way

What Batman Would Look Like Fighting In Stilettos

Sometimes my mind goes on tangents, I can’t help it. More often than not, my mind goes on tangents about Batman. Thanks to a conversation on Twitter last week (that began by discussing the spiked heel choice for Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises) I issued a challenge to my artist friends: Batman fighting in stilettos. Because well, if she were trained to fight in them, and Batman notoriously prepared for any scenario, that means he should be able to fight in them too. Here now, for your viewing pleasure, are a few select illustrations I received. 

Here is the tweet that prompted me to put forth the challenge.

The top pic of Batman fighting the Joker is by Twitter user @Kapellusch but below was the first official entry into the challenge.

A good friend and popular artist, Katie Cook, got the ball rolling. She also gave us another adorable take. (Check out her original webcomic, Gronk!)

By Craig Marklow, @Marklow_man

By Russell Pinkston’s 12-year-old daughter, color by Russell. (@TheReelRussell)

By @blodia

This one by Lance Dean, @TwoCooksBooks, was not exactly what I had in mind but it definitely made me chuckle.

By Philip Rice, @Spearhafoc_

By Ériq Sáñez, @EriqSanez

By Mica T, @tvfreak13

And finally, a Rocky Horror-inspired entry from arist Eric Maruscak (who’s famous for his superhero chalk murals at conventions).

Thank you for everyone who took the time to play along with my experiement (and sorry I couldn’t include all of them). What’s interesting to note is how many of these illustrations are in fact, not, of Batman actually fighting in the heels. Granted, my intentions may have gotten misconstrued when some saw tweets that simply read Batman in heels or Batman in stilettos but still, the fact remains, it’s not something one would often connect with crime fighting.

Do I think walking, running, superhero-ing etc. is impossible in heels? No. Obviously it can be done but would that be the first choice in footwear for an active superhero/villain? I think I’ve already answered that question.

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  • SuperZADL


  • Lisa M

    but more importantly… where cani buy those yellow and black shoes? 

  • John Wao

    We truly are a nation of geeks. Thank God!

  • Anonymous
  • Eric Maruscak

    Ha! Yeah, I missed the FIGHTING in heels part. That would have made for an entirely different image.

  • Carole

    LOL Stiletto heels are a very deadly weapon. When you consider the force inflicted as a function of force per square inch. Consider that a mans shoe heel is about 3inch by 3 inch for a total of 9 square inches. If he were to kick someone exerting say 90 pounds of force it’s only 10 pounds per square inch. In stilettos with roughly a 1/2inch surface that’s going to be the same as 360 pounds of force per square inch. So do not knock the fashion choice

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Stiletto Batman (w/ Optional Leather Fetish) is probably a more likely version of “Real Life Batman” than “Christian Bale Batman”. Watchmen (among many, many others) pointed out that it’s unlikely that heroes would fight crime in costume ONLY to do good…and not also to show off, get off, or just keep up with the Jones’s.

  • Stuyvesant Parker

    Sweet, let’s keep making fun of men who wear women’s clothing, this is an open-minded laugh-riot you got going on here. What’s funny about Batman in heels, again? Why are all these Batmen drawn to look homosexual or gender-confused? What’s funny about being trans-gendered again? Why are we laughing?

  • Stuyvesant Parker

    It would have been nice if someone had drawn a serious image of Batman in heels. All of these are making the “Batman looks gay!!” joke. Which is pretty ignorant coming from a blog that supposedly did this to break past gender stereotypes.

    Or is it just not OK to stereotype women, but if you stereotype Batman in heels as being effeminate and possibly gay, that’s OK? He can’t just be normal Batman wearing heels. He’s got to be “leather daddy Batman in heels” huh?

  • Anonymous

    I thought we were laughing at the double-standard in comics that says women must be sexualized (stiletto heels, ass facing the reader) but male heroes can’t be sexualized in any way on the off chance that it makes some straight dude uncomfortable.

  • Stuyvesant Parker

    Since when are male super heroes NOT sexualized? Big buff muscles, skin-tight body suits… what world are you from? Female superheroes wear heels because women wear heels. Male superheroes don’t wear heels because men don’t (commonly) wear heels. Drawing a bunch of gay looking male super heroes and laughing at them is only making fun of males who wear women’s clothing, it isn’t saying anything about how superheroes are sexualized.

    Heels aren’t ever functional. To get into a debate over style over substance is to question why women wear heels in the first place. Maybe instead of drawing “funny pictures” in which cross-dressers are being poked fun at because god forbid Batman wear heels, there could be a useful debate in here.

  • Joanna

    Big buff muscles, skin-tight body suits… what world are you from?”

    No.  That emphasizes the man’s power.  

    “Female superheroes wear heels because women wear heels.”

    Women wear heels with outfits that look better with heels.  You seriously don’t know what you are talking about. 

    “Maybe instead of drawing “funny pictures” in which cross-dressers are being poked fun at because god forbid Batman wear heels, there could be a useful debate in here.”

    No one is making fun of transvestites.  Calm yourself.

  • Stuyvesant Parker

    YOU think it emphasizes the man’s power, but as a man I think it imposes an unrealistic stereotype that to be a super hero you need to be a big buff man, which I am not.

    I can easily say that highlighting a female superhero’s sexuality is emphasizing their power too. Women have the power to seduce, to disarm with suggestion and grace.

    Just as you can look at a female superhero and see an unrealistic portrayal of looks, agility, and grace, I can look at a male superhero and see an unrealistic portray of might, brawn, and intelligence.

    Are you sure you’re not making fun of transvestites when you make Batman look like a transvestite and laugh at him?

  • Joanna

    And by “power” I meant the big and brawny stereotype that portrays an unrealistic standard for men.
    Sexualized female characters are solely to be oggled at by a male dominated audience.  
    I’m pretty darn sure we’re not making fun of transvestites.  Point out where we are making fun.

  • Stuyvesant Parker

    What is inherently funny about Batman wearing heels?

    It’s just a man in heels. What’s funny or incongruous about it?

    You really don’t get that you’re further reinforcing gender stereotypes?

    You’re saying “because we don’t believe women should be drawn in heels, let us point out how ridiculous it looks for a man to be drawn in heels”. Why is it inherently ridiculous for a man to wear heels?

    These are the questions you should be asking yourselves. You’re “rebelling” against one stereotype by making fun of another.

    A better exercise would be to design realistic superheroes who do not pander to highly sexualized gender stereotypes, instead of making fun of the existing ones.

  • Joanna

    Like I said, specify where exactly we made fun of men in heels.  

  • Stuyvesant Parker

    I don’t think Batman saying “I now fight to inflict FEAR and FASHION” isn’t meant to be funny. Let’s be honest here.

  • Joanna

    It’s funny cos it’s Batman and he’s all serious and stuff.  I mean jeez if Wonder Woman said it it would be funny.  It’s nothing to do with transphobia, you big silly.

  • Stuyvesant Parker

    If Wonder Woman said that it wouldn’t be funny, it would just be something she said. When Batman says it however, it’s funny because “it’s not normal”. Don’t you see, you’re making fun of maybe-gay/transvestite Batman because he’s “not normal”. Batman in heels is “not normal” is all this post is saying. Who decides what is normal? You?

    Keep making up whatever helps you ignore the inherent homophobia in making fun of a Batman that fights for fashion, though.

  • Joanna

    If Wonder Woman said that it wouldn’t be funny, it would just be something she said.”

    Why?  Because she’s a woman?  That’s quite sexist of you.  It would be funny because it’s out of character.  Just like it was funny with Batman because it was out of his character.  Neither of these characters have ever had fashion as a central role in their background, don’t you see? 

    But please continue to baw and cry about it all you like.  Please note that I’m making fun of you  for jumping to ridiculous conclusions.  We’re usually a fairly tolerant community here, but I will not tolerate someone who flashes the homophobia card and demands that we beg for forgiveness when we have done nothing wrong. 

  • Stuyvesant Parker

    It’s sad you can’t see you’re only reinforcing gender stereotypes. Nothing is funny or clever about any of this.

  • Joanna

    It’s sad that you believe this.

  • Joanna

    And for what it’s worth, I think Batman looks pretty damn good in heels “,

  • Stuyvesant Parker

    Women look good in heels, too, so what’s the big deal again? People in the media are portrayed as being sexy? Old news…

  • Joanna

    If you actually read the article, the topic in question was “Superheroes fighting in heels”.  If Catwoman can do it, so can Batman.  Hence the above imagery.

  • Stuyvesant Parker

    But men don’t commonly wear heels so why would Batman fight in heels? Not really his style, while Catwoman’s character has always had style in mind, so her heels make more sense. I’m still not seeing how this comparison has anything to do with that. Again, this is just an attempt to be clever, but in actuality it is just another form of gender stereotyping.

    Men don’t wear heels so lets make images of men in heels to…? Still haven’t explained how it is relevant.

  • Anna B

    Kinda telling that most of the “Batman in Heels” poses him in the stereotypical “check out my butt and my breasts” style. I suppose most of the illustrators can’t imagine straight Batman in heels without first juxtaposing it with all those women superheroes who have worn heels since forever.

    That’s the thing. “Heels” don’t seem to incite images of Women in Action. Heels incite images of Women (and Gay Men) with Great Asses, And Nevermind That It’s Impractical to Actually Fight Crime in Heels, They Look Dead Sexy. Whatever.

  • Joanna

    O.o Lol wut?  This isn’t a political statement or anything.  You’re really over analysing  the whole thing.  Batman doesn’t wear heels.  It’s not his style.  Let’s see what he looks like in heels.  This sort of dressing up super heroes is not uncommon.  You get many things like female super heroes in comfy pants, steampunk styled super heroes, super heroes dressed as villains.  As long as it’s out of character, it’s fun.  You’re really not in with the geek community are you.

  • Anonymous

    It might be worth remembering the visual work of Margaret Harrison.

  • Anonymous


  • Jen

    Next up: Green Arrow in Black Canary’s fishnets. MAKE IT BE SO. I am not above begging.

  • Jen

    Also, I found it extraordinarily interesting that most of the images were not of Batman fighting in heels, as we see Every.Single.Comic.Female. do, but of him posing. Why *do* chicks fight in heels? I mean, it’d be a handy secondary weapon, but not worth it in the damage to my lower back and balance on anything but hardtop. Also? My stealth stat would be at an all-time low. Stilettos are LOUD. 

  • Anna B

    Ever notice how when a BAMF woman plays a cop (Grace Hanadarko), an agent (Ziva David, Kensi Blye), or a US Marshall (Mary Shannon) on television, they almost never wearing heels? The closest they usually come are slightly elevated boots with thick heels. That’s because women with BAMF-y roles on television actually have to wear their costumes on a daily basis, like real cops, agents, and US Marshalls do, and they probably think that if they–like real women in law enforcement, have to run after someone for almost every episode, it ain’t getting done in heels.

  • Heather Anderson

    That’s why the female “stomp on the foot” is super-effective.

  • Katie

    That just makes me think of this little tidbit from Sleep Talking Man.

    So true, no matter which gender hehe

  • Andrew Kapellusch

    I’m on it!

  • Andrew Kapellusch

    How does someone look gay? I know how someone could be intended to look gay, or being dressed, drawn or depicted as gay, but I’m having a hard time seeing how one group of non related people can be classified as looking a certain way. How can you tell a gay person from a straight person based on their looks?  And yeah, speaking as the artist who drew the top piece, I can tell you that particular Batman wasn’t intended to portray a gay Batman. It was intended to portray a Batman wearing high heels.  It was more of a critique of the movement restrictiveness of high heels than the sexuality/ gender of the Batman wearing them.

  • Stuyvesant Parker

    You made Batman look pretty effeminate for no discernible reason. That’s what I mean by “looking gay”. It’s one thing to draw a superhero fighting in heels. It’s another to manipulate the posture of a male superhero to accentuate effeminate characteristics.

    I would say a majority of the ‘art’ pieces above make Batman look unnecessarily effeminate while wearing heels, and I find it hard to imagine there is any reason for this aside from ‘going for laughs’, which would then be ‘going for laughs at an effeminate cross-dressing Batman’.

  • Joanna

    I think you’re the only one who sees it as effeminate.  What does that say about you?

  • Clarissa Ryan

    Male superheroes look like (many) men want to look. They don’t look like (straight) women’s fantasies. Female superheroes look like (straight) men’s fantasies. They don’t look like (most) women want to look. Sorry, it’s not the same thing.

  • Andrew Kapellusch

    I put him in a Karate pose, like this.

     I mean, I don’t know what this guy’s orientation is, or how he identifies, but his pose doesn’t give off effeminate to me.

     By chance was one of your grandfathers Joseph McCarthy? Or Worse, Frederic Wertham?

  • mokie

    A week late, but for what it’s worth, I don’t see any of these as “Batman looks gay!” I see it as Batman depicted as female superheroes are commonly depicted. Where it feels more sexual than heroic, it’s demonstrating exactly what the problem is with the way female superheroes are commonly depicted.

    It isn’t that Catwoman is often depicted in heels and thus that’s no big deal, it’s that Catwoman is often depicted in heels, and that’s just stupid.

  • Chandri MacLeod

    Educate thyself. In particular see the section titled: “But men are all super-buff, they’re sexually objectified too! / Men
    Want to Watch Desirable Women, Women Want to Be Desirable Women”